Tuesday, January 26, 2010


1. Played games-dominoes, hand and foot card game, International rummy card game
2. Lots of good food
3. Taught ma how to coupon
4. Saw Extraordinary Measures-a great movie!
5. Hit some great sales at Ann Taylor Loft and Talbot
6. Ate Patty's great spaghetti sauce and caught up with that side of the family
7. Had a GREAT time with the best mom in law and father in law in the world!!

Couponing 1/25-under $25 after coupons and rebates

Quench body lotion and shower wash
16 Fruitrolls
3 Special K cereal bars
2 Glade candles
2 Pert shampoo/conditioner
2 Edge shave gel
2 Neosporin lip balm
1 Airborne
5 bags Tosititos
2 jars Tostito Queso dip
1 bag Stacy pita chips
Laundry soap
Scott Pater towels-6 pck
2 Shredded Wheat
1 Crest toothpaste
2 Dove Ultimate deodorant
2 Russell Stover caramel hearts
2 Sargento packs of Colby/Jack cheese (not pictured)

Monday, January 18, 2010

Under $50

2 shampoo, 1 conditioner
3 Extra gum packs
2 Oust disinfectants
1 pack Soy Joy bars
John Frieda luxurious volume shampoo and conditioner
2 boxes Cheez-its
2 Wet Ones
1 light bulb pack
$60 worth Christmas bags, tags for next year (90%off)
2 Lorna Doone 100 cal pack boxes
2 special K cereal
4 boxes cheerios
2 boxes Crystal Light
2 Lean cuisines
10 Sobe waters
2 Axe Body Waches
2 packs Special K crackers
1 Special K bar
2 Special K fruit crisp packs
Thera Flu
Aveeno Lotion
Aveeno cleanser
Aveeno shampoo and conditioner
Clean and Clear cleanser
2 lubriderm
1 Colgate toothpaste
6 progresso soup
5 Russel Stover caramel chocolate hearts-ymm
2 packs pretzels
I also bought 20 Healthy Choice frozen dinners (pumpkin ravioli are delish) for $20. I like these for low-cal lunches at work. These weren't included in the price or picture but were a good deal!

Catch Up

I hate it when I haven't blogged in a while. There is always the dilemma-do I just start with now or catch up on the past which is daunting since it included Christmas and a couple of trips. I had to post the cute pictures of Kelly's kids at Christmas so decided to just to a quick catch up.

Christmas: Spent at Kelly's. I love not being in charge!! We had a great Prime Rib dinner Christmas Eve and then watched the kids do a Nativity Scene. It was quite funny and very sacriligious to see Mary rocking out to the Christmas songs! Tate was a perfect baby Jesus. Ammon and Cohen couldn't wait to get to bed that night. We were tracking Santa's progress on the computer and I have to admit I stayed up until I saw he was in Redding. We left Christmas afternoon so we could get home for Chris, Madison and Kyle. It was fun hanging with them even though the weather was wet and cold. We had tons of yummy crab while they were here and Madison and I saw the Princess and the Frog which was so cute.

San Diego and Arizona: For New Year's Eve, Lee and I went to see Sherlock Holmes (great movie) and then to a friend's party. I left New Year's Day for San Diego for my niece Hayley's wedding in the San Diego Temple. I love that temple! I love San Diego! The weather was perfect and I had fun staying with my dad and Anne. We played cards and ate out and enjoyed the wedding and reception! (Hayley looked gorgeous) Julie stayed with us the last night and then we drove to Arizona with dad. I stayed with Julie and family in Arizona. I love the Woods' B&B. They are always so hospitable and fun to hang with. Larry goes out of his way to make sure you have a pleasant time and Julie and I just had a blast shopping, eating, walking, playing cards again with dad and Anne, and going to movies!! The weather there was amazing too-I should have brought flip flops! It was a perfect, relaxing trip!
Lee and I leave tomorrow night for Knoxville, Tennesee to see his parents who I love dearly. We are looking forward to spending time and playing games with them. On Feb 12th I go to Kasey's to watch Kaden, Alexa, Sienna and maybe Ethan while they go to Colorado to find a house. I am looking forward to fun times with the kids but NOT the cold Alasak weather. I do get another chance at warm weather on Feb 22nd though when Lee and I leave for Cabo. We are going with two other couples and are looking forward to the sun. Somehow I have to find some time to suntan a little so I don't burn down there though!

Whew! I did it and it wasn't so bad. I am caught up!!