Saturday, February 20, 2010

Alaska-visit #3

I went to Alaska to babysit Kaden, Alexa, Sienna and Ethan last week and got home Thursday night. I was a little apprehensive about watching all four, especially with Ethan being so little. I was so, so happy they left him though. He is an absolute delight! He smiles constantly and lifts his arms up to be held. He hardly batted an eye that I was there Friday morning when he woke up instead of his mom. He was an angel. I wanted to bring him home but Sienna wouldn't let me although both she and Alexa agreed to come home with me.

1. First class, of course
2. Being there for Ethan's first birthday
3. Sienna's "tickles" under my neck and kisses on my cheeks. She would periodically remind me she is a "fashion model". She also took Kasey's instructions to help me out really seriously and would constantly teach me how to make toast, chocolate milk, etc.
4. Alexa losing her tooth and all her crazy diva antics.
5. Watching Kaden read for more than an hour and not pausing even though he had to use the bathroom-he is really, really smart and diligent in school. He was also the first to tell me thank you for everything I did for them.
6. Watching Planet 51 with Kaden, Alexa and Sienna
7. Chuckie Cheese (3 visits to Alaska, 3 visits to Chuckie Cheese) The pizza is horrible but the kids have a blast!
8. Lots of I Carley! and Wizards of Waverly Place
9. Ethan sleeping in till 8:30 (one morning only!)
10. Spending a little time, way too little, with Kasey

The low point was getting a heat rash there from a tanning bed. I still have it and leave Monday for Cabo. Lindsey has a sick sense of humor and thinks it is hilarious I got a heat rash in Alaska. I haven't been able to tan since and so will probably burn in Mexico - if I can stand the sun with the rash. So annoying!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

First Class

I only had to wait 56 years, but I finally had my first experience flying in first class!! Boy is it going to be hard to go back to coach. First class buys you a trip to the board rooms where there are snacks: cheese, veggies and ranch dip, pretzels, crackers, animal crackers, beverages and at certain times, soup and fresh cookies. I had a 5 hour layover in Seattle so made good use of it all. The best part is the comfy chairs to sit in and read-much better than the main terminals.
The minute I sat down in first class on the plane, I was in heaven. So much room to spread out, soft, soft seats and noone to fight over elbow room on the armrest. The guy next to me seemed so far away-it was great. The stewardess was so attentive to refilling my cranberry juice served in a real glass. The flight was at 8:30 but they still served a nice salad on a real plate with real silverware. Oh yes, I could get used to flying like this!! What a different experience from my usual trips. Thanks Matt for the experience!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

couponing 2/9

I took a picture but it didn't have the scan card in the camera and I had put everything away. This is what I got.
3 Wheat Thins, 2 Ritz Crackers at CVS for $10, -$4 coupons, -$3 rebate =$3 or 60 cents each
3 Dove Men Body Wash (Walgreen's and RiteAid)=free (actually had $1.50 coupon for one so better than free!
Shredded Wheat-free after coupon
2 cans olives-50 cents each after coupons
Schick Quattro Men's Razor after rebates, I'll made $3 (pays for crackers!)
Gillette Fusion Razor-99 cents after coupons
Goldfish crackers- 24 cents after coupon
2 reach toothbrushes $1.00 after coupon, rebate
Gillette men's deodorant $1.84 after rebate plus got free Gillette men's body wash w/coupon
3 John Freida root awakening shampoos - $1 each after coupons
Total paid:less than $7

In other news:
I'm off to Alaska tomorrow to babysit four adorable grandchildren for a week, home for 3 days and off to Cabo for a week of sun time after the cold reality of Alaska in February!! So glad the trips are in this order!!