Friday, June 27, 2008


The number of adorable grandchildren I have. I love them all so much and am so lucky to have each of them (and their parents) in my life. Baby Phillips (still no name) was born Wednesday-the nerve of him to not wait until I arrived! I get there on Tuesday though and can't wait to cuddle with him and Izzy. On the way to San Fran to get my flight to London I get to stop a night in Windsor and cuddle with Ammon, Cohen (if he'll let me) and Rylee. Grandchildren are amazing, simply amazing.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Ammon

Today is Ammon's 5th birthday. We went down to Windsor over the weekend for his party on Saturday. It was so hot and they don't have ac in the house so it was really warm. After his party Kelly and I went to the mall to get pedicures and be in air conditioning. We came home on Sunday and said goodbye to Ammon in the foyer after Sacrament meeting. Talk about hard. He must have hugged Lee, then me, back to Lee, then me about 20 times. I guess he walked into Primary and they had to bring him to Kelly because he was crying because we were leaving. Gotta love someone who loves you that much!! He is so adorable and tender hearted. Hope you have a great day Ammon. We love you so much!

Thursday, June 19, 2008


What I was doing 15 years ago:
1. Finishing my last year of nursing school at College of the Redwoods
2. Being a mom to Chris (he was 16), Kasey-14, Kelly-13, Lindsey-10 and Alex-5. Long time ago!! I was alternating studying with going to kids games and bringing along flashcards to sneak in studying when they weren’t playing!
3. I was wearing my hair in that frizzy perm style everyone was doing-yuck!
4. We were just getting ready to move into the house on Gwin.

What I was doing 10 years ago:
1. Being a nurse at General Hospital-working in OB at this time
2. Still a busy mom, worked night shifts.
3. I was totally into rubber stamping and was into online card exchanges.

What I was doing 5 years ago:
1. Nursing House Supervisor at General Hospital
2. Chris, Kasey and Kelly and Lindsey have all graduated from high school.
3. Hanging out with Alex, Natalie and Danielle a lot!

What I was doing yesterday:
At the pool at Pinewood Cove by myself-gorgeous day, beautiful sounds. Drove home about 3:30 to surprise Lee because I could tell he was tired of his alone time. We went to Live From New York for dinner, then he went to meetings and I caught up on my reality shows.

5 things on today’s to do list:
1. Visit 2 of my 4 people I visit teach, will send cards to the other two
2. Pack for Kelly’s-going to Ammon’s birthday party
3. Call Alex for updates on her love life (Go Mitch!)
4. Call my sister, Julie, to hear about her trip to Mexico
5. Get a new suitcase for my trip to Lindsey’s

5 snacks I enjoy:
1. Sweets!! Candy, cookies, cake, all of it!! Chocolate!
2. Wheat thins
3. Watermelon
4. Carrots
5. Yoplait yogurt over cheerios-try it, it’s great!

5 things I’d do if I was a billionaire
1. Every year we’d have a spectacular family reunion I would pay for
2. Help each child get a house
3. Travel more and bring along family members
4. Quit working
5. Go to underdeveloped countries and use my nursing skills.
5 places I’ve lived

1. Mesa, Arizona
2. Provo, Utah
3. Blue Lake, Arcata and McKinleyville, California
4. Jackson, Mississippi
5. St. Petersburg, Florida (also Virginia Beach, Virginia and Visalia, California-last 3 when Lee was playing baseball)

5 bad habits
1. Spending too much money
2. Eating too much and/or eating just for the sake of the love of food
3. Talking during movies, tv shows (I drive my girls crazy with this!)
4. Interrupting others when they are talking-one of my worst, unstoppable habits.
5. Chewing and smacking gum all the time!

5 jobs I’ve had
1. Waitress
2. Real Estate Secretary
3. Sold Avon
4. Sold for Lots of chocolates-a candy making company
5. Teacher’s aide

5 trivia bits about me: 1. I was voted "most talkative" in my high school graduating class of 356. My cousin was voted the same thing in her graduating class the same year at the other high school in Mesa. 2. I was a foreign exchange student to Cartagena, Colombia my junior year. 3. I was a bat girl for BYU's baseball team when Lee was playing baseball there. I tried out for the position solely to be around him more. Strategy that paid off. 4. Even though I was voted most talkative earlier, I think I am sometimes a little shy, somewhat of a loner now. I enjoy alone time. 5. My first car was a VW bug I bought myself for $400.

5 pet peeves: 1. Tip jars everywhere! I now need to tip someone for getting me an ice cream cone? What are they being paid for? 2. Dirty dishes in the kitchen sink. Hate this. Isn't it just as easy to put them in the dishwasher? 3. People who cross the double yellow lines to pass people. Especially on the winding road to Trinity Lake and almost kill people. 4. Answering the phone and noone is there. Another telemarketer call. Why do they call us on an automatic system and then not speak for 30 seconds. Don't they know it just makes us mad that we have to wait and then we are really not going to listen to their spiel. 5. Delayed planes, flying out of Humboldt County-takes way to much time out of my traveling schedule!

I tag anyone who hasn't been tagged yet!!

Alone at Trinity Lake

I knew this time would come eventually. The summer when all my kids would be moved away and there would be noone to go to the lake with me. It's happened, and I survived. I spent Mon-Thursday up at Trinity Lake. By myself. Yikes! Actually it was still enjoyable, just not as much fun as when I have company. Here was my routine:

9:00-wake up (yes I slept in that long!)
9:00-10:00-morning walk
10-12 Read scriptures, books, eat breakfast, lounge
12-3 Head to the pool since we haven't brought the boat up. I would meet random people here and get a small dose of adult conversation.
3-7 Shower, read some more, play scrabble, eat dinner. One day I went into Weaverville for supplies and to call Alex and catch up on her love life (living vicariously!)
7-11 Watch videos, read
11 or so-bedtime. And yes I slept great and felt safe. I just lock myself in good

There was hardly anyone up there this week-only about 7 groups. I love, love, love Trinity Lake though. I love waking up to sunshine everyday, wearing shorts and flip flops, hearing the birds sing and seeing chipmunks and deer all over. I will continue to go up by myself because I love it so much but, please, visitors are welcome-ANYTIME!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Friday Night Date Night

Friday night Madison came over for a quick girl's night out before she goes back to Seattle. I could spend days with this little girl. She is seriously so much fun. Half of her sentences begin, "Actually...." I had to work late so I picked her up and we decided to go to the movies and see Kung Fu Panda. We had about an hour so we went to K-Mart and got a Hannah Montana gift pack and treats first. Then on to the movie, and popcorn and snacks. The movie started at 8:00 at night so I knew she might not make it. About 20 minutes before it was to end, she turned to me and asked if we could leave. She was asleep by the time we got home. The next morning I fixed her pancakes and she had a bubble bath in my jacuzzi tub and then we met Kalie at the hospital because I had a case that morning. A short, but oh so sweet, experience with such a cutie!!

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to my hubbie, Lee who is the best father/grandfather/husband ever!! Seriously, he is so into his kids and grandkids it is crazy. I knew when I started dating him and watched him interact with little kids that he was a keeper and he is! (Plus he's hot still-at 56!!)

Happy Father's Day to my dad, Patrick Gerald Pomeroy, who has been a great dad and example of integrity and morality to me. Love you tons dad!

Happy Father's Day to Charlie"Beans" Iorg, my father-in-law-another great dad. Thanks for teaching Lee how to be such a loving, great dad. You are a wonderful dad in law!!

Happy Father's Day to Chris, Matt, Jody and Alan-the other fathers in our family-equally great dads. We are blessed to have all of you in our lives.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Rylee Roo!

Happy Birthday shout out to Miss Rylee Alexandra Edmondson who turned 1 today! We love this little girl so much. She has tons of personality and is just as cute as can be. Happy day Roo girl!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Okay, I officially believe I have a crazy life lately. I work one week and then am gone a week and it keeps repeating itself. In most ways it is lots of fun but I am getting soooo tired too. I am never just home, catching up on things (like sleep and housekeeping). When I got back from Kasey's, I worked a week and was on call (and worked some) the weekend. I left Sunday afternoon for Kelly's where I picked up Alex and the next morning we drove her back to Provo. Stayed 2 nights and met her friends (adorable girls, cute boy) and flew back to Kelly's. Stayed a night there and we drove back to McKinleyville Thursday night. Friday morning two little cuties (Madison and Kyle) came for the weekend.
We had so much fun with them. Madison and Ammon are the best of buddies. Actually she keeps trying to talk him into being her boyfriend but he's not buying that. Kyle is the biggest love ever, his smile melts me all the time. Cohen is still the craziest nut alive and Rylee is just perfect. Each night all of them but Rylee would lay in my bed with me and we'd watch a movie. Madison, Ammon and Kyle all wanted to lay by me (Cohen could care less) so usually one was watching the movie on top of me. One by one they'd all fall asleep. We'd put them on the floor for bed but by morning 1-3 would be in bed with us. Not the best nights sleep.
I am now on my work week and another on call weekend. I'm hoping Lee will take the trailer up to Trinity on Monday for me. The only problem I have, is no one to go up there with. I may stay a night or two by myself and come home for a couple of days. Then we'll go to Kelly's for Ammon's birthday or back up to the lake. Then it's work for a week and off to London for two weeks and the birth of baby Phillips. Oh, and sometime in between now and then Kasey and kids will come visit (hopefully!) before they move to Alaska. Whew!!! Do I live a busy life or what?????