Friday, December 29, 2006

Yesterday I was able to get off work and have a play date with 4 of the most adorable playmates ever. Kaden, Madison, Ammon and Alexa and I spent the afternoon together. For some reason people were cracking up at me everywhere we went. Of course there was just one grandma with a 5 year old and three 3 year olds who were boisterous, running around and all yelling, "Grandma, grandma" all the time. It was a blast! It was truly one of my "ah-ha" moments. (Those are my favorite, most treasured moments). We went to Burger King first where we had lunch and they played in the play area. Then it was off to see Charlotte's Web (definitely a great movie for kids and I enjoyed it too!) Luckily there was only one other woman in the theater so it was okay when the kids roamed a bit (to sit on the front row). I would have two on my lap and one on each side. We got popcorn, sodas and candy and nestled in to watch the movie. One would get off my lap and another would crawl on. All except Kaden. At five , he's a little older. They were great, adorable and all five of us had a wonderful time. Grandma had the most fun though.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

AE may have some cute clothes and my girls love the store but I am done with them. Their online site could be the worst ever. I placed an order at Thanksgiving time with them for the things I needed for Christmas which included 2 pair of boots for Lindsey and Alex. They supposedly had trouble verifying my address to my credit card. I don't know why because it has been the same for a while. I waited for my order. No order. I was way too patient and finally called on Dec 9th and was told it had been cancelled. The new sales person was really nice, reordered for me and promised 2 day shipping. At this point two shirts were no longer available but the boots were still on. Whew! I waited 6 days and then called again. Lo and behold they needed to verify my address again but this time had never even notified me there was a problem. The very nice sales person had written my name as Pam Lorg instead of Pam Iorg. I recieved notice today that my order is coming. 2 out of 8 things. No boots. Talk about feeling frustrated. Word to the wise: don't ever order online from AE unless you have plenty of time and don't really want something. (Sorry Lindsey and Alex).

Sunday, December 17, 2006


Chris with Sienna, Kasey's little girl

Happy Birthday Chris!

Okay, now I really feel old. My baby boy turned 30 today. Yikes! My first born was born 30 years ago. If feels like he was born maybel 10 years ago, but 30???? I really wanted a boy first. Probably because Lee did. I had always loved the name Christopher so Christopher it was. I remember we were living above his parents garage when I went in labor. I nervously prepared to go to the hospital, filled with excitement. I had a long, long labor of about 12 hours and early on the contractions came one on top of another every couple minutes. I lived in the "go natural" area of Humboldt County and so that is how Chris was born. No epidural. I had some brief respites of pain via Demerol shots but it was still a very, very long day. Chris was finally born-with a cone head! I remember thinking, "He isn't very cute but I'll love him anyway!" And I have loved him so much and he got MUCH cuter!!! I remember one time Chris was about 5 and he ran in really fast and said we needed to close the curtains. Soon after that I heard a fire engine go by. He and an older friend had started a small fire in a vacant field. He was so terrified! I also remember him playing with his friends with dynamite-only it was my tampons! Talk about embarrassing-he'd been all over the neighborhood with them. Chris was very tenderhearted as a child (what happened Chris?). I remember if you stepped on a bug, he'd start crying and say, "You killed my friend." Once when Lee was deer hunting he asked his grandma if there were good deer and bad deer. Unknowingly, grandma Leona said, "No, they are all the same." Chris started bawling in her car. "My dad said he just killed the bad deer!" Somehow he got over that and shot a few deer himself in later years!
Chris was a gifted high school from grade school through high school and we enjoyed watching him play so much. One of his smartest moves was marrying his wife Kalie. She is an amazing girl and they have two beautiful children. Chris has really applied himself in the computer world and done well as a computer geek. I am proud of his many talents and love him so much. Happy Birthday son!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Yea!! Alex is flying home as I type. She will be here for three weeks. Chris and Kalie come here next weekend. Kasey, Matt and kids get here on the 26th and Lindsey and Isobel arrive on the 29th. Although everyone is coming home for the holidays we will only have one day when we will all be together (minus Alan) - the 30th. I am not complaining though. I get to see everyone of my children and every grandchild. Bliss. That is what the holidays are all about for me. Fun family times together!

Monday, December 11, 2006


We just got back from Seattle yesterday on a visit to Chris and Kalie's and Madison and Kyle. They are so cute! Kyle really knows who we are and would come to us all the time. I expecially love his cute little shy smile. Adorable! He doesn't say much, smiles continually and is the biggest explorer and climber ever. He is always on the move! Madison may be the smartest little three year old ever (is that a grandmother talking?). She is really amazing in her problem solving abilities, puzzle solving and memory. I had a great time with them and so much fun with Kalie. We went to an amazing Christmas light show, out to eat, and shopping and had a great time. Kalie is just like my other four girls and so it is so comfortable and fun to be around her. And did I mention what a great mother she is? She is the most talented woman I know. She has painted her house, made shelves in the garage, tiled (yes I said tiled) her bathroom, and put up crown molding. Amazing. Lee had a blast going to a Sonics game. They had Bill Gates seats that Chris won at a work raffle. Lee was in heaven. All in all, it was a great trip. I've been on the go for 2 months now. Work one week, travel the next, etc. I think I'm home for a few months now. Time to get to work on building a new house.

Friday, December 08, 2006


Okay, now that Kasey has outed me as a person who "hates" Christmas, I need to offer this disclaimer. I love so much about the Christmas season-the smells, the songs, the decorations, the way people are so much happier and nicer to each other and, of course, all the yummy food!! I love that it is the time of year when so may people try to be more Christ-like and think about Him and the exemplarary life he led. What I don't like is how Santa has become the man of the season and gift giving and receiving the main event. What I don't love is the way it's commercialized and how women, especially, feel they have to do it all: decorate to the hilt, get out the proverbial Christmas letters with cards, shop for everyone, do the grocery shopping and cooking, clean, figure out what unique item to get friends, neighbors and relatives, and then wrap them up beautifully, etc, etc, etc. I have spent many a season trying to make the season "magical" for everyone else and ended up stressed and exhausted and not enjoying it at all. My message for all is: It is a wonderful, magical time of the year-just don't make yourself believe that you have to do everything to make it such. Maybe one year you concentrate on decorating, the next year cooking, the next year the cards and letters. Give yourself a break and permission to enjoy the season too. When I quit doing the cards and letters, made a deal with friends to not do the perennial gift giving to each other and decided to cut back on my decorating I found I had more time to read about Christ (the reason for the season), meditate about peace on earth and especially peace with my relationships and look for ways to serve and give to others in simple ways. I have given myself permission to really enjoy the holidays without having to be Perfect Pam. So if you are feeling stressed, cut out some of the busy-ness and have a Merry Christmas!

P.S. My idea of a great Christmas would be to just have family all together, share a great meal (sounds like Thanksgiving-my favorite holiday) and spend all the money we'd spend on presents on adopting a child from World Vision or some other worthy organization. Just a thought,family, for a future Christmas.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Happy Birthday Lee!! Lee turns 55 today-unbelievable!! I think he is undoubtedly the youngest looking and acting 55 year old around. I remember seeing a shirt on a trip to Germany that said, "Growing old is inevitable, growing up is optional". I should have bought it for him. Not that he isn’t mature but he has more fun in life, enjoys sports, hunting, etc, and goofs off like he is still 20. He still manages to pound (his words) the college guys at Healthsport on a daily basis in basketball that he plays on his lunch hour. He hunts as much as he can, fishes, and even snowboards (and keeps up with Chris and Jody). It is no wonder there is not an ounce of fat on his lean body. And yes I am jealous, big time. He spends every Saturday with his best pal, Ammon. They do whatever Ammon wants. All day long. I wish the other grandboys lived closer so they could have fun with him. He is an amazing grandfather. I remember when our kids played sports, he would travel anywhere to watch them play. I am sure that with 5 children you could count on one hand the games he missed. And if he had to miss one because of job or church obligations, you would think the world was going to end. He has been an amazing father. Presently his time consumed by his duties as 1st Counselor in the Stake Presidency. He has been a Bishop, Branch President, High Councilor, Seminary teacher, etc. and willingly and very competently fulfilled those duties. He is a dynamic speaker and is so friendly and supportive to the members of our Stake. He is an amazing Priesthood holder. He has a very crazy sense of humor that sometimes drives me to distraction but is never boring. He has always been a loving and supportive husband and I love him very much! I’ve even been beating him in cribbage lately! Happy birthday, honey!! Almost 32 years together-crazy, huh? Senior citizen discounts start now. Yahoo!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Time for my absolutely favorite holiday! All about family and the things we are grateful for which for me is family #1 of course. No decorating, no presents to buy, no commercialization. I love it. It's all about family, gratitude and, of course, turkey -my favorite meal- can't wait!! I don't even mind cooking the turkey and trimmings....ymmmm! We are in the most beautiful setting for our holiday this year. We are staying at the Cliff Lodge in Snowbird and there is snow on the mountains and it is gorgeous! I drove out with Kelly, Jody, Ammon and Cohen last Friday. We spent the night in Elko and arrived on Saturday. It was so great to see Alex again! Chris, Kalie, Madison and Kyle got here Tuesday morning and Lee got here that night after shooting a big elk in Montana. Matt and Kasey and family surprised everyone and came at the last minute to visit his family and ours today. All we need is Lindsey, Alan and Izzy to be complete. We are so blessed to have so much family here with us to celebrate this special time. I just came in from watching Madison and Ammon sledding down a tiny hill. Hilarious! They are fearless and loving it. Kyle likes to "swim" in the snow and Cohen just likes to wander. Can't wait till Kaden, Alexa, and Sienna get up here. How grateful I am for the good things in my life: my wonderful family, precious granchildren, great husband, good friends and the Gospel that makes it all more meaningful. Hope each of you has a wonderful Thanksgiving as you celebrate with those you love most!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Kasey with Alexa and Kaden in Kaui 2005 Kelly, Chris and Kasey
Kasey at another Birthday (center) with Kelly and Lindsey

My beautiful Kasey was born 28 years ago on November 16, 1978. She was a beauty right from the start. I remember them handing her to me and thinking -" Wow! That is one beautiful little baby. And she's mine!! Sad to say, I wasn't keeping even a lame journal at the time she was born so I don't have any exact thoughts to share. I remember we were living above Lee's parents garage though when I went in labor in the early morning hours. I woke Lee up and we hurried to Eureka, about 20 minutes away. I was in full blown labor by the time they put me in the wheelchair, panting and blowing away. It must have been a full moon because the maternity ward was packed. They put me on a guerney in the hall behind some folding screens and I labored away for about another 45 minutes then off to delivery. Kasey was born in 3 hours from start to finish. Nice.
Kasey was an adorable child, very helpful with the younger children and very smart. At the age of 2 she decided her name was "Butch" and would answer that when asked what her name was. That stuck as a nickname till she got about 10 and hated it.
One thing I remember about Kasey is her hilarious statements to us! One night Lee said to her (she was 5), "I just have one thing to say to you Kasey-you're my girl and I love your!" Her response was, "That's two things." He then kissed her three times and as he left her room she said, "I'm wiping two of those off!" My mom read Kasey a story about being a good loser and then asked Kasey if she was a good loser. Kasey thought about it a minute and replied, "I'm a good winner!" Typical Kasey.
At the age of 11 she complained of headaches and was diagnosed with a brain tumor. It was a benign astrocytoma but we spent 2 scary weeks in Oakland's Children's hospital. Her courage during this time was exceptional and her complete acceptance of having her hair shaved amazed me. She even decided to not wear the wig we bought her and just went around beautifully bald. I have always been so grateful she survived the experience of brain surgery and definitely felt the effects of prayer and Priesthood blessings at that time.
Kasey has been such a wonderful daughter and friend. I just got back from Iowa and always enjoy our times together. She is a great mother, wife, sister, and daughter. I am so proud of who she has become and so grateful to have her as my daughter. Have a wonderful day honey. I love you very, very much!!!

P.S. Sorry the pictures aren't the best - I have better ones somewhere but we are living out of boxes right now!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Last week I was lucky enough to get away for a few days to Iowa and visit Kasey and family. Now Iowa's not the most exciting place in the world to visit but as I chased down Alexa and Kaden in their car (Alexa was driving and it was insane!) I couldn't help but think-it doesn't get any better than this-spending time with my grandchildren!!! They were so cute and hilarious. Sienna is just...perfect. She smiles ALL the time. If she catches your eye, she bursts into the cutest smile with the cutest left sided dimple. I adore her. Alexa is our ditzy diva-she is one absolutely hilarious 3 year old going on 13 year old . She would chatter away to me as if we were teenage friends or BFF's. She always wanted to be with me, have me buckle her in, nap with her, whatever. The things she would tell me were hilarious-at least what I understood, she talks so dramatically and so fast that I only get about 1/2 of it! Kaden turned 5 while I was there and he is a very intelligent and sweet boy. He tries to not act too excited that his grandma is there but I did hear him tell a friend at school when we went to lunch, "That's my grandma!" He also quietly let me know he wanted me to take a nap with him sometime too. It was so cute that he had noticed Alexa's monopolizing of me. He was the first grandchild and holds a special place in my heart. I am fortunate to take several vacations to many interesting and tropical places but nothing beats the absolute joy of being around little ones who call me Grandma or GranPam and just want to hang with me. Pure bliss.
P.S. It's an added bonus to spend time with Kasey and Matt. Kasey and I had a lot of fun and got a lot done in a short time. I taught her basic sewing, we had lunches out, shopped and revamped her bedroom coverings.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Alex is 19 today-hard to believe!! Hope you have a wonderful day-wish you were here so I could fix your special birthday dinner. Your first birthday away from home, so sad...

Here's what I wrote in my journal on 1/12/87: "Lee and I decided last night to have another baby. If all goes as it has in the past, I should be pregnant this time next month. It's taken a while to come to this decision. We are real comfortable with the four we have now and it's so easy to do things. I have been reading lots of church books and scriptures lately and have come to believe that we have no good reason to not have more children. I'm not too old, I'm healthy, we can afford more and can give a child a good, loving home and the Gospel. It finally seemed to very selfish and ungrateful to not have another child. Since I came to this conclusion I have felt so peaceful and excited about a new baby. " Alex was born 10 months later on 11/3/87 in Fortuna, California. She was my only epidural birth so it is truly a blissful memory. I started going into labor on Nov. 2nd in the evening and since we were 45 minutes away (I wanted a certain doctor so was willing to go the distance), I went in to be evaluated and the contractions stopped. They decided to keep me overnight and start me on Pitocin in the morning. I had an IV started in the about 1:00 with Pitocin, then the epidural and literally felt nothing until it was time to push her out at 3:15. I was playing cards and laughing on the video most of the time. A great experience-much different than my 4 previous childbirths. This is what I wrote about her that day: "She's a dinker-5 lbs. 13 1/2 ounces - so cute! We named her Alexandra Lee and will call her Ali or Alex- all I can say is, why did I wait so long to have another one? I love her to pieces!! Everyone is crazy over her and is always hanging around waiting for her to wake up so they can hold her!"

Alex has been a pure delight for Lee and I. She has always been confident, usually happy and very, very mellow. I used to say I could count on one hand the times she got upset with me. It's gone over to the second hand now. I'm not sure if she's not as mellow or I'm just more frustrating. When she was born the couple in the room next to us had a boy and I remember Lee asking if they wanted to trade. The funny thing is Lee has been so attached to Alex since she was born. She used to call him every day at work and want to know what they were going to do that day. He made her sack lunches every day and would draw pictures on the bags. Everything was centered on Alley Cat. The worst thing that happened in his life is that she grew up. I remember him playing Barbies with her, their riding bikes together after his work and her sitting almost on his lap in his truck. He about died when she turned 10 and all of that suddenly ended, on her part. She dropped him like a bad habit and he still hasn't gotten over it. The best part for me was that was when she became my girl. We have shopped together, gone to the lake together, gone to movies and lunches, amusement parks, Lion King, Wicked, Back Street Boys and 'N' Sync concerts and watched tons of reality tv together. It has been so fun and I miss her so much. She's always been my excuse to have a great time.
I am so proud of how strong in the gospel she's been and what a great example she's been to everyone around her. She is smart, beautiful and fun to be around. I love you so much, Alex. Have a wonderful birthday!

Friday, October 27, 2006

Lee is gone to China on business for 10 days. I never really minded Lee going on trips before. It was my time to do what I wanted to do when i wanted to do it. I wouldn't cook and the kids and I would go out to eat. Alex and I would do lots of "girl stuff" when he would leave. Watch stupid, ridiculous reality shows like The Bachelor and know Lee wouldn't walk in and make a rude comment on how shallow we were, go out to dinner, shop,catch a movie, etc. It was just easy, relaxed girl time and I loved it. This week I've watched all those shows to my heart's content but it hasn't been near as much fun. Today was the parade for Homecoming. I remember watching Alex as a candidate last year. I didn't go to the parade this year. I miss going to her games, having her friends drop by, hearing her car drive up and hearing her getting ready for bed in the next room. I'm rambling around in this house by myself most of the time, having plenty of quiet time but something is missing. Alex. I miss you tons honey, please call more often.
P.S. To everyone with children-Enjoy. It goes by so quickly. It's great and fun to have time to do what you want to do but NOTHING beats having children at home. Chris, Kasey, Kelly, Lindsey and Alex - come home! I love you.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Ammon has been talking about this Buzz Lightyear costume continually. He's way into Toy Story. I picked it up at K-Mart yesterday since it went on sale. Today I was watching him and Cohen so Kelly could have a much needed day to herself. When he got home from preschool I told him I had a surprise for him. He was so excited he was almost shaking. I told him he was really going to like it and he said, "Buzz Lightyear????" Needless to say, the clothes were off and Buzz was in costume immediately. He then thought we should call his teacher and mom and tell them all about it.
The word addiction means:
Addiction is an uncontrollable compulsion to repeat a behavior regardless of its consequences. A person who is addicted is sometimes called an addict.
I am presently addicted to two things. the first is the tv show 24. Yes I know it is not on the fall schedule (due to come back in January though) but I am presently watching it on DVD. And I mean watching it as much as I can. I have been averaging about 4-5 episodes a day. Lee left for China yesterday so I can watch it more now. I keep telling myself to just watch 1-2 episodes but then the episode I watch keeps me hanging and I have to watch another. Is Kim Bauer the most unfortunate teen in the world? I mean, come on, can anyone get caught up in more terrifying circumstances and have such a good attitude about it? It really is completely unrealistic but I keep going back for more. I even start looking at people in the community a little differently, less trusting. Okay, I need to watch more reality tv and less Jack Bauer.
I always have a food addiction and it's always sweets. Some of my past food addictions are chocolate covered Hershey eggs at Easter, kissable candies, Mike and Ikes, Hot Tamales, Reese's, and many other treats. Presently I am hooked on Haagen Daaz English Toffee ice cream. I love it. I buy a small pint and say it will last 4 days. It doesn't. I am lucky if it lasts two days. Safeway was out of it two days ago so I bought Dreyer's Heath Bar Crunch which I previously loved. It's good but doesn't compare. Every night after I've eaten too much of my present food addiction I say, " You really need to lose 10 pounds. Stop eating those treats. Tomorrow I will journal my food and will only eat what fits into the points system." Then tomorrow comes, my addicition hits and I'm opening up that carton of ice cream for just a teaspoon, then a small cup, and then one more cup full. I'm pathetic!! What's your addictions?

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Friday, October 20, 2006

This was Saturday morning when Woody reminded me (Jesse) that I needed to put on my hat before I made him pancakes. I stayed up till 1230 watching 24 on CDs and of course he woke up at 6:30 this morning! Jesse looks tired!

I'm not sure who enjoys Friday nights at our house more. Is it Ammon, Lee or me? Or should I say, is it Buzz Lightyear, Woody or Jesse? That is our roles for most Friday nights. Woody and Jesse pick up Buzz every Friday for a sleepover. He just got a new cowboy hat for a cowboy themed party tomorrow though and the roles have been reversed. Tonight he's Woody (because he has the cowboy hat), Lee is Buzz and I'm still Jesse. He puts his hat on and says, "Howdy Pardmer (yes with a m) over and over again. I keep finding him checking himself out in our mirror too-he thinks he's pretty hot. I asked him who he was sleeping with tonight because when he comes over there is just not enough room for all of us in the queen bed. He told me he was sleeping with Buzz (as usual) and Jesse could sleep in the other room. Tomorrow Lee is going golfing early so I will be making the pancakes. Life is great on Friday nights. I just wish Kaden, Madison and Alexa could come over on the weekend too. I love the four youngest but the weekends are tailor made for the older ones right now. In too short a time they will move on and it will be the little ones who want to be Buzz, Woody, Jesse, or perhaps a princess. It's great to be a grandparent!

Monday, October 09, 2006

I am off to Sin City with my buddy Toni. She owns a Scrapbooking store in Redding, Ca. and goes to a scrapbooking tradeshow every year in Las Vegas and this year I'm going along for the fun and the chance to spend time with her. We became friends about 23 years ago when they lived in McKinleyville. We used to spend tons of time together. We'd even do all our major grocery shopping together. I remember piling our kids into one vehicle and then going to the Bakery Thrift Shop, Canned Food Outlet and Mark and Save grocery store. It made the dreaded job of grocery shopping bearable and actually fun. She moved to Redding in 1989 but luckily our friendship survived the move. Through the years we've gone on a few trips together, met at the lake or gone to one another's homes. I've never met any other person I can enjoy so much or feel so comfortable around besides family. One of the greatest things has been the development of Alex's friendship with Shelby (and Whitney). It has been so fun to see our friendship passed onto the next generation. Alex just wishes Shelby were older so she could be with her at Provo right now.

Well I didn't finish this post before I got there and I was way too busy in Vegas to do it! We had a great time-who knew a scrapbooking tradeshow could be so much fun!! There were tons of companies with exhibits offering samples, food (the best was one who had homemade caramels!) and make and takes -where you make a little album, card, frame, etc using their goods. We also got some freebies from different companies. The tradeshow was held at the Sands Convention Center and we parked at the Venetian ( and had to walk through it to get to the tradeshow. It is an amazing hotel-they have done a great job of recreating Venice.
We had a great dinner there the last night at Wolfgang Puck's restaurant Postrio.
The night before we went and saw Mama Mia at the Mandalay Bay Resort. . We ate at another Wolfgang Puck restaurant Trattoria del Lupa. The musical and the dinner were great! The first night we ate at PF Chang's so needless to say, we enjoyed our dinners plus Haagen Daas and many other treats. We had so much fun together we decided this will be an annual trip-Viva Las Vegas!!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Baby Lindsey with the crazy hair!

Lindsey's 1st birthday
Lindsey at 4
Lindsey and Kelly in high school

Lindsey joined our family 23 years ago on October 5, 1983. I remember waking up in the early morning hours and realizing I was in labor. We set off to Mad River Hospital only to have my labor slow down. They sent me off walking in the halls and around the grounds until labor got serious. Finally, they admitted me. I had had 3 children previously without an epidural. Note: we live in an area that was very slow to get epidurals. Lots of hippies here (yes, honestly!) and everything is very pro natural, including childbirth. After hearing my relatives great stories about epidurals, I was determined with the 4th child to have one. I bugged my OB incessantly until he found an anesthesiologist who would do one. Only thing is he arrived when I was almost completely dilated. Oh well, I had one for the delivery and that was much easier anyway. We also didn't have a clue what we were having prior to the delivery (I know, the dark ages). This is what I wrote in my journal that day: "Well, Lindsey Lee iorg was born today at 2:09 pm - what a beauty! Dark hair, big eyes and a cute, pudgy body. She was a shocker though-everyone fully expected a little boy but the moment i saw her I knew she was meant to be ours!" She was a beautiful baby and has been a source of joy since that day. Always full of life, affectionate, and crazy and extremely confident. How many times has a family member mentioned that they broke the mold when they made Lindsey or wondered who the heck she would marry. And so when she found Alan who lived in London and began a overseas courtship it all made sense. Of course, she would do something different (and wonderful too). Lindsey is still crazy, still affectionate and still full of life. I love you so much Lindsey-you and your 3 sisters are my best friends. I am so proud of the woman you have become. You are a wonderful daughter, loving wife and fantastic mother. How grateful I am to have you in my life. Happy, happy birthday!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I loved Conference this weekend. I am always amazed at the sincerity of the General Authorities and their amazing Spirit. As I listened to the many messages of hope and inspiration, the thought came to me that I just don't understand how people can be so critical of an organization that teaches it's members so many good things. We all know people who have left the church and then are so critical of its teachings or people of other denominations who spend so much time trying to tear down the Mormon church. It is amazing to me that they spend so much time tearing down a church that encourages good, healthy living, families, and living a Christ-like life - all incredibly good things. Even if a person didn't believe in a Restoration, Joseph Smith or a living prophet, what is there to knock? What is there to tear down? How does it hurt an unbeliever that people want to live virtuous, healthy, Christ-like lives? It just doesn't make sense. I just don't get it. Then again, what would Satan most like to have done to that organization that is so against what he tries to do?? Maybe I do get it.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I wish I could post a picture of Ammon and I but that just would be a lie. He likes me ALOT, even loves me but NOONE matches up to his grandpa (except maybe his mommy). When he is here and Lee comes home he literally starts to shake with excitement sometimes. I get dropped like a lead balloon (yes, Alex another one of my crazy phrases) and he is on to bigger and better things. Sunday he laid down to take a nap with me and said, "I'm going to sleep on my dad's pillow." It was Lee's pillow. Every now and then, to Jody's chagrin, he'll think he has two dads. And the feeling between the two of them is quite mutual. Lee works all week, is tied up with church all day Sunday and so only has Saturday to himself. That day is gladly monopolized hanging out with his best friend, Ammon. They have pancakes, go to the beach, go to Ace Hardware for popcorn, wash the truck, chase each other around playing "Monsters" or something and take a nap together in front of the tv. No wonder I am only a second thought!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Lee is off on one of his two annual elk hunting trips for 10 days. I have just started working a week on, a week off and this is my week off. At first I thought I'd go somewhere, visit someone but Lee reminded me I probably shouldn't spend more money so I thought I'd try a new concept. Staying home. So I've cleaned my house and organized the front area better so it doesn't look so random (we are renting and that room is kind of for storage till we start building in a couple of months). I've actually read and studied my scriptures every day, gone to Healthsport and worked out every day and walked every day besides (I love to walk in this one area where I hear this beautiful creek-the things one notices when they have time!) I've gotten my annual pap exam done and am getting a mammo tomorrow. I've watched movies and started the tv series Lost via CDs from the video store. I've gone through recipes and decided to try a few new ones in the next few days and I've been to a tile store, Restoration Hardware and browsed through Pottery Barn and Crate and Barrel on line to get ideas for decorating the new house we haven't built yet. I even had time to take Kelly to lunch at Hurricane Kate's in Old Town yesterday. Add in a nap most days and I'm managing to stay busy and getting comfortable being alone. I'm even sleeping good at night now. (Considering that I was afraid to stay by myself till last year, that's saying a lot!) I've had time to smell the roses, watch what I want, go to bed when I want and eat what a want. Pretty nice. Would I trade it to have all five of my children young again and chasing after them??? You bet!!!!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

When I got to church today, the bishop's wife came up to me and told me that they had about twenty messages on their phone yesterday from Ethel. She was in a dither because she had heard from Tennessee but couldn't get through to us since I blocked her number. I felt bad that the bishop got all those extra calls and also feel bad that our 20+ calls from her will probably go to someone else. However, it has been so peaceful here that I don't feel bad enough to unblock her calls. The bishop has been begging more people to go to choir though and even though I don't sing that good, I went. I figured I owed him something!

Friday, September 15, 2006

I often complain that my job can be pretty mundane in the short stay unit for endoscopy. However we sometimes get some amusing/crazy patients who make it more interesting. Today was such a day. We had one woman in her 80's who complained from the minute she walked in. The light was too bright, every spot on her body hurt if you touched it and she didn't want to be there. Big news people-we don't get a commission on how many people come in. We were definitely the ENEMY today though. Wouldn't you know it, we had to try about 10 times to get an IV in her. I think that's a new record. We had to put a towel over her eyes (to hide the blinding light of Humboldt County) and one nurse tried 6 times and I finally got it on my 4th try. She tried every last nerve of mine and I was only in there for about 15 minutes-much less than the other two nurses. Then she reacted adversely to the Versed they gave her in the procedure room and she couldn't even have the procedure. My favorite patient today was a 52 year old rather hefty woman with a past that included "snorting" and other riotous practices since the age of 14. She kept calling me "sweet baby" and blessing me constantly. She has apparently found Jesus in the last few years and is reformed. One of her tatooes is a heart with the name Jesus in it. She told me how her grandson tried to commit suicide a few months ago and told me of every ailment she's ever had. She talked continually when I was in the room. Nonstop. The best was in recovery when she started a nonstop conversation with the woman next to her (poor lady). She also stopped one of the doctors who walked in and told him all about her ailments. Not too unusual except it wasn't her doctor. When I discharged her she walked over to her wheelchair (she's not as bedridden as she says). Before she got to it she stopped and held hands with her neighbor and started praying over her quite loudly. She then wrapped her arms around me and gave me a huge hug because I was such a "sweet baby". You gotta love people like her!!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

For those of you who know Ethel, please relax, she is still alive and kicking. She just can't call our house 20+ times a day anymore. I've blocked her calls. I know it's evil and mean but my sanity could not stand it anymore. Ethel is about 75 years old (looks 90) with no teeth and some severe dementia. Her house is dark and musty and she smells like moth balls. Her clothes are all soiled and her hair is stringy.The stories I could tell about her are endless and hilarious. She lives alone and calls ALL DAY to members of our church for entertainment. She will call, you talk to her and 5 minutes later she calls again. In the course of your conversations, she will ask you the same thing over and over again. She has about 5 family favorites but I am convinced we were #1 because Lee is her "adopted son" and is so nice to her on the phone. He would tell her these outlandish stories when he talked to her like when she asked about me, he'd say I was at BYU trying out for the cheerleading squad. He told her Lindsey was in the CIA in England. She would believe it all. Her opening line for us is, "I just heard from Tennessee." Lee's parents are in Tennessee and "supposedly" she gets multiple calls a day from people who visit them and she needs to tell us the latest news about them. She'll call at 9:00 and tell us this (midnight in Tenn). Lee will say how late it is in Tennessee and she'll say, "That's what I thought. They stay up late." Five minutes later she'll call and say the same thing. She says her uncle is Ronald Reagan and she used to sing at the Grand Ol' Opry. She and her late husband also helped build the church building here (it had no lay builders), the Medford Temple (he'd died before then), and every other establishment in McKinleyville. One day she told Lee, "You're a good looking fellow Lee. And I'm not telling you that to get you all spunktified!" Hilarious! When he does his home teaching she'll try and give him all these old things she has in her house (junk). One day she gave him an old remote controller after insisting he took it. Before he got home she had called me and said, "Lee took off with my remote. I don't know why he would take it". Once she said she had left her keys to her house in a shed that was locked. Lee and his dad went over and had to pry it open to get them. The next time he was over she took him to the shed and told him someone had broken in and tried to steal her stuff (pointing to the area they had had to pry the shed's lock open. Ethel stories are legendary in our ward and in our home. When I talk to my children on the phoneI can hardly hear a conversation because she is trying on call waiting to get through. Over and over again. When people are here visiting they are shocked by how many calls we get from her. I know it's mean but I couldn't take it any more. Ethel has left the Iorg household. (Lee is her home teacher and will call once a day to check up on her but at least we'll have some peace and quiet now!) Someday I'll get a picture and post it.
Take the quiz and find out. See Results (Thanks Kelly for the idea!)

Friday, September 08, 2006


Some of my greatest blessings call me grandma.

Kaden is the oldest grandchild at 4 years of age. He is an adorable prankster. I always tell Kasey I can tell the minute he gets up if he has the devil in him and sometimes he does. He and his grandma are great buddies though. We love to get monster popsicles together and go to movies and on walks when I go to Iowa. He loves to go to Trinity Lake and stay in Grandma's "Big Bus" (trailer).

Madison,3, is absolutely beautiful and charming. She gives the best hugs of any of the grandchildren and always runs up and makes everyone feel like they are the most important person in her life. At Trinity she always wanted to swim with GramPam (she also made up that nickname which I love!)

Alexa is our spitfire. I bought her a t-shirt that said "little body, big attitude" and that says it all. She is 3 but acts like a teenager, complete with hormones. She is a tiny, gorgeous creature and an absolute riot. Best of all, she loves being with me!

Ammon, also 3, is the sweetest boy ever. He is very tenderhearted with the biggest imagination ! He continually is playacting at being something: Tarzan, a dog, Bill the chimp from our zoo, Spiderman, Superman, King Kong, etc. He loves me but his true buddy is his grandpa.

Sweet Kyle just turned 1 in August. He has the sweetest smile. He is also the busiest little(?) boy around. Constantly on the move, exploring. His little smile melts his grandma's heart.

Believe it or not, Cohen was born the day after Kyle. There is a huge difference in size but both are adorable. Cohen eats non stop. I swear he could sit and eat all day if we let them. He also knows right where Grandma's cereal is kept and makes a bee line to it constantly. He has the cutest mischievous smile and eyes that twinkle when he smiles.

Beautiful Sienna is 5 months old and is the sweetest, best baby. I always swear the 3rd baby is extra good and she is! I have hardly ever heard her cry, she is always smiling or entertaining herself. I think Matt's Hispanic blood shows in her exotic beauty!

Last, but not least, is our 4 month old British beauty, Isobel. I think she looks like a Porcelain doll with such classic features. She is such a good baby too. She laughs and coos and occassionally "squawks" her displeasure about things but seldom cries. We love her to bits!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

I think I'm the last person to post about our family's reunion at Trinity Lake over the Labor Day weekend. It started out that Lindsey and Alan and Isobel were coming over so we planned a trip to the lake. We told Chris that he and his family should come down and be with all of us. I mentioned it to Kasey never thinking she'd be brave to fly with all three kids to join us (Matt's in Dental School and couldn't come) but she did. Brave, or crazy girl! Then at the last minute Alex and her two friends decided to drive from Provo for the weekend. What a wonderful time to have all your children, most spouses, and all eight granchildren together. I absolutely loved hearing the words "Grandma" or "GramPam" continually. I loved it when the ALL wanted to go swimming with me or cried when I wasn't on a boat with them. The four oldest slept with Lee and I in our cabin and I was able to eavesdrop on some absolutely adorable conversations. Beautiful children, wonderful spouses, delightful grandchildren. I am blessed.
p.s. When I got home and looked at the pictures I'd taken I realized it was all of the grandchildren. We really did have adults there, next time I'll include them.
Well it's official, Alex has flown off (or driven) to Provo and we are now officially empty nesters. It was hard to leave her but I am also so excited for her new experiences and fun times. Kelly and I drove her out there and had a great time eating at all of our favorite places and shopping together. Our empty nest was only empty for two days when happily Lindsey, Alan and isobel arrived. They have been here since so the real empty nest won't happen till next week. Some things are better to procrastinate.

Thursday, August 17, 2006


While it doesn't seem possible, Alex is leaving for college this week. On Friday, Kelly and I will drive her to Provo where she will start UVSC August 23rd. Where have the years gone? It seems like such a short while ago that I was in Fortuna giving birth to her. I remember Lee desperately wanting another boy and offering to trade her to the people in the next room who had just had a baby boy. Now he is driving her crazy with all his sentimental whining about her leaving. Who would have thought she would be the one he'd play Barbies with or he'd whine for years about her not sitting next to him in a pickup (she quit around the age of 8 and he's still whining about it)? He still remembers her hanging outside the bathroom door waiting for him to get out and the daily phone calls his secretary would get wanting to talk to him so they could plan what they were going to do when he got home from work.
Alex has been a joy. I don't think she even started being irritated with us until this year. She has been so mellow and easy to be around. She has made such good choices and never made us worry about what she was doing. I have loved our movies out, shopping trips, Trinity Lake times, and lunches together. I am so excited for her to move on and have so many different, new experiences but will miss her so much.
I know that as parents we raise and love our children so they feel confident and excited to move out and start their own lives. It is just so hard to be left behind.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


The first time I went to Trinity Lake was when Lee and I went with Doug and Kay White (long divorced) about 28 years ago. I don't think we've missed a summer since. Our companions have changed (the Jones', Blairs, McCartneys, Berrys) but the good times and good memories continue. We used to laugh at the antics of our children, now it's the antics of grandchildren. Ammon cracked me up last weekend when, after watching 'First Knight' he donned on the covers of VHS movies on his arms and legs, picked up a stick and as he called it, became a "Queeng". Hilarious!!
I love, in fact, savor, my time at Trinity. I love the smells, the weather, the views, the feel of cold lake water, and the sun!! I look forward all year to Memorial Day and the start of " lake time" and then dread all summer the coming of Labor Day and it's end. As I get older I even sometimes ponder how many summers I have left of Trinity Lake. And when we retire and move that is one of the things I'll miss most.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Happy Days!

Kelly and I just got back from Trinity Lake. Our family has spent every summer there for about 27 years. We have a trailer up there and keep our ski boat and go up as much as we can. Alex and I went on Thursday morning with Ammon. Kelly and Jody and Cohen came on Friday. Alex and Jody left this morning (Saturday) and Kelly, the kids and I spent another glorious day in the sun. It is a magnificent place surrounded by mountains and forests, unbelievably beautiful.
Two weeks from today, Lindsey, Alan and Izzy come here for 2 1/2 weeks. I can't wait to get my hands on Izzy again! Three days later, Kasey, Kaden, Alexa and Sienna come for a week. Then 2 or 3 days later, Chris, Kalie, Madison and Kyle come for Labor Day weekend. We will all head back to the lake with Kelly, Jody, Ammon and Cohen. I can't wait to have all eight of my beautiful grandchildren together. Can't wait to take pictures of them! Can't wait to hold each of them and smother them with kisses! Can't wait to see them interact with each other! This is what life is all about: being surrounded by family and everyone having fun together! Happy days! VERY happy days!!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Pictures from our trip!

On the beach at Sunset on the Big Island

Hunky surfer dude from Maui and the Big Island

The Big Island
We spent 7 days on the Big Island, staying in the Waikoloa area at a nice condo, Paniolo Greens. We had a great time with my brothers, sister, dad and wives going to the beaches, playing "hand and foot" (a card game) tournaments and eating together. The highlight for me was kayaking to the Captain Cook monument with about 20 dolphins all around us spinning and jumping on the way over and back. At the monument we snorkeled in the clearest water and saw amazing fish. I would go back there to that again in an instant. The Kona side of the island is a little more deserty and the Hilo side is very tropical but has little in the way of hotels. Note our dive of a hotel (very 50's) we stayed in our last night. The Kona side is the side to stay on. Hapuna Beach was our favorite and was good for boogey boarding. Sad for Lee, we saw no surfable waves.

The dive hotel - purchased on Priceline. I should have been worried when I saw that Priceline only had 2 star hotels and the one we got was called Uncle Billy's Hotel!! I was wishing Alan was with us since he is a hotel snob too! I almost slept in the car!!

Maui outside our condo window
The condo we stayed in on Maui was a little old but the view was great. We were overlooking the largest grassy area and pool area and it was really beautiful. Lee and I played a lot of cribbage, ate at an amazing place, the Nine Palms, and visited many of the beaches. We got a great first visit idea of Maui and would definitely go back!! Lee surfed a couple mornings and we would walk every day. I think Lee would like to take a surfing buddy next time though!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Joining in...

I'm sure mine won't be the most interesting of blogs but I thought everyone could keep up to date with the building of our new home and my travels at least so thought I'd venture into this new adventure. Besides, this counts as keeping a journal , doesn't it??? At least it's better than the one I am now keeping! When Kelly gets back from Seattle I will have her help me get started and I will post pictures of our trip to Maui and the Big Island. I am now officially a blogger!