Tuesday, June 19, 2007


I am here in Santa Rosa helping Kelly recover from giving birth to Rylee. Who incidentally, is adorable. The boys have been great-very easy to watch. In fact I took them to Surf's Up a new animated kids movie yesterday. It was Cohen's first movie at the theatre and after about 20 minutes he said, "I want to go home granma". Popcorn, candy, and lemonade convinced him to last the whole movie though. Ammon loved the show and halfway through turned to me and said, "I'm Cody, grandma." Cody is the main character in the movie who is a penguin who surfs. On the way home he told me he had to find a "board". He found one. It's the top to one of those large tupperware type of storage bins. He also had to sleep with his board last night. Of course he is sleeping on an air mattress with me every night. I could feel his board poking me in the middle of the night so I moved it off. A little while later he woke up, looked for it, and replaced it. He throws it on the ground and pretends to surf. He also took it in his bath today. What an imagination!!

Today Cohen locked himself in the bathroom while I was watching them while Kelly was sleeping. I tried for about 20 minutes to get him out so I finally had to wake Kelly up.
She was looking for some tool that I had thrown out. I dug through the garbage and finally found it! Whew!

I didn't realize Santa Rosa could be so hot! Most houses don't have air conditioning so it can get a little stifling. Of course, this has been an unusually hot week. Now, I love hot weather but not without air conditioning. It is a good think it cools down at night so much!

My allergies have been killing me here-way worse than in McKinleyville. I get a runny, itchy nose and itch in the back of my throat but the symptom that is driving me craziest is runny, itchy eyes that I tear into constantly. I have been taking Claritin, Clor-Trimeton, and using allergy eye drops with only minimal relief. I want to go out walking in the evenings but when I have, I really pay the price with sneezing, eyes itching more, etc. It doesn't help that we have to leave the windows open for a breeze either. Any suggestions, anyone??? I may be avoiding Santa Rosa during allergy season unless I find some relief.

We are going to McKinleyville on Friday. Kelly and Jody are coming to and we we will have a birthday party for Ammon on his birthday, Saturday. Then the boys will stay with me while they go home till we meet at the lake the next Friday or Saturday. I can't wait to see my house-the exterior painting is done, they started doing the carport pads and deck in the back and are taping the sheetrock. I am anxious to start going through boxes in my garage and throw out more. Now that it is lake time, the time before I get to move in will go by quicker. In fact the weeks I work will be busy as I try to organize and prepare for moving in!!


Kasey said...

Yikes! I can't believe they don't have air conditioning in Santa Rosa! I've always thought it gets pretty hot there.
Hope your allergies get better real soon. Sorry, I'm no help with that one. I'm just glad those genes passed me by!
Hilarious story about Ammon! He is too funny.
I can't wait to see your newly painted house either!

Lindsey said...

Mom, did you try that Neilmed sinus rinse that I told you about? I'm glad allergies passed me by too. A guy at church swears by the Neilmed. Ammon is too funny. I'm so excited for your new house!!

Pam said...

Am using the Neilmed but it may be mainly for the nasal problems which aren't the worst of what I get. It isn't helping the eye stuff.

Jami said...

allergies here are really bad, too. Last year I had to get a cortisone shot...I was like you, nothing helped, but the shot really did and then I had accupuncture a month later and I think that helped, too. Anyways, I'm glad you're having fun with those boys and that adorable baby. I can't wait to hold her! And I can't believe Kelly is doing so much already...shopping, a road trip and the lake. That's awesome. I feel lazy compared to her!

Lani said...

Kelly is so lucky to have you! Next time you are down we all need to meet up!

Kelly said...

I don't know what I would have done without you last week or this week! How lucky am I to have such a wonderful mom and grandma for my kids? I love how attached Cohen has gotten to you. It's fun to see Ammon with Dad and you with Cohen. Good luck this week! We will miss you guys.