Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Natalie Jones brought these over to Sheril's one Sunday. I've been passing the recipe to my girls. We all agree-they are fabulous, addicting and sinful. Enjoy!

Rice Crispy Caramel Treats

1/4 c. butter
1 bag mini marshmallows
4-5 c. Rice Krispies

Melt butter and marshmallows together in microwave. I usually put it on 2 minutes, stir and stick it in 30-60 seconds more. Mix in krispies and put in 9 X 13 pan.

2nd layer
Bag of caramels unwrapped (i get mine at Target)
l cube butter
1 can sweetened condensed milk
Melt together in microwave. I do this 2 minutes at first then 1 minute increments until it stirs smoothly. Pour over 1st layer. Put in frig for 45 minutes.

3rd layer.
Repeat layer #1 and press over 2nd layer. Ymmmmmm!! I could eat a ton but only make them when I can take most of them somewhere. I don't even want to know the calories!

Seattle Trip

Lee and I went to Seattle this last weekend to spend some time with Madison and Kyle (and Chris!). We left about 5:00 on Friday after I got done with work and drove to Salem, Oregon. We got there about midnight. Oddly, the trip wasn't too bad and I didn't even fall asleep on Lee. We got up the next morning and drove in to Seattle. The weekend consisted of eating out, swimming with the kids, going to the fabulous Seattle Zoo and Lee going to the Mariners game with the boys and Madison and I having girl's night out together. We beaded bracelets, put together a puzzle and watched Hotel for Dogs together. We also ordered room service (Madison's favorite part)! We wanted to get pedicures but the mall was too far away for us to walk to even though the hotel's site said it was in walking distance. We had a great time with Chris and the kids! Kyle was a huge tease at first and would tell Lee he loved him a lot and then turn to me and say, "I love you a little." I must have done something right because he was telling me he loved me a lot too by the end of the trip. Madison is so much fun to be a lone with. She is so grown up and just acts like we are two good friends. She also does the best cartwheels ever as most of the guests/staff at the hotel can attest to. She was constantly cartwheeling her way down the halls and in the lobby. I thought I might miss not being at the lake but seeing those cuties made me forget all about it!
P.S. I love Priceline-got a great deal for $60 a night at the Hilton Bellevue.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Thursday I turned 56. I usually love birthdays, love presents, love the special attention one gets. I can only remember hating one birthday. The year I turned 30 I was pregnant, felt fat and went to the gym and was so depressed. Hated that day. Ever since I've been fine. Fifty didn't bother me a bit. But for some reason, 56 was horrible. Maybe it was because it is on the other end of fifty heading for 60 and that it OLD!! I was an emotional wreck, crying all day and since I've gone through menopause I hardly ever have those kinds of days. To top it off, my boss at work got after me and another girl who job share about switching our days without including him in the loop. We've never included him for two years but suddenly he decided to be unreasonable. So I bawled in front of him. Basically it was a horrible, terrible, no good rotten day till about 2:00 when I got off work. I turned on my phone and heard from family. There were messages from two little grandkids. One a high pitch, "Happy Birthday Gwama, I wuv you." (Cohen) The other was a gravely little girl's voice saying the same thing. (Sienna). I started smiling.
When I got home I got serenaded by Madison and Kyle. I may be getting older but life is good. Grandchildren are the best and I guess you have to be older to have them. My job is only something that let's me travel to see my family. It is truly my husband, children, grandchildren and extended family that are the blessings in my life.
P.S. The day got better. Lee and I went out to eat and I had delicious salmon. Kelly had ordered my favorite cake for me. Lee gave me a great back massage and I talked to all my children. Thanks for all the well wishes and presents!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Pam and Her Posse

That's the name Mitch gave to the Women's Conference group which consisted of Toni Berry (thanks for suggesting a trip!), my sister, Julie, and sister in law Becky. We had a blast at Women's Conference! We were accused a few times of acting like a group of 14 year olds but hey, being 14 is a blast, isn't it? We stayed in the same dorms I stayed in when I went to college and so it was a little deja vu. We laughed, we got spiritual highs, we enjoyed a great concert, we shopped and we ate and ate and ate. Especially me. No one could keep up with me and all the junk I ate. It was great but I now have an extra 2 lbs. on me. Ouch!! I got my favorite Heath Bar fudge at BYU, twice. I got BYU mint brownies 4 times, ate 2 caramel apples, ate 2 huge frosted heart cookies, chocolate pretzels and Krispy Kreme doughnuts. We had Costa Vida pork salads for lunch twice (I was thrilled to see them set up at the Marriott Center!). We also ate at Noodles, Bajio, and PF Changs. Can you tell I love to eat on trips???

The talks and Spirit were great. It's always nice to get a little motivation to do better. Linds was there for a friend's funeral and it was great to see her if even just for a short time. I loved spending time with Alex and Mitch who we saw for dinner every night and spent most of Saturday and Sunday with. They are such a cute couple.
On Friday night we went to the show to see Ghosts of Girlfriends Past. We watched a little of it and walked out. It was horrible!! Totally about sex and not what we felt like watching after being on a spiritual plane. Don't waste your time or money on it. There were several groups of women walking out. We figured they were all Women Conferencers also.

At one point on our trip I had an epiphany-I was surrounded by most of my favorite women in the world! Who could ask for more????