Thursday, November 08, 2007

Happy Birthday Kaden and Freezing in Iowa

It's our oldest grandchild's birthday today! Kaden is six years old, the oldest of nine, so far. He is such a handsome little devil (and I do mean devil when he teases Alexa!!). He is a crazy little boy who can read like you can't believe and loves to beat me at the game Sorry. We've played it 5 times so far and I've only won once. He tries to be all big and tough and over all that mushy kissing and stuff but every now and then he suddenly ends up in my lap and I can always get hugs and kisses at bedtime from him. What a cute boy-watch out girls, he's going to steal a ton of hearts. To see pictures go to Kasey's blog:

Alexa is still crazy as ever. Seriously, if you've ever met her you know what I mean. She talks a million miles a minute, with eyes wide open, hands waving and is hilarious-funniest child ever!! Noone, and I mean noone, is ever going to run over her. She can be completely serious telling you just how life is and then completely off the wall, laughing with her high-pitched hysterical laugh the next minute. She is a laugh a minute.

Sienna is so loving and sweet. Loves me to hold her and lays on my shoulder all the time. She is beautiful and amazing. Everytime I look at her she grins and holds her arms out for me. I am loving it. We went and saw the Bee Movies yesterday(real cute) and she had a blast eating popcorn, drinking soda and walking around.

Kasey and Matt both look great and I am even going to see Dr. Matt today to have a sealant put on an area where my gums are receeding and are sensitive to cold and some foods. Poor guy, nothing like having to look into your mother-in-law's gross mouth! Did I say it is 43 and windy and freezing here??? It is clear with blue skies though and the company is great so it is a good time despite the weather.


Lani said...

Glad you are having fun in Iowa. The weather does not sound enticing but at least you have adorable grandkids to snuggle up with!

Kasey said...

So glad you're here mom! At least the weather is getting a little better as the week's progressed, right!
We love having you visit us!

Kelly said...

I love those kids! They are so adorable and unique in their own ways. Lucky you! I wish I were there visiting them and Kasey.

Alex said...

I miss those kids!! you described them perfectly. They are just so hilarious and so cute! Glad you are having fun!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your comment and Happy birthday Kaden

Jens daughter