Friday, October 12, 2007


Okay family, let's decide on Christmas plans. Everyone knows I am a bit of a bah-humbug over Christmas because it is so commercialized. I hate that people spend so much time, worry and effort over presents and then spend more than they have and have bills left to pay. I have always wanted it simpler and aim every year in that direction. Last year I mentioned that we should turn outward more and give to a charity or adopt a child through World Vision or something like that. I've been thinking of different scenarios. Here's a couple. Please comment on which you like, if any, or give a different idea. The idea is to make it simpler, happier , and more giving.
#1. Everyone, including dad and I, go into a pool. (Not grandkids though). Each person has one name. Limit is $100.
Dad and I still buy grandkids presents about $40-50 each (until we have more). No more trading names between grandkids to reduce expenses and trouble sending gifts.
Dad and I then give extra $ we would spend on family gifts to adopt a child for the family.

#2. Everyone goes in pool, except grandkids. Limit is $75. Everyone contributes to adopt a child or whatever else is decided on. Cousins still trade gifts.

#3. We continue as we have but decrease amount spent and everyone contributes to charity or child everyone agrees on.

If any of you other people out there have ideas your family uses, please let us know!


Aubree said...

Hi Pam-
We draw names just between siblings. My parents are in there too, which is dumb because we always end up trying to get them something even though the idea is not to. But once someone buys for them we all feel like we have to. Hopefully that will change soon. We only do a $25 limit. My parents still buy for everyone. (They're nuts!) The cousins trade gifts. Once there are more the cousins will draw names as well, but for now it doesn't make sense. The limit is $20. So really we draw names just for siblings and in-laws. There is always way too much. It is pretty much the same on Tyler's side too. After reading this I am not much help! Now I need to call my mom and see how we can tone it down!!

Lindsey said...

i say we do number one or number two. You told me this on the phone and i think it is a great idea. we have been talking about doing this for a few years and I think it's time to start! I think no matter what that we should all contribute to the child or whatever else we decide. I know you and dad will still contribute the most, but i think it's good for everyone to do something...I'm totally fine with the grandkids not trading names too. they have bdays for gifts from their cousins and you're right with simplifying shipping/buying so much.

Jami said...

I agree! Ryan was calling me a grinch the other day because I don't even like Christmas anymore! It should be just for kids because everything else is just stupid and we end up shopping more than spending time together...can we just eat and be done with it???

Pam said...

I completely agree Jami. I just like spending time together and eating, of course. That is the best present.

Heidi said...

Well I absolutely love Christmas and never feel bogged down by gift buying or the commercialization of it all (maybe because I am not a parent?). I just love that it's when my family all comes together and we bake together and listen to music and and wrap presents and see the lights and play in the snow and play games. We all pick names so we only get a present for one sibling (and set a money limit). My parents usually just give us kids money not so much presents because that is what we all need anyway. I guess that is not very cozy sounding. Anyhow, this year we are doing a new thing and getting all family history related gifts- for example, framed photos of our ancestors, or of our parents wedding portrait, or writing up family memories to go along with family recipes and collecting those in a book, etc. I am really excited about it. I think everyone donating their gift money towards a charity or towards sub for santa family is also a neat thing, my husband's family used to do that.

Kasey said...

1 or 2 sounds good to me. It'll be fun to get one person something nice and then move on. You decide and just let us know what to do. Love ya!