Friday, October 27, 2006

Lee is gone to China on business for 10 days. I never really minded Lee going on trips before. It was my time to do what I wanted to do when i wanted to do it. I wouldn't cook and the kids and I would go out to eat. Alex and I would do lots of "girl stuff" when he would leave. Watch stupid, ridiculous reality shows like The Bachelor and know Lee wouldn't walk in and make a rude comment on how shallow we were, go out to dinner, shop,catch a movie, etc. It was just easy, relaxed girl time and I loved it. This week I've watched all those shows to my heart's content but it hasn't been near as much fun. Today was the parade for Homecoming. I remember watching Alex as a candidate last year. I didn't go to the parade this year. I miss going to her games, having her friends drop by, hearing her car drive up and hearing her getting ready for bed in the next room. I'm rambling around in this house by myself most of the time, having plenty of quiet time but something is missing. Alex. I miss you tons honey, please call more often.
P.S. To everyone with children-Enjoy. It goes by so quickly. It's great and fun to have time to do what you want to do but NOTHING beats having children at home. Chris, Kasey, Kelly, Lindsey and Alex - come home! I love you.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Ammon has been talking about this Buzz Lightyear costume continually. He's way into Toy Story. I picked it up at K-Mart yesterday since it went on sale. Today I was watching him and Cohen so Kelly could have a much needed day to herself. When he got home from preschool I told him I had a surprise for him. He was so excited he was almost shaking. I told him he was really going to like it and he said, "Buzz Lightyear????" Needless to say, the clothes were off and Buzz was in costume immediately. He then thought we should call his teacher and mom and tell them all about it.
The word addiction means:
Addiction is an uncontrollable compulsion to repeat a behavior regardless of its consequences. A person who is addicted is sometimes called an addict.
I am presently addicted to two things. the first is the tv show 24. Yes I know it is not on the fall schedule (due to come back in January though) but I am presently watching it on DVD. And I mean watching it as much as I can. I have been averaging about 4-5 episodes a day. Lee left for China yesterday so I can watch it more now. I keep telling myself to just watch 1-2 episodes but then the episode I watch keeps me hanging and I have to watch another. Is Kim Bauer the most unfortunate teen in the world? I mean, come on, can anyone get caught up in more terrifying circumstances and have such a good attitude about it? It really is completely unrealistic but I keep going back for more. I even start looking at people in the community a little differently, less trusting. Okay, I need to watch more reality tv and less Jack Bauer.
I always have a food addiction and it's always sweets. Some of my past food addictions are chocolate covered Hershey eggs at Easter, kissable candies, Mike and Ikes, Hot Tamales, Reese's, and many other treats. Presently I am hooked on Haagen Daaz English Toffee ice cream. I love it. I buy a small pint and say it will last 4 days. It doesn't. I am lucky if it lasts two days. Safeway was out of it two days ago so I bought Dreyer's Heath Bar Crunch which I previously loved. It's good but doesn't compare. Every night after I've eaten too much of my present food addiction I say, " You really need to lose 10 pounds. Stop eating those treats. Tomorrow I will journal my food and will only eat what fits into the points system." Then tomorrow comes, my addicition hits and I'm opening up that carton of ice cream for just a teaspoon, then a small cup, and then one more cup full. I'm pathetic!! What's your addictions?

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Friday, October 20, 2006

This was Saturday morning when Woody reminded me (Jesse) that I needed to put on my hat before I made him pancakes. I stayed up till 1230 watching 24 on CDs and of course he woke up at 6:30 this morning! Jesse looks tired!

I'm not sure who enjoys Friday nights at our house more. Is it Ammon, Lee or me? Or should I say, is it Buzz Lightyear, Woody or Jesse? That is our roles for most Friday nights. Woody and Jesse pick up Buzz every Friday for a sleepover. He just got a new cowboy hat for a cowboy themed party tomorrow though and the roles have been reversed. Tonight he's Woody (because he has the cowboy hat), Lee is Buzz and I'm still Jesse. He puts his hat on and says, "Howdy Pardmer (yes with a m) over and over again. I keep finding him checking himself out in our mirror too-he thinks he's pretty hot. I asked him who he was sleeping with tonight because when he comes over there is just not enough room for all of us in the queen bed. He told me he was sleeping with Buzz (as usual) and Jesse could sleep in the other room. Tomorrow Lee is going golfing early so I will be making the pancakes. Life is great on Friday nights. I just wish Kaden, Madison and Alexa could come over on the weekend too. I love the four youngest but the weekends are tailor made for the older ones right now. In too short a time they will move on and it will be the little ones who want to be Buzz, Woody, Jesse, or perhaps a princess. It's great to be a grandparent!

Monday, October 09, 2006

I am off to Sin City with my buddy Toni. She owns a Scrapbooking store in Redding, Ca. and goes to a scrapbooking tradeshow every year in Las Vegas and this year I'm going along for the fun and the chance to spend time with her. We became friends about 23 years ago when they lived in McKinleyville. We used to spend tons of time together. We'd even do all our major grocery shopping together. I remember piling our kids into one vehicle and then going to the Bakery Thrift Shop, Canned Food Outlet and Mark and Save grocery store. It made the dreaded job of grocery shopping bearable and actually fun. She moved to Redding in 1989 but luckily our friendship survived the move. Through the years we've gone on a few trips together, met at the lake or gone to one another's homes. I've never met any other person I can enjoy so much or feel so comfortable around besides family. One of the greatest things has been the development of Alex's friendship with Shelby (and Whitney). It has been so fun to see our friendship passed onto the next generation. Alex just wishes Shelby were older so she could be with her at Provo right now.

Well I didn't finish this post before I got there and I was way too busy in Vegas to do it! We had a great time-who knew a scrapbooking tradeshow could be so much fun!! There were tons of companies with exhibits offering samples, food (the best was one who had homemade caramels!) and make and takes -where you make a little album, card, frame, etc using their goods. We also got some freebies from different companies. The tradeshow was held at the Sands Convention Center and we parked at the Venetian ( and had to walk through it to get to the tradeshow. It is an amazing hotel-they have done a great job of recreating Venice.
We had a great dinner there the last night at Wolfgang Puck's restaurant Postrio.
The night before we went and saw Mama Mia at the Mandalay Bay Resort. . We ate at another Wolfgang Puck restaurant Trattoria del Lupa. The musical and the dinner were great! The first night we ate at PF Chang's so needless to say, we enjoyed our dinners plus Haagen Daas and many other treats. We had so much fun together we decided this will be an annual trip-Viva Las Vegas!!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Baby Lindsey with the crazy hair!

Lindsey's 1st birthday
Lindsey at 4
Lindsey and Kelly in high school

Lindsey joined our family 23 years ago on October 5, 1983. I remember waking up in the early morning hours and realizing I was in labor. We set off to Mad River Hospital only to have my labor slow down. They sent me off walking in the halls and around the grounds until labor got serious. Finally, they admitted me. I had had 3 children previously without an epidural. Note: we live in an area that was very slow to get epidurals. Lots of hippies here (yes, honestly!) and everything is very pro natural, including childbirth. After hearing my relatives great stories about epidurals, I was determined with the 4th child to have one. I bugged my OB incessantly until he found an anesthesiologist who would do one. Only thing is he arrived when I was almost completely dilated. Oh well, I had one for the delivery and that was much easier anyway. We also didn't have a clue what we were having prior to the delivery (I know, the dark ages). This is what I wrote in my journal that day: "Well, Lindsey Lee iorg was born today at 2:09 pm - what a beauty! Dark hair, big eyes and a cute, pudgy body. She was a shocker though-everyone fully expected a little boy but the moment i saw her I knew she was meant to be ours!" She was a beautiful baby and has been a source of joy since that day. Always full of life, affectionate, and crazy and extremely confident. How many times has a family member mentioned that they broke the mold when they made Lindsey or wondered who the heck she would marry. And so when she found Alan who lived in London and began a overseas courtship it all made sense. Of course, she would do something different (and wonderful too). Lindsey is still crazy, still affectionate and still full of life. I love you so much Lindsey-you and your 3 sisters are my best friends. I am so proud of the woman you have become. You are a wonderful daughter, loving wife and fantastic mother. How grateful I am to have you in my life. Happy, happy birthday!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I loved Conference this weekend. I am always amazed at the sincerity of the General Authorities and their amazing Spirit. As I listened to the many messages of hope and inspiration, the thought came to me that I just don't understand how people can be so critical of an organization that teaches it's members so many good things. We all know people who have left the church and then are so critical of its teachings or people of other denominations who spend so much time trying to tear down the Mormon church. It is amazing to me that they spend so much time tearing down a church that encourages good, healthy living, families, and living a Christ-like life - all incredibly good things. Even if a person didn't believe in a Restoration, Joseph Smith or a living prophet, what is there to knock? What is there to tear down? How does it hurt an unbeliever that people want to live virtuous, healthy, Christ-like lives? It just doesn't make sense. I just don't get it. Then again, what would Satan most like to have done to that organization that is so against what he tries to do?? Maybe I do get it.