Wednesday, December 19, 2007


That 's how long I've been married. It's wierd when you've been married longer than when you were single. By 12 years now. On December 19, 1974 I married one of the most eligible guys on the BYU campus. He was so hot (and still is)! Here we are 33 years later. Great times, good times and some not so good times (as with all marriages), He's mellowed out, I've become more difficult and he still doesn't help much in the house. Would I do it again??? In a second. It's been a great life, wonderful memories, wonderful children and good times. Love you tons, Lee! Happy Anniversary!

(Pathetic picture but it is the only one I have on this computer!)

Monday, December 17, 2007


Today was Chris' birthday. My oldest is over 30-talk about making a mom feel old! I feel like I was just 30. Crazy. I hope you had a wonderful day Chris. I love you very much. You did a great job picking out a beautiful, talented wife and have blessed us with Madison and Kyle. Good work, son! You are a funny, bright and talented boy (man) and we can't wait to see you and your family over Christmas.


We took Kasey to the airport today. We had such a good time with her and Sienna. Sienna is the biggest kiss giver ever. She was constantly giving me kisses-on the lips, on the back of my knees when I was doing my hair, on my shoulders when I was sitting down. It was soooo cute. It was so fun to be around Kasey, way to short of a time, but fun. I got a horrible cold on Saturday and Sunday so that put me down a little but I feel good now.
Lindsey and Isobel are here at Kelly's too. Izzy continually says"hello" in what we think is a British accent-it is adorable. I swear she even speaks jibberish with an accent! Izzy and Sienna are about a month apart with Sienna being the older one. Izzy, however, is a head taller. We thought Izzy and Sienna would have so much fun together but actually it has been Izzy and Cohen, the wild ones, who are the crazy duo. Cohen is continually trying to get Izzy to join him in his adventures. Rylee hangs out looking cute and Ammon is loving having so many cousins around.
Lee's parents are at his sister's, Rona, house so we all went over there on Saturday. It was great to see all of them. We love that side of the family so much. Lani, Jami, Donnell and Ryan are such cuties and little Keal is to die for! I loved seeing Ronzy again and catching up. Saturday was my major sick day and I should have stayed home instead of passing bugs around but I just couldn't miss out on the fun. Bad nurse, I should know better. I love Lee's family so much and we look forward to Ma and Charlie coming to our place. We hope they stay a long, long time.
Tomorrow Alan comes in from London and on Wednesday, Alex comes in. Then we head up to McKinleyville on Thursday. Holidays are so much fun because of all the family time!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Holiday Tradition

Friday afternoon, Lee and I drove down to the city, San Francisco. What a beautiful city! The sky was clear and as you head into the city you see the lights of the city and Golden Gate Bridge lit up. It is amazing. We were headed to see Jersey Boys for Lee's birthday. The original plan was to spend the night in the city, hang out during the day and drive up to Kelly's and stay Saturday night there. After we'd bought our tickets we found out that Lee's work party was scheduled for Saturday night and he had to be there. It ended up being a really quick trip but so worth it.
We got to the city and wanted to get a nice dinner. We only had an hour and a half though because the traffic into the city was slow. We checked in to the possibility of eating at a few dinner places only to realize it would never work. Finally, we went to Macy's, ate at Wolfgang Puck's Express place and grabbed some cookies at Tom's cookies for the show. Then we walked around Union Square. It was beautiful and I really felt the holiday hustle and bustle. So fun. I think San Fran is just a gorgeous, fun city, and even more so at Christmas. I decided that a weekend in San Francisco at Christmas time is our new holiday tradition.
The show was amazing. We both grew up on the Four Season songs and loved them so it was really fun to watch. Lee has talked nonstop about it since and got a cd at the show and listened to it all the way home. I woke up this morning to him singing one of the songs in Frankie's falsetto voice. The only questionable thing about the show was it was spiced with quite a few swear words. Of course, they were street thugs from New Jersey so I guess it was accurate. Interesting story, great songs and the guys portraying them were great.
We went to Kelly's after the show to sleep so we could have a few hours Saturday with them. When we got in our room we noticed Ammon sleeping in Rylee's crib. Evidently he wanted to sleep with us so Kelly said if he wanted to sleep in our room he had to sleep in the crib. So he did. We died laughing! About six in the morning I heard rustling around and looked up. His head was over the crib and he was staring down at us. He saw me lift my head up off my pillow and he bolted out of the crib, announced that he was going to snuggle with us and that was the end of sleep for that night. He wiggled in between us, talked our legs off, and grinned the whole time. Priceless. It was great to see all of them if only for a few hours. I head back there on Thursday because Lindsey and Kelly and their cute 18 month old girls will be there. Fun times. The best part of the holiday season is starting!! Family time!

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Great Book

Okay, I read a lot of books. Most are good, some okay, but few seem to really grab me. I just finished The Glass Castle though and loved it! It is the story of a family who survives on very little money mainly because the father is a drunk and the mother "lives for the moment". It was very interesting, one of those books that make you think and wonder. I mainly wondered how any mother could allow her children to go hungry (eating butter for dinner one night), be cold and not have decent clothes or shelter when she had the means to change things. This is a true book and the author is a successful journalist in NYC now. Great book! Read it, it will grab you.

The last book that really grabbed me like this was A Thousand Splendid Suns which I absolutely adored!! One of my favorite all time books!

Recent so-s0 reads:

Love in the Time of Cholera (too many love affairs, ending was sweet though)

Suite Fraincaise (only read first story-okay, not great, have to read second one)

Man Walks Into a Room by Nicole Krauss (wrote History of Love which I liked much better)

Peace Like a River - really not crazy about this book

Dear John by Nicholas Sparks (fast read, pretty good but not spectacular)

It is so hard to find a good book. The language in some is so offensive. I find myself at Costco skimming them before I buy them, looking for the f-word so I know not to buy them. Drives me crazy when I buy a book that has a few and I didn't know it. Any good books out there that you've read?

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

The turkey and dressing are in the oven-smells delish! The weather is sunny and bright and beautiful. Kelly and Jody and family are here. My family is all healthy and happy. I have a lot to be grateful for. I love this time of year and this holiday especially. No commercialization, yea!! Just family and food-my favorite things. Of course, I wish all of my family were here but I am grateful for those that are. We have a few people who had nowhere to go coming over and are eating at 3:00. Menu is: turkey, dressing, mash potatoes and gravy, green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole, fruit salad, fresh cranberry relish, rolls and a relish tray. For dessert there is pumpkin pie, pumpkin bars, pecan pie, banoffee pie and lemon bars. Ymmmm! No Weight Watchers today for me!
Next year we are reserved for our condo in Snowbird, so Chris, Kasey, Kelly, Lindsey, and Alex here is your official invite to come! We go every other Thanksgiving there and it is so fun to be in the snow and enjoyeverything in Utah.
Hope you all have a wonderful day and enjoy your families! We miss you so much Alex!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Home Alone

Lee's been gone this last week and I was home alone. I was on call this weekend so couldn't head to Kelly's so I had to tough it out alone. Luckily, it was a much better experience than the last time I was home alone. I actually had a great time and didn't get sick of myself so much. Of course, the fact that I was working most of the time helped. I had more adult conversation during the day and could then vegetate at night in front of the tv. I actually started a diet (Weight Watchers) - I desperately need to lose at least 10 pounds and didn't want to add to it with the holidays. I did some genealogy, cleaned out my closet and decorated for Christmas! Yes, you heard it right-Ms. Humbug already decorated! I hate rushing Christmas pre-Thanksgiving but I had the time and a quiet house so it seemed like the thing to do. Having decorated the house and simplified gift giving this year because we are now part of the name drawing, I think I am going to enjoy the holidays more. In fact I am getting out my Christmas music today. I'll start listening to it on Friday. Hmmmm, could Pam actually be getting in the Christmas Spirit? Never say never....

Friday, November 16, 2007


Beautiful Kasey is 29 today. Happy Birthday! I just had so much fun visiting her and her family in Iowa last week. I had so much fun hanging out with them, watching and hearing the kids funny antics, snuggling with Sienna and just being with MY girl again. It is amazing how quick life goes by. It seems like a few short years ago and I was giving birthday parties for Kasey and her friends and last week I was at the party she gave for Kaden. One of the funniest things last week was to watch crazy Alexa who is full of sass and vinegar. I was dying laughing because Kasey was just like her. As a child, Kasey too would give it right back to you and we were constantly laughing at what she said. When she was a teenager Lee would wake her up for seminary and she'd give him so much grief that he just started going into her room, turning on the light and running. You could hear her yelling all through the house!

Kasey, I love you so much and am so proud of the person you've become. You are bright, articulate, loving, talented and a wonderful daughter, mother and wife. The best thing is I'd want you for my friend even if you weren't my daughter. Love you. Have a wonderful day!!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Happy Birthday Kaden and Freezing in Iowa

It's our oldest grandchild's birthday today! Kaden is six years old, the oldest of nine, so far. He is such a handsome little devil (and I do mean devil when he teases Alexa!!). He is a crazy little boy who can read like you can't believe and loves to beat me at the game Sorry. We've played it 5 times so far and I've only won once. He tries to be all big and tough and over all that mushy kissing and stuff but every now and then he suddenly ends up in my lap and I can always get hugs and kisses at bedtime from him. What a cute boy-watch out girls, he's going to steal a ton of hearts. To see pictures go to Kasey's blog:

Alexa is still crazy as ever. Seriously, if you've ever met her you know what I mean. She talks a million miles a minute, with eyes wide open, hands waving and is hilarious-funniest child ever!! Noone, and I mean noone, is ever going to run over her. She can be completely serious telling you just how life is and then completely off the wall, laughing with her high-pitched hysterical laugh the next minute. She is a laugh a minute.

Sienna is so loving and sweet. Loves me to hold her and lays on my shoulder all the time. She is beautiful and amazing. Everytime I look at her she grins and holds her arms out for me. I am loving it. We went and saw the Bee Movies yesterday(real cute) and she had a blast eating popcorn, drinking soda and walking around.

Kasey and Matt both look great and I am even going to see Dr. Matt today to have a sealant put on an area where my gums are receeding and are sensitive to cold and some foods. Poor guy, nothing like having to look into your mother-in-law's gross mouth! Did I say it is 43 and windy and freezing here??? It is clear with blue skies though and the company is great so it is a good time despite the weather.

Saturday, November 03, 2007


Little Alex turns 20 today!!! Is that possible? Where have the years gone? It seems like just yesterday we were putting this tiny baby side by side to a Cabbage Patch Doll to see who was bigger. Alex had a narrow victory. She was always a tiny thing and we all have the hardest time believing she has grown up. I think we all still think she is eleven. We are so pround of the beautiful young woman she has become and love her to pieces. Have a wonderful birthday Alex!!

P.S. I think there should be a law that the youngest child can not leave the home until the parents are too senile to care!

Friday, November 02, 2007

Weekend in Windsor

Last week I spent Tues night - Sunday with Kelly and family in Windsor. We had a great time eating out, just hanging out and going to Six Flags. (I do so love me some rollercoasters!) I love going there without Lee for one reason. I get attention from Cohen and Ammon directly solely at me. Grandpa, for Ammon, is one of the most special people in the world and when grandpa is around I just get the crumbs. But when I was in Windsor, I am numero uno. He slept with me every night, of course. The last night I was there I told him I was leaving the next day. All of a sudden he starts wiping his eyes and saying, "I'm feeling sad right now." I told him I had to go home to work and he asked if I would come back when I didn't work. I told him I was going to go visit Kaden, Alexa and Sienna next and he said, "But what about me?" Awwww. Then he says, "Maybe, when my mom doesn't like me, I can come live with you in Kinleyville." I assured him his mom was always going to like him but we could visit back and forth a lot. I feel so bad for him and his little sensitive heart but secretly Love It!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Girl Time

Alex came home on Thursday and left today. On Friday we went to the Sea Grill and had prawns (both of our favorites) and then had manicures and pedicures and did a little shopping. Kelly and family came up on Friday. We went shopping, again, on Saturday and out to lunch. We had planned on a movie but didn't make it. We made lots of food this weekend and lots of goodies. Alex's high school friends came over and spent a lot of time with us too, playing games, laughing and talking. It was great. So much fun. Nothing is better than girl time.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

New recipe

Tried a new one tonight off of a blogger site-delish!

2 cooked chicken breasts (on George Foreman or in skillet)
1 Pkg Penne Pasta
1 Pkg Brie cheese
Grape tomatoes (the really small ones in a pkg)
Fresh Basil, thinly chopped
Olive Oil
Salt and Pepper
Start pasta cooking.
Make “sauce” of ¼ c. olive oil, about 20-30 cut up tomatoes (depending on how many tomatoes you want in it-we like a lot), 3-4 large garlic cloves minced, chopped basil leaves (about 10 leaves). Mix together and let it sit while everything is cooking.
When pasta is done, drain and then add Brie chunks to it to melt the cheese. Add chicken and “sauce” and stir together.
This has a really good, fresh flavor. The cheese cools the pasta down a bit so I micro it a little before serving.


What is his name (husband):Lee, sometimes Leeroy

How long have you been together?We will have been married 33 years on December 19th. Wow it is crazy when you start having been together longer than when you were single!

How long did you date? Interesting question. We met on a blind date at BYU and had a great time. It was a set up for two clubs at schoool. Both were dating other people though and didn't date again for another year. I remember standing in line when some girls were rushing our club and a girl said she was Greg Snow's sister who just happened to be Lee's roommate. I got all silly and jumped around and said I had gone out with him once, was now single, and would love to go out with him again. I must have mentioned this to a few people because soon after this the girl he was dating told him she knew someone who had a crush on him. He asked who and she wouldn't tell him at first because she was afraid he'd ask the girl out. Finally she told him. He asked me out and we got married about 14 months later.

How old is he? He will be 56 in December but looks like he's 10 years younger. It's disgusting.
Who eats more? He does but I eat a lot. He loves to tell the story that when he took girl's to get pizza, they'd eat so little he'd just get a medium. When I came along he had to start getting larges because I could match him piece for piece.

Who said I love you first? Him, I probably felt it first but had way too much pride to say it till he did.

Who is taller?Lee

Who sings better?Church songs, me. Cowboy songs, Lee. And he can mimic any singer amazingly.

Who is smarter? Lee would agree that it is me. I am even the technological wizard (and I'm not good) in our house.

Whose temper is worse?Without a doubt, Lee. EVERYONE in the family knows this. It is is one true vice. He is very inpatient and has threatened to blow up computers, tvs, and remote controls. When he loses his keys, you don't want to be around. To his credit though, he is much better now than years ago.

Who does the laundry?Definitely me. Although Lee thinks if he puts a load in he has done it. He doesn't quite do the changing to the dryer and folding that goes along with it much though.

who does the dishes? I do it 90% of the time.

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Me

Who pays the bills?Me-we probably would have had more money through the years if I hadn't though. I am a much bigger spender than Lee. I really believe money is there to create memories with and I love the memories of travel, lunches out, movies with the girls, shopping trips, etc!

Who mows the lawn?Lee. I think I have once ever.

Who cooks dinner?Definitely me. I love to cook since my kids have grown, love to try new recipes and love to eat. I guess that's why I can't lose my extra 10 pounds! Lee is the pancake maker in the family.

Who drives when you are together?Lee, I sleep.

Who is more stubborn?Both of us. It's the reason that years ago if we got in a real fight we could go 3 days without acknowledging one another. Neither of us would talk unless we had to until Lee would finally say, "Well, do you want to be friends again?" We are both better now and don't fight much at all.

Who is the first to admit when they're wrong?Neither of us has been very good about it per the above. When I know I'm wrong I have no problem admitting it to anyone. I guess I just haven't felt I've been wrong as often with Lee. Ha ha!

Whose parents do you see the most? His for most of our married life because they lived here. Now they live in Tennessee and I miss them so much!

Who kissed who first?Definitely Lee. In those days, girls always waited for invitations to dates, phone calls, kisses, etc.

Who proposed? We have no idea!! There was never an official proposal! Isn't that crazy? He brought be home to meet his family and the next thing we knew they were showing us rings and we were planning a wedding! Years later I felt gypped that I didn't have a romantic proposal story.

Who is more sensitive?When we were first married, me. Now, Lee.

Who has more friends? Lee, he is everyone's best friend.

Who has more siblings?Me, I have 4, he has 3.

Who wears the pants in the family?He lets me get away with wearing them for so long and then he puts the hold on things.

Places I've worked: First job was Dairy Queen, waitressed at several places, salesperson at a few stores, sold Avon(can you believe it?), General Hospital and St. Joseph's Hospital as an RN

Movies I can watch over and over:Win a date with Tad Hamilton (he's gorgeous!), Gone With The Wind, Count of Monte Cristo, Four Feathers and the camping favorites, Clueless and What About Bob

Places I've lived:Arizona, Utah, California, Missisippi, Florida, Virginia (the last three were when Lee was playing baseball.

!Favorite t.v. shows: Lost, 24, American Idol, America's Next Top Model, Prison Break, Project Runway, Top Chef, Design Star

Places I've been:London, Prague, Switzerland, Paris, Venice, Rome, Florence and other cities in Tuscany(love it), Germany (love Heidelberg), Hawaii, Jamaica, several cities in Mexico, Bahamas, Grand Cayman, Austria, New York City and lots of cities in the states I've lived in. Love to travel!

Favorite foods:Chocolate, any dessert, Fish, especially shellfish, and great breads.

Places I'd rather be: Any sunny place or any place where my children and grandchildren are.

Weird things about me: I love to sleep, could take a nap everyday.
I wish I could dance really good.
I like alone time till I get sick of myself.

My all-consuming passion: (I added this) My grandchildren-I can't get enough of them. Love their silly stories, cute smiles and funny actions. My greatest wish is to live near some of them again and see them almost daily. Some of my greatest memories are taking a group of them to a movie, going to a park with them or just listening to them talk to each other. Priceless.

I tag Kalie, Kasey, and Lindsey!

Friday, October 12, 2007


Found a new salad and love it-will post to Internecipes too.

E T. extra virgin olive oil
4 T. fresh lemon juice
2 T. honey
Dash of salt
2 t. fresh thyme (I didn’t have this so omitted it)
5 c. fresh greens
2 ounces blue cheese, crumbled
½ c. candied almonds
Combine oil, lemon juice, honey and seasoning. Add pears, while gently stirring, and bring to a rapid boil. Simmer on high for 1 minute. Refrigerate till cool.
Divide greens on 4 plates. Top with pears, including liquid. Add blue cheese and top with almonds.


Okay family, let's decide on Christmas plans. Everyone knows I am a bit of a bah-humbug over Christmas because it is so commercialized. I hate that people spend so much time, worry and effort over presents and then spend more than they have and have bills left to pay. I have always wanted it simpler and aim every year in that direction. Last year I mentioned that we should turn outward more and give to a charity or adopt a child through World Vision or something like that. I've been thinking of different scenarios. Here's a couple. Please comment on which you like, if any, or give a different idea. The idea is to make it simpler, happier , and more giving.
#1. Everyone, including dad and I, go into a pool. (Not grandkids though). Each person has one name. Limit is $100.
Dad and I still buy grandkids presents about $40-50 each (until we have more). No more trading names between grandkids to reduce expenses and trouble sending gifts.
Dad and I then give extra $ we would spend on family gifts to adopt a child for the family.

#2. Everyone goes in pool, except grandkids. Limit is $75. Everyone contributes to adopt a child or whatever else is decided on. Cousins still trade gifts.

#3. We continue as we have but decrease amount spent and everyone contributes to charity or child everyone agrees on.

If any of you other people out there have ideas your family uses, please let us know!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Ammon and his grandpa

Isn't this seriously one of the cutest pictures?? Kelly took it this last weekend when they were here. Ammon took a shower with Lee every morning. In this pic he decided he needed pancakes before he needed to get dressed.

I could be very jealous about Ammon's relationship with Lee. I'm not because it is the cutest thing ever. The sun rises and sets on grandpa for that little boy. He is Lee's shadow and it is no wonder. Lee will do whatever Ammon wants to do, all day long. They wrestle, they play with Harley, they wrestle some more, they go to Mick's hot tub and wrestle some more. Of course he sleeps right in between Lee and I every night (I guess I am just lucky to be allowed to stay in my own bed). Lee wakes up early and the first morning Ammon woke up, he turned to talk to Lee and Lee had gone in the other room. Ammon bounded out of bed and started bawling, "Where's my grandpa?" When I go down to visit Kelly and family without Lee then I am okay, even kind of neat to Ammon and he sleeps with me and hangs out with me. When Ammon comes up here and Lee is around I am a nobody to him. Sure, I get an occasional hug or kiss from him when I askbut he is always checking out for Lee out of the corner of his eye.

Cohen is completely different. That is one busy kid, doesn't have too much time for either of us. He is always busy, always hilarious. They've taken the binky away from him except when he sleeps so he'd come by Rylee, steal hers, and immediately lay down like he was sleeping. It was hilarious!!

And Rylee is completely adorable and the BEST baby!

When they got ready to leave, Ammon was really sad about leaving "grandpa". He had to kiss him a couple of extra times and Kelly says he cried a few time on the way home about missing his "grandpa". Really, they have an unusually close relationship. Way cute. I'll be making trips down there by myself. Not that it will do me any good.

Saturday, October 06, 2007


Poor Linds. She didn't get much of a shout out yesterday. I worked 13 hours the day before so couldn't blog and then planned to blog yesterday but my 4 hour day turned into 7 hours. Tried to blog or e-mail at work when I had a patient but couldn't get on. Didn't have a break until 2:00 to call but it was late in England so I could only leave a message. Sorry Linds, I'll do better next year. Love you tons, miss you tons and am happy I gave birth to you 24 years ago!!!! What a bright light in our lives you've been.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Bits and Pieces

New bookcases
I did enjoy Nanny Diaries. It was cute. I've been off from work this week and would have loved to gone and see Kelly and boys again but am in charge of the quarterly Relief Society temple trip and that was this Wednesday. It was a hoot. I drove and only 4 women signed up. Janice Roney, Eldis Jensen, Wanda Mintz and Pat Litza. The last three are all in their 70's at least and a wee bit absent minded, don't hear well and walk slowly. I was afraid Wanda and Eldis would get in a cat fight at one time over Wanda's GPS being too loud. The conversations we had were hilarious. I actually had a great time in the 6 hours of driving time to and from Medford. It is great to hang out with new people and be entertained. I think a fun time was had by all.
Lee's brother, Dane, is in town and spending a couple nights with us. I just made some chocolate chip cookies so they can have some when they get back from dinner. They went golfing and out to eat with some lumberman afterwards so I didn't have to cook tonight. On Thursdays we have a Farmer's Market here in town and this guy cooks the best ribs and trip tip over wood chips. That is always Thursday dinner for us. I got some ribs for tomorrow night and will just make sides to go along with it. I am excited to have someone come stay with us in this house!
My favorite new sandwich or panini is to take a dense bread like Pugiliese and slice it. Put sliced fresh mozzerella on a slice, a couple pieces of salami, and fresh basil. I brush some olive oil on the outside slices and cook it in my George Foreman/pseudo panini press. I then open it up and put some fresh Farmer's Market tomatoes (Heirloom tomatoes) and enjoy. Yumm, yumm.
I am reading Nicholas Sparks book, Dear John, and it is a fast and good read so far. Tried Peace Like a River but am not really feeling it. Loved A Thousand Splendid Suns!!! One of my favorite books. Any other good reads out there??
We absolutely love our new house and where we are living. The weather has been perfect here. I love to go on the deck, look at the trees and read. I love the peace and quiet that is this neighborhood. I hate that winter is coming though.
I feel lame because I am way past being an adult and am so excited that the Fall Shows are back. I love to mindlessly lay back at night and be entertained. I try to always have scriptures read by the time they start. Does that count for anything?
My favorites:
1. Lost-can't wait till February! I think the writing is amazing on this program
2. Prison Break-are Michael and Lincoln amazing looking or what????
3. America's Next Top Model
3. 24- have loved it in the past but didn't care for last year
4. Top Chef, Next Design Star, Project Runway, American Idol
Watched Cane the other night, looks good.
Tonight is Survivor, Grey's (kind of over it), and ER. I am pathetic. I listen to other women, smart, accomplished women talk about how they NEVER watch tv and how worthless it is. I just remain silent and look forward to curling on the sofa with my blanket at night.

Monday, September 17, 2007


Lee has been gone hunting for 8 days now. With Kelly and Jody moved and Alex in college, I am so bored while he is gone. I went to Kelly's for4 days till they left for Georgia and loved hanging with them. Ammon slept with me every night and Cohen entertained me and Rylee is just the best baby ever. And so cute. Then I came home on Friday and it was a looooong weekend. I totally feel sorry for widows now. Sometimes you just love to have alone time but now I'm getting a little sick of myself. Luckily, I went to work today but we are called off tomorrow so it's just me, myself and I. I think the three of us will go see Nanny Diaries.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Making A Difference

When I was a nurse in the OB department one thing happened over and over that caused me a lot of concern. We continually sent beautiful, perfect babies home with parents we knew were dysfunctional. It really bothered me that they had reached their potential in the hospital and that with the luck of whom they were born with, would have a totally different life than the babies sent home with normal, functional families. It was so sad. What would happen to these babies? I wanted to adopt each one of those babies who were sent to dysfunctional homes. I wanted to make a difference but didn't know how. This year I joined CASA which stands for Court Appointed Special Advocates. I am now on the Board of Directors and hope to be an advocate myeself when my term is up. Volunteers are trained to work with one of those children I sent home years ago. Volunteers help ensure that some of them do not slip through the cracks and have an opportunity to reach their potential. These volunteers help the children through the legal system, school system and medical system and become mentors who spend time with them and help them in so many wonderful ways become productive citizens. CASA is a non-profit organization. One of our biggest fundraisers is the CASA KidWalk. Please help make a difference in a child's life. You can donate to my team at . It doesn't take much to make a difference in someone's life.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Hanging with Ammon

Kelly and Jody were here this weekend and since I don't have to work this week, I talked them into leaving Ammon with me for this week till we meet them at Trinity on Friday. Great idea. He is so much fun to hang with. We've gone to the zoo, rented movies, gone to McDonald's and played outside. He is so easy to have around. This morning I had to go in to work for 4 hours so he went to a friend's to play. As I was giving him breakfast this morning, he said, "Gramma, I really missed you when I moved." It was out of the blue and priceless. Yesterday when we were in K-Mart he grabbed both Lee's and my hands and said, "I wish I still lived in McKinleyville." He thought a while and then sighed and said, "But it's okay." Adorable. And yes, he's been a Ninja, cougar, and a bear during his stay. I wish all my grandchildren could come and stay a week alone with me. There is nothing quite like it-priceless.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Outside of the house

Now we just need to get busy on landscaping-maybe I can get Lee on it all after hunting season. Seriously, I don't think the pics due the house justice. The floors are a dark mahogany handscraped bamboo that are tons of work for upkeep but amazingly beautiful. The setting of the house is the best though. We are backed by Simpson forest that will never be developed. It is amazingly peaceful and beautiful. I absolutely love it all!

More pictures

We are waiting for two black bookcases that are being built for each side of the tv/fireplace.

Monday, August 27, 2007


I have internet service again!! it has been a long 2 1/2 weeks. Finally I can post house pictures!!
Here are a few, my wireless is acting wierd so I'll post more in an hour or so!

Monday, August 20, 2007


Well we are finally in our beautiful new house. There are still some things the contractor has to do but we are in and loving it. I had last week off and so was able to get settled all week. I still don't have internet access so haven't been able to post pictures yet but will ASAP. I love waking up and seeing the beautiful trees all around. I love walking out on the deck at night and seeing the stars and the silhouette of the trees. I love having room again. I love having things out of boxes and mostly organized. I love relaxing in my jacuzzi tub. I love clean floors, soft carpet and beautiful wood floors. I LOVE my new house!

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Finally, Linds

Here's pictures, finally. Lindsey has been after me to post some. Unfortunately, it was evening and so the pictures aren't as bright as they should be, plus I am a lousy photographer! We are moving in on Saturday, ready or not. I can't wait.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Awwwww, Trinity Lake!

My favorite part of the year, every year, is the time I spend at Trinity Lake. We have been going there for almost 30 years. Trinity Lake speaks volumes to me about memories.
Favorite memories:
1. Chris and his "bee traps"
2. All the kids getting together with the Jones', Blairs' and Berry's and planning talent shows and then performing at the amphitheater.
3. Washing children in big bowls of water.
4. Getting up on Sunday mornings while our neighboring campers were sleeping in and getting our kids ready for church. Standing by the campfire to get warm till the last moment, wearing sweats till we got to the church building and smelling like campfire smoke in church.
5. Lugging water for cooking and cleanup to our camp sites at Tannery. We used to tent camp there. Years later we moved to Pinewood and a trailer and modern conveniences. In the early days I took all 5 children and 2 friends took all their kids and we stayed up for a few weeks. We were asked if we ran a preschool once as we were herding kids onto our boats. How did we do that? And those were in the tent days, no running water on our site!!
6. Going to the dump to see the bears.
7. Dancing to "Mr. Lee"
8. Seeing each child learn to ski and more recently, wakeboard.
9. Watching the kids ride round and round on bikes at Tannery.
10. Milkshakes or ice cream cones at Docker's or Miller's. Ice cream cones at Trinity Alps.
11. The kids begging us not to leave them with Ray (he'd make them clean up the camp site!)
12. Hobo pies

The list could go on and on. What memories do you kids remember that I haven't included?

One of the sweetest things now is the memories that my children's children are creating. The first time this summer that we went up with Kelly and Jody, Ammon was over the top excited. He kept pointing out all the things he remembered, even pointing to the clock in the trailer and said, "and their's our time!" Everything up there is "ours" and he loves it.

This weekend we had Kaden, Alexa and Sienna there and Kaden and Alexa kept talking about all the things they remember too. They wanted us to take them to the park, roast marshmallows, go to the pool and couldn't wait to get on the boat. When I told Kaden we had to go back to McKinleyville tonight, he started crying. That's how I feel when I have to leave too!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


That's what Cohen calls me sometimes. I have the two boys this week in McKinleyville while Kelly adjusts to being a new mom again. I am missing out on sleeping in late and not just running out and doing what I want to do at any given moment but other than that it has been a breeze. These two little boys are angels. Cohen goes down for naps and bed easier than any child I've ever seen. He eats continually all morning and loves frozen mini pancakes. He calls them "eggo cookies". He grabbed one the other morning before I could nuke it and loved it. I was lighting the grill to bbq the other night and when I lit the match he started singing "Happy Birthday!" He is seriously adorable.
Ammon sleeps with Lee and I every night. Well actually I slept one miserable night with them and have since opted for the spare bed in Cohen's room. Ammon was asking me why I didn't sleep with him and Lee the next night and then started saying his mommy and daddy sleep together. Then he asked, "Is that so they can get pregnant?" Where did that come from, Kelly? Pretty early sex education!! He is glued to the hip of Lee whenever he is around. He also loves his dog, Harley, and Aunt Alex. He always wants to plan a fun thing to do each day like: Go to the Dollar Store (his favorite) or go to McDonald's to eat (well really just to get the toy in the Happy Meal). We will probably try and go to the Ingomar and swim tomorrow. I asked him if he missed his mom and dad last night and he pouted and said, "yeah". I asked him if he wanted me to take him home and he said, "I'll see them at the lake." We head to the lake on Saturday with Jody and Kelly. Cohen hasn't asked about mommy either. Sorry, Kelly.

Monday, June 25, 2007


I guess these pictures are almost identical. Oh, well. Rock still goes on the lower sections and dining room outside wall (adjacent to pillar on right), also on lower area of pillars. Today they are blacktopping th driveway. Slowly, but surely...

Saturday, June 23, 2007

House Update

The house is now painted on the outside with lights up. Front carport pad is in and stamped. Deck started in back. They should finish sheetrock this week and be ready to paint interior the next week. Hopefully rock will go on this week. What do you think of the colors? Imagine a big black door in front. Oops, after I put the picture in, I realized that I had taken 2 pictures straight on of the house but they aren't on the camera. Will retake one tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


I am here in Santa Rosa helping Kelly recover from giving birth to Rylee. Who incidentally, is adorable. The boys have been great-very easy to watch. In fact I took them to Surf's Up a new animated kids movie yesterday. It was Cohen's first movie at the theatre and after about 20 minutes he said, "I want to go home granma". Popcorn, candy, and lemonade convinced him to last the whole movie though. Ammon loved the show and halfway through turned to me and said, "I'm Cody, grandma." Cody is the main character in the movie who is a penguin who surfs. On the way home he told me he had to find a "board". He found one. It's the top to one of those large tupperware type of storage bins. He also had to sleep with his board last night. Of course he is sleeping on an air mattress with me every night. I could feel his board poking me in the middle of the night so I moved it off. A little while later he woke up, looked for it, and replaced it. He throws it on the ground and pretends to surf. He also took it in his bath today. What an imagination!!

Today Cohen locked himself in the bathroom while I was watching them while Kelly was sleeping. I tried for about 20 minutes to get him out so I finally had to wake Kelly up.
She was looking for some tool that I had thrown out. I dug through the garbage and finally found it! Whew!

I didn't realize Santa Rosa could be so hot! Most houses don't have air conditioning so it can get a little stifling. Of course, this has been an unusually hot week. Now, I love hot weather but not without air conditioning. It is a good think it cools down at night so much!

My allergies have been killing me here-way worse than in McKinleyville. I get a runny, itchy nose and itch in the back of my throat but the symptom that is driving me craziest is runny, itchy eyes that I tear into constantly. I have been taking Claritin, Clor-Trimeton, and using allergy eye drops with only minimal relief. I want to go out walking in the evenings but when I have, I really pay the price with sneezing, eyes itching more, etc. It doesn't help that we have to leave the windows open for a breeze either. Any suggestions, anyone??? I may be avoiding Santa Rosa during allergy season unless I find some relief.

We are going to McKinleyville on Friday. Kelly and Jody are coming to and we we will have a birthday party for Ammon on his birthday, Saturday. Then the boys will stay with me while they go home till we meet at the lake the next Friday or Saturday. I can't wait to see my house-the exterior painting is done, they started doing the carport pads and deck in the back and are taping the sheetrock. I am anxious to start going through boxes in my garage and throw out more. Now that it is lake time, the time before I get to move in will go by quicker. In fact the weeks I work will be busy as I try to organize and prepare for moving in!!

Friday, June 15, 2007


Rylee was born yesterday, June 14th a little before 4:00. She is absolutely perfect. She has a round, adorable face and long slender fingers and toes. I am loving her already.