Sunday, January 25, 2009

Last Celebration

It's all over. The last of the celebration for Mitch and Alex's wedding occurred last night. We had a wonderful reception at the Ingomar Club. It was so wonderful to just show up and just leave. That is really the way to go. I kept thinking I had something to do but I didn't. I was able to just enjoy myself and socialize. To all friends and family who came and traveled to either Utah or the reception, thanks so much for helping make it a special occasion.

Lee's parents came on the 17th and we enjoyed our time with them. It went to fast and we would have like to have them stay here longer. Kelly and kids came next, then Alex and Mitch and Chris and kids. We had a full, loud and crazy house. Everyone is gone now and I need a grandchild to sit on my lap and hug. It is so fun to watch the grandchildren play together and have so much fun with each other. Ammon and Madison especially love each other and are inseparable. The week before they came I spent a couple days and created grandma's clubhouse. I got a play kitchen and all the fixings, desk and chair, lots of school supplies, a pet shop and stuffed animals, dolls and stroller, crib, etc, grocery store stuff, dress up stuff, beading, table and chairs and play doh and storage for all the toys I had. The kids loved it. I told them we had a rule though that each day they had to clean it up so they could play the next day. That lasted two days. I need to spend a couple hours organizing it this week. I'm so glad they had so much fun with it though!!

Today at church it was Ward Conference. The ward choir was going up to sing. Mitch turned to Jody and urged him to go up to and help out the choir. Naturally, he declined. The next thing we knew Mitch was walking up to sing with the choir. I have no idea what they sang because I was dying laughing the whole time!! He and Jody are truly my buddies because they moved my piano indoors (it had been in the garage and was getting ruined). I especially appreciated it because I didn't have to ask them to do it!! I love my son in laws, I love my daughters and sons, love my grandchildren. And, oh yes, I love my husband. Family is wonderful.

P.S. Check out Kelly's site for reception pictures soon. I didn't take any. Kelly, send yours to Costco in my name and I'll pick them up.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

The Wedding

It was perfect. All went wonderfully and they were so happy and adorable together. We had such a nice time seeing everyone-Kelly, Jody and family, Linds and adorable Oliver, my sister Julie and family, brother Wayne and family, Dane and Gay and family and dad and Anne. I just wish we could have all stayed together and had more time. It was especially hard to say goodby to Linds and Oliver because they came so far away and the time was way too short. It was a wonderful wedding though, made even better sharing it with family we love so very much.
p.s. I take horrible pictures. Check out Kelly's site for some good ones. She has a new camera and was snapping away! The bride was GORGEOUS. (the groom looked pretty good too!)