Friday, November 16, 2007


Beautiful Kasey is 29 today. Happy Birthday! I just had so much fun visiting her and her family in Iowa last week. I had so much fun hanging out with them, watching and hearing the kids funny antics, snuggling with Sienna and just being with MY girl again. It is amazing how quick life goes by. It seems like a few short years ago and I was giving birthday parties for Kasey and her friends and last week I was at the party she gave for Kaden. One of the funniest things last week was to watch crazy Alexa who is full of sass and vinegar. I was dying laughing because Kasey was just like her. As a child, Kasey too would give it right back to you and we were constantly laughing at what she said. When she was a teenager Lee would wake her up for seminary and she'd give him so much grief that he just started going into her room, turning on the light and running. You could hear her yelling all through the house!

Kasey, I love you so much and am so proud of the person you've become. You are bright, articulate, loving, talented and a wonderful daughter, mother and wife. The best thing is I'd want you for my friend even if you weren't my daughter. Love you. Have a wonderful day!!


Kasey said...

Thanks Mamacita! I wish you were here for my birthday...lucky Kaden! I love you.

Kelly said...

So true. What a sweet post. Happy birthday Kas!

Lindsey said...

Happy bday Kasey. I love that girl!