Saturday, October 06, 2007


Poor Linds. She didn't get much of a shout out yesterday. I worked 13 hours the day before so couldn't blog and then planned to blog yesterday but my 4 hour day turned into 7 hours. Tried to blog or e-mail at work when I had a patient but couldn't get on. Didn't have a break until 2:00 to call but it was late in England so I could only leave a message. Sorry Linds, I'll do better next year. Love you tons, miss you tons and am happy I gave birth to you 24 years ago!!!! What a bright light in our lives you've been.


Lindsey said...

Thanks, mom. Sorry you had such a crazy day at work! love you.

Alex said...

happy birthday linds!!
sorry about your crazy day mom!!!

Kelly said...

Poor mom. I was there to witness it. She worked a VERY long day! Happy b-day Linds.