Thursday, May 31, 2007

Saturday, May 26, 2007


1. Kauai is NOT spelled Kaui. I have spelled it for wrong ever since I first came here in 1999.
2. Kauai still enchants me. I love that it is so quiet, the beaches are not crowded, and it is so green and lush. It truly looks like I always imagined Hawaii should. A trip to Hawaii, any island is wonderful and fun but Kauai is special. Maybe because it was the first island I went to.
3. Every day at the beach should end with shaved ice. My personal favorite is pina colada and coconut. My favorite place to get it is the Wishing Well in Hanalei and yes, I had one every day.
4. Shaved ice is wonderful, but shaved ice with a snow top is out of this world. We were introduced to snow tops this year. That means you get a topping of sweetened condensed milk. Ymmmm!
5. It's fun to see the boy's heads turn as you walk past them. Of course, this is because I was walking with Alex and Marianna (aka Marz).
6. When you are a mother/wife there is no such thing as a complete vacation. However, I am grateful for a partial one.
7. I never want to go on a vacation again weighting as much as I do now. This is the upper limit!!
8. You can teach an old dog (or woman) new tricks. I got up on a surfboard! Never mind that it was just for 20 or 30 yards or that the waves were tiny-I got up!!!
9. Waking up every day to the sun is delightful. So is wearing shorts every day.
10. Always take a picture of yourself, no matter how bad it is, just to prove you were really there.
11. The last day of vacation always comes no matter how much you wish it away.
12. Vacations are never long enough.

p.s. Pictures to follow when I get home.

Monday, May 21, 2007


We got to Kaui yesterday and had a perfect, beautiful day today on Hanalei Beach and then Kee'
Beach. They are beautiful beaches and it is so nice to see the sun and feel the heat. Alex brought her adorable friend Mariana (Marz) and they are so fun to have around. Alex has dark hair, she has blonde and both are so cute!! They are turning a few heads. They are putting in insulation in our house today and siding goes up this week. It will be so fun to see how the house has progressed when we get home!! We picked up granite and ordered wood flooring last weekend. When we get home from Kaui, I work a week, then return to Santa Rosa to help Kelly move, then to Kasey's for a quick, fun visit (Can't wait to see and play with her kids!!). Then I work a week and have a few weeks off for the birth of Rylee. Before you know it, it will be July and we'll be moving in our new house. Can't wait.

Monday, May 07, 2007


Thanks for all your good wishes, posts and phone calls today. I had a great day. First of all the weather was sunny and wonderful and 75 degrees! My sister said my mom ordered the weather for me for my birthday. I got to work in the back with the doctors today and got to do some new things I hadn't done yet and they went well. I am training in Endoscopy to work with the doctors doing the procedures instead of just getting the patients ready for them. There was a yummy chocolate cake at work for me and a couple of presents. I loved the blogs from my girls-made my day. I stopped by and had a quarter pounder with cheese from McDonald's, fries and a Mr. Pibb on the way home. That is really my horrible for me, guilty pleasure. Sick, huh? But today is my birthday and calories don't count today. Took a nap, talked to everyone on the phone and then Lee took me to dinner at Jambalaya. They always have good food. I had salmon but the surprise was it was Blues Jam night and the music was great and it was so fun watching the old ladies dancing and jiving to the music. Then it was home to watch 24. I love birthdays and am so glad we all get one day a year to feel special. I especially like that we can choose to do or not do anything we want because, hey, it's our birthday!!


The house is moving along. All the siding is up except for a little in the front. Electrical and plumbing are almost finished and they should start doing insulation and sheetrock in the next week or two. I picked out appliances on Saturday and tile and rock for the front of the house. This weekend Lee and I are going to the bay area to pick out granite and hardwood flooring. Ray says he plans to be done about mid July. Can't wait!!!!!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


This last weekend I went to a dear friend, Sally Autry's, daughter's wedding in Mt. Shasta. It was a quick trip but so nice to see good friends and enjoy some warm weather. Her daughter, Mirandi, looked beautiful.

In 2 1/2 weeks I am going to Hawaii with Lee, Alex, and her roomie Mariana. We are going to our timeshare in Kaui. I can't wait for beach time, sun and the lazy ambiance of the Hana Lei, one of my favorite spots on the island.

While I was at the wedding, Kelly and Jody and the boys moved to Santa Rosa. I was really glad NOT to have to see them packed up in their vehicles and actually moving. I don't think I could stand to always have that visual picture with me. My daughters are truly some of my best friends and I have been so very, very fortunate to have Kelly live near me for five extra years. It has been great to see her any time, to run to town on the weekends and have the boys over lots. I've been around Jody so much he feels like one of my own. I am trying real hard to just be grateful that they moved so close but it is still really hard to have them be away. I went down there the day after I got back from the wedding and helped her a little. It was nice to realize that the drive is very do-able for me and a very beautiful drive. It was also fun to be in the warmer weather and have so much shopping available. We will have fun going to Marine World with the kids, going out to eat at good places, and going shopping. I am sure I will be going down to Santa Rosa often.

We ran over to Vacaville for a few hours to see Jami and Keal. He is just as beautiful in person as in pictures!! Jami looks great and it was so fun to see her and Keal.

The weekend after we go to Hawaii, Kelly and Jody move into their house so I will be going down to help them get settled. Then I am going to go to Kasey's for a quick trip to watch the kids play t-ball. Then I'll be going down to Santa Rosa for the birth of Rylee. Then I'll be going to the lake the rest of the summer. Lots of goings!


Madison and Kyle are here in town with Kalie and Madison is spending the night with me tonight. She has self proclaimed this as "Girl's Night Out". It is hilarious. Everywhere we go she goes, "Woo-hoo! Girl's Night Out!" We've been to a couple of stores and the clerks crack up at her. We started with the zoo with Kyle, then to the park and dinner at the Brewery with Kyle, Kalie and Grandpa. Then Madison very seriously let her mom know she was infringing on our time and needed to take Kyle home to Nana's so we could get on with girl's night out. We went and got her a chocolate milk shake at McDonald's then to get purple nail polish to do nails. We got to my house and made chocolate chip cookies for grandpa and did nails (I did hers and she did mine. I'll need to take mine off tomorrow!) and watched American Idol. Seriously, it is the funnest thing to have girl's night out with her! I hope she had half as much fun as I did. She is only four but talks like she is 16.

Conversations with Madison:
"I really love my dad. But I don't love him when he says bad words." (I got this clarified. These are all words where he's kidding her about spanking her)

"My mom is going to freak out when she sees my toenails. They are purple!"

"This is my blanket. Sometimes I use it for crying. Sometimes I get in trouble. I'm only four and I know a lot of things but not everything."

"You know what I like to do grandma? I like to have dinner parties and invite boys. I haven't ever done it before but I had a pretend party with my dolls and it was lots of fun."

"Do you know why I wanted to have girl's night out? Because I don't get to spend a lot of time with you."

Adorable. Simply adorable. I need girls to live near me and more one on one time with them.