Monday, October 27, 2008

Weekend Happenings

I went down to Windsor on Wednesday - Sunday to hang out with the Edmondson gang. Kelly and Jody went out of town for a quick get away on Thursday and I stayed with the kids. They were adorable and so, so good. What I love most is how affectionate they are. Rylee runs at a dead run when she sees me and holds her arms up for me to lift her up. Cohen is my shadow-always at my side and tells me, "I wuv you." Ammon is always planning things for us to do together like playing duck, duck, goose or watching a movie or reading a book or going to the park. My favorite was when he asked me if I wanted to "join" him on the porch for some fresh air. I did and we told scary stories. He loved it. So did Cohen till he got scared. Funny Ammon story: I overheard him and Jody talking about how smoking can stunt your growth and cause your lungs to turn black. I'm not sure how they got on that subject but anyway..... that night I was almost asleep and Ammon who always sleeps with me when I'm there suddenly asked out of the blue. "Hey grandma what are those two things like marbles by my willy?" I'm dying right now but the nurse that I am, replies, "testicles." He replies, "If I smoke will they turn black?" Funny, funny kid. It was so fun to hang out with them, watch Ammon's last soccer game (he was great for about 3/4 of it then was ready for it to end), go to Ammon's school carnival and go shopping with Kelly. The only bad part is saying goodbye, especially to Ammon because he falls apart every time and has to have about 15 "one more hugs". I am so fortunate to have 3 of 10 granchildren living close enough to me to drive to but really miss my other seven. Wish they lived closer so I could drive to see them too! Love all ten of them sooooo much!!
On another note, Lindsey's husband Alan was called as Hyde Park Stake's (London, England) newest Stake President. I'm so proud of them to be worthy and willing to serve in this capacity. Lindsey was worried about only being 25 and having to 'change'. I assured her they are aware of her age and she is perfect the way she is. Congratulations Phillips family.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Prop 8 Video

Watch this video- I think it is a chilling comment on what will happen if Proposition 8 passes. It is so scary to think that parent's may lose their rights regarding what their children may be taught. If this is how things occur, I would definitely go the home school route.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tag Time

A-Z Tag

A- Attached Or Single: Attached
B- Best Friend: Kasey, Kelly, Lindsey, Alex
C- Cake Or Pie: Either. Love desserts. German Chocolate Cake, Lemon Meringue or Cherry Pie (has to be tart cherries, no canned fillings!)
D- Day Of Choice: Saturday-can always count on sleeping in!
E- Essential Item: Vaseline, for my lips
F- Favorite Color: Black to wear, blue or green
G- Greatest Accomplishment: My children
H- Hometown: Born in Provo, Utah but count Mesa, Arizona as my hometown.
I- Indulgences: Trips-love to travel
J- January Or July: July!!!! Trinity Lake time!
.K- Kids:Five and 10 grandchildren with one on the way!
L- Life is Incomplete without: Family and the Gospel
M- Marriage Date: December 19, 1974
N- Number of Siblings: Four
O- Oranges or Apples: Apples, but I really prefer sweets!
P- Phobias or Fears: Snakes
Q- Quotes: "Father forgive them for they do not what they know." Gordon B Hinkley
R- Reason to Smile: Grandchildren and their cute sayings
S- Season: Summer-warmth and Trinity Lake
T- Tag five friends: Kelly, Kasey, Lindsey, Kalie, Rachon
U- Unknown Fact about Me: I exercise moderately not hard core because I hate the feeling of sweating!
V- Very favorite store: Target-isn't it everyones?
W- Worst Habit: Interrupting people when they are talking
X- X-ray or Ultra sound: Ultrasound-what a dumb question
Y- Your Favorite Food:Chocolate, Seafood
Z- Your Zodiac sign: Taurus

Monday, October 13, 2008

Casa KidWalk 2008

Saturday was the Casa Kid Walk. Cohen and Ammon were in town so they came with me, Kelly and Rylee. They had fun running all over but it was freeeeezing cold. We raised over $40,000 to help abused and disadvantaged children. We serve about 70 children in this area and it costs about $1000 a year for each child to have an advocate. This is one of our two main fundraisers and I am so happy that in this economic crisis, people are still willing to give to help children who are less fortunate.

Excitement at Church

This cute little boy caused some excitement in church yesterday. He didn't want to go to nursery and had such a sad face about it, that I told him he could go with Grandma to her classes. In Relief Society, he climbed on top of some stacked chairs and was sitting there looking angelic. Suddenly an alarm started, telling everyone to move out of the building. Cohen started bawling. He had tripped the fire alarm! Primary was emptying. The other ward was in the middle of blessing the Sacrament and someone came out to see if the fire was real. I ran out, told the Bishop what had happened, called the fire department and order was restored after about 5-10 minutes of continual alarm sounding. it took that long to get the alarm company to stop the alarm. News travels fast though and everyone knew that Crazy Cohen had started the alarm. I told Ammon about who had done it after church. Ammon's jaw dropped when he heard it was Cohen and I guess he gave Cohen quite the lecture on their way home to Windsor.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Happy B-day Lindsey Loo!

Poor Linds. She didn't get her present from me yet, I'm mailing it tomorrow. I had to order what she wanted and it took ages to get here. Then I called today and could only talk a few minutes because I was on call and had to do a case this morning. Hope you had a great day anyway honey. I love you tons and love your sweet family too! It's so fun visiting you in London but I wish you lived closer so we could hang out more often.