Friday, December 29, 2006

Yesterday I was able to get off work and have a play date with 4 of the most adorable playmates ever. Kaden, Madison, Ammon and Alexa and I spent the afternoon together. For some reason people were cracking up at me everywhere we went. Of course there was just one grandma with a 5 year old and three 3 year olds who were boisterous, running around and all yelling, "Grandma, grandma" all the time. It was a blast! It was truly one of my "ah-ha" moments. (Those are my favorite, most treasured moments). We went to Burger King first where we had lunch and they played in the play area. Then it was off to see Charlotte's Web (definitely a great movie for kids and I enjoyed it too!) Luckily there was only one other woman in the theater so it was okay when the kids roamed a bit (to sit on the front row). I would have two on my lap and one on each side. We got popcorn, sodas and candy and nestled in to watch the movie. One would get off my lap and another would crawl on. All except Kaden. At five , he's a little older. They were great, adorable and all five of us had a wonderful time. Grandma had the most fun though.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

AE may have some cute clothes and my girls love the store but I am done with them. Their online site could be the worst ever. I placed an order at Thanksgiving time with them for the things I needed for Christmas which included 2 pair of boots for Lindsey and Alex. They supposedly had trouble verifying my address to my credit card. I don't know why because it has been the same for a while. I waited for my order. No order. I was way too patient and finally called on Dec 9th and was told it had been cancelled. The new sales person was really nice, reordered for me and promised 2 day shipping. At this point two shirts were no longer available but the boots were still on. Whew! I waited 6 days and then called again. Lo and behold they needed to verify my address again but this time had never even notified me there was a problem. The very nice sales person had written my name as Pam Lorg instead of Pam Iorg. I recieved notice today that my order is coming. 2 out of 8 things. No boots. Talk about feeling frustrated. Word to the wise: don't ever order online from AE unless you have plenty of time and don't really want something. (Sorry Lindsey and Alex).

Sunday, December 17, 2006


Chris with Sienna, Kasey's little girl

Happy Birthday Chris!

Okay, now I really feel old. My baby boy turned 30 today. Yikes! My first born was born 30 years ago. If feels like he was born maybel 10 years ago, but 30???? I really wanted a boy first. Probably because Lee did. I had always loved the name Christopher so Christopher it was. I remember we were living above his parents garage when I went in labor. I nervously prepared to go to the hospital, filled with excitement. I had a long, long labor of about 12 hours and early on the contractions came one on top of another every couple minutes. I lived in the "go natural" area of Humboldt County and so that is how Chris was born. No epidural. I had some brief respites of pain via Demerol shots but it was still a very, very long day. Chris was finally born-with a cone head! I remember thinking, "He isn't very cute but I'll love him anyway!" And I have loved him so much and he got MUCH cuter!!! I remember one time Chris was about 5 and he ran in really fast and said we needed to close the curtains. Soon after that I heard a fire engine go by. He and an older friend had started a small fire in a vacant field. He was so terrified! I also remember him playing with his friends with dynamite-only it was my tampons! Talk about embarrassing-he'd been all over the neighborhood with them. Chris was very tenderhearted as a child (what happened Chris?). I remember if you stepped on a bug, he'd start crying and say, "You killed my friend." Once when Lee was deer hunting he asked his grandma if there were good deer and bad deer. Unknowingly, grandma Leona said, "No, they are all the same." Chris started bawling in her car. "My dad said he just killed the bad deer!" Somehow he got over that and shot a few deer himself in later years!
Chris was a gifted high school from grade school through high school and we enjoyed watching him play so much. One of his smartest moves was marrying his wife Kalie. She is an amazing girl and they have two beautiful children. Chris has really applied himself in the computer world and done well as a computer geek. I am proud of his many talents and love him so much. Happy Birthday son!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Yea!! Alex is flying home as I type. She will be here for three weeks. Chris and Kalie come here next weekend. Kasey, Matt and kids get here on the 26th and Lindsey and Isobel arrive on the 29th. Although everyone is coming home for the holidays we will only have one day when we will all be together (minus Alan) - the 30th. I am not complaining though. I get to see everyone of my children and every grandchild. Bliss. That is what the holidays are all about for me. Fun family times together!

Monday, December 11, 2006


We just got back from Seattle yesterday on a visit to Chris and Kalie's and Madison and Kyle. They are so cute! Kyle really knows who we are and would come to us all the time. I expecially love his cute little shy smile. Adorable! He doesn't say much, smiles continually and is the biggest explorer and climber ever. He is always on the move! Madison may be the smartest little three year old ever (is that a grandmother talking?). She is really amazing in her problem solving abilities, puzzle solving and memory. I had a great time with them and so much fun with Kalie. We went to an amazing Christmas light show, out to eat, and shopping and had a great time. Kalie is just like my other four girls and so it is so comfortable and fun to be around her. And did I mention what a great mother she is? She is the most talented woman I know. She has painted her house, made shelves in the garage, tiled (yes I said tiled) her bathroom, and put up crown molding. Amazing. Lee had a blast going to a Sonics game. They had Bill Gates seats that Chris won at a work raffle. Lee was in heaven. All in all, it was a great trip. I've been on the go for 2 months now. Work one week, travel the next, etc. I think I'm home for a few months now. Time to get to work on building a new house.

Friday, December 08, 2006


Okay, now that Kasey has outed me as a person who "hates" Christmas, I need to offer this disclaimer. I love so much about the Christmas season-the smells, the songs, the decorations, the way people are so much happier and nicer to each other and, of course, all the yummy food!! I love that it is the time of year when so may people try to be more Christ-like and think about Him and the exemplarary life he led. What I don't like is how Santa has become the man of the season and gift giving and receiving the main event. What I don't love is the way it's commercialized and how women, especially, feel they have to do it all: decorate to the hilt, get out the proverbial Christmas letters with cards, shop for everyone, do the grocery shopping and cooking, clean, figure out what unique item to get friends, neighbors and relatives, and then wrap them up beautifully, etc, etc, etc. I have spent many a season trying to make the season "magical" for everyone else and ended up stressed and exhausted and not enjoying it at all. My message for all is: It is a wonderful, magical time of the year-just don't make yourself believe that you have to do everything to make it such. Maybe one year you concentrate on decorating, the next year cooking, the next year the cards and letters. Give yourself a break and permission to enjoy the season too. When I quit doing the cards and letters, made a deal with friends to not do the perennial gift giving to each other and decided to cut back on my decorating I found I had more time to read about Christ (the reason for the season), meditate about peace on earth and especially peace with my relationships and look for ways to serve and give to others in simple ways. I have given myself permission to really enjoy the holidays without having to be Perfect Pam. So if you are feeling stressed, cut out some of the busy-ness and have a Merry Christmas!

P.S. My idea of a great Christmas would be to just have family all together, share a great meal (sounds like Thanksgiving-my favorite holiday) and spend all the money we'd spend on presents on adopting a child from World Vision or some other worthy organization. Just a thought,family, for a future Christmas.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Happy Birthday Lee!! Lee turns 55 today-unbelievable!! I think he is undoubtedly the youngest looking and acting 55 year old around. I remember seeing a shirt on a trip to Germany that said, "Growing old is inevitable, growing up is optional". I should have bought it for him. Not that he isn’t mature but he has more fun in life, enjoys sports, hunting, etc, and goofs off like he is still 20. He still manages to pound (his words) the college guys at Healthsport on a daily basis in basketball that he plays on his lunch hour. He hunts as much as he can, fishes, and even snowboards (and keeps up with Chris and Jody). It is no wonder there is not an ounce of fat on his lean body. And yes I am jealous, big time. He spends every Saturday with his best pal, Ammon. They do whatever Ammon wants. All day long. I wish the other grandboys lived closer so they could have fun with him. He is an amazing grandfather. I remember when our kids played sports, he would travel anywhere to watch them play. I am sure that with 5 children you could count on one hand the games he missed. And if he had to miss one because of job or church obligations, you would think the world was going to end. He has been an amazing father. Presently his time consumed by his duties as 1st Counselor in the Stake Presidency. He has been a Bishop, Branch President, High Councilor, Seminary teacher, etc. and willingly and very competently fulfilled those duties. He is a dynamic speaker and is so friendly and supportive to the members of our Stake. He is an amazing Priesthood holder. He has a very crazy sense of humor that sometimes drives me to distraction but is never boring. He has always been a loving and supportive husband and I love him very much! I’ve even been beating him in cribbage lately! Happy birthday, honey!! Almost 32 years together-crazy, huh? Senior citizen discounts start now. Yahoo!