Thursday, February 26, 2009


1. It is cold. Very, very cold. I didn't go on many walks and when I did I bundled up. The cold felt like it was burning my face one day-it was about 18 outside.
2. It is not as modern as I anticipated. There are not many chain restaurants and no big malls. I would have thought there would be in Anchorage since it is the capital. It has a lot of strip malls. Think the 60's type.
3. The snow covered mountains are gorgeous! I want to go back in the summer and see all the greenery.
4. Kaden and Alexa have really grown up. Kaden doesn't tease her near as much and she ignores it more. Kaden is very sweet and helpful. He can read like a 6th grader-very smart. Alexa is the total performer. She loves to dance, sing, etc. and loves to sleep every night with me.
5. Sienna is extremely cute and precocious. She is terrified of the Hulk and talks a lot about him. When she starts telling me a story, it can go on for a half hour and she hardly takes a breath. She can put me in my place without a qualm. "That's not how you do that, Grandma!" When I asked her if she was going to miss me she said, "not really." Hilarious! She did miss all the goodies in my suitcase. She was always the first person to go get a treat when she was ready every day.
6. Ethan is perfect. Adorable, sleeps a lot.
7. Matt is such a hard worker. He is always thinking of new schemes and plans and this is in the midst of a rigorous residency program for pediatric dentistry. He is one of the most generous people I know. He is always trying to give away something to someone or planning a surprise.
8. Kasey is beautiful. She also handles a new baby with absolute ease. She is completely at ease with Ethan and doesn't act like going back to being sleep deprived is any big thing at all. We went out to eat twice and shopping a couple of times during the week he was born and when I left.
9. I love visiting the Henry's, even if it is cold.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Worth Waiting For

He's here. All 6 lbs. 5 oz. of him and he is adorable. Not sure what his name is but they are leaning towards Ethan Joseph. There is nothing like a newborn. I love him already. If you have facebook, check him out on Kasey's page. He's way cute!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


1. The kids and I saw Pink Panther 2 and went to McDonalds. Who can't laugh at Steve Martin?

2. Kasey and I say Confessions of a Shopaholic and enjoyed it a lot.

3. We walked 2 miles trying to get Kasey to go into labor.

4. I've been combining my genealogy records on the new family search site.

5. Today Kasey was dilated 5-6 and the doctor stripped her membranes again. We walked all around Costco for a while and headed home and I kicked her out of the car and made her walk .5 miles up the hill to her house. She is having contractions every 10-20 minutes and so we are hoping. It is also snowing outside right now.

6. I am making sugar cookies again.

7. Kasey just got an appointment to be induced tomorrow morning at 8:00!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Still Waiting

We are still waiting for little boy Henry to arrive. In the meantime:

1.The kids and I made Valentine cookies. I got the recipe off of allrecipes and it was a great one. Here is is. I think we need to make them again. There is only one left!!

2, Last night all three of the kids decided to come down and sleep with me. Kaden said we were having a slumber party. It was clear after about an hour there would be no slumbering with all three of them down there. Kaden decided he wasn't tired and went upstairs, Sienna followed and Alexa and I finally got to sleep.

3.I had an amazing massage today. Thanks Matt and Kasey!

4, Kasey and I had pedicures today.

5.We went and had pizza tonight.

6. The kids have been sooo good and so much fun. I stole an idea from their Grandma Bev and brought a small suitcase filled with small toys, trinkets, makeup and candy and they get to pick out of it after they are ready for the day or ready for bed. It has been fun to see them hurry to pick up things and get dressed and see what they pick.

We may be waiting, but I'm having fun in the mean time.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Yes, I'm in Alaska, freezing, and enjoying every minute with three adorable grandchildren!! Sienna is a major chatterbox, talked constantly for the first couple hours . Everything was:Grandma this and Grandma that or she'd start random sentences with the work well. She is hilarious. Alexa snuck down into my bed in the middle of the night and Kaden and I have been making some slimeythings together. We went to the mall today while the kids were in school and even took the kids on a walk in the snow after school. They are so much fun to be around!! No baby yet though. Kasey had her membranes stripped yesterday and today jumped on a mini trampoline and then we walked. She can't quite do the castor oil bit. I'll keep you updated.