Monday, September 17, 2007


Lee has been gone hunting for 8 days now. With Kelly and Jody moved and Alex in college, I am so bored while he is gone. I went to Kelly's for4 days till they left for Georgia and loved hanging with them. Ammon slept with me every night and Cohen entertained me and Rylee is just the best baby ever. And so cute. Then I came home on Friday and it was a looooong weekend. I totally feel sorry for widows now. Sometimes you just love to have alone time but now I'm getting a little sick of myself. Luckily, I went to work today but we are called off tomorrow so it's just me, myself and I. I think the three of us will go see Nanny Diaries.


Lindsey said...

you should have visited me.

Heidi said...

Hello! I have been catching up on your blog and your house looks so great, that must be fun to have finished.

Your CASA project sounds awesome as well. That is so great you are committed to making a difference for those babies.

Kasey said...

I was thinking the same thing as Linds. Should've come visited ME!
Have fun at the movie with your friends, you silly. I would love to go with you!

Kelly said...

Hilarious post! I would love to be bored for a few days. I feel like I never get anything accomplished and when I do it gets messed up.

Too bad girls. She visited me because I am much closer and cheaper to visit!

The Hathaways said...

Hi Pam! I finally have a blog now. I hope things are going well for you. Your new house is beautiful. I can't wait until I get the chance to see it in person. Hope to see you guys soon!

Alex said...

mom...thats sad!!! you should've flowen me home for the weekend! I wanna come so bad.

patty said...

Pam I am alone ALL the time. I feel your pain! Nanny Diaries was good don't you think?
I love your house. Looks big! Lot of cleaning to do girl. Although it is just you and your other 2 you guys probably don't make too many messes.
You should have come out and visited me. I am alone to and we could have had some real fun.
love ya,

Jami said...

I wish I would've been here when you were! Your post cracked me up...hope all three of you liked the movie!