Saturday, April 26, 2008

The End

The end of this fabulous vacation in Cabo is upon us.
That means:
1. The end of shrimp tempura tacos poolside
2. The end of blackjack games each day at 4:00
3. The end of virgin pina coladas a couple times a day-how fattening are they?
4. The end of spa smells and towels folded into animals. Actually I bought the lavender scent and went to a folding towel class (not that I plan to fold many into animals)
5. The end of using pesos and hearing Spanish spoken daily.
6. The end of getting to wear sandals and shorts daily (until lake time)
7. The end of manicured desert gardens and raked beaches.
8. The end of getting to hang out with our new best friends Kelly and Jody (who are out on a special beachside dinner Jody ordered for their anniversary. Happy 6th Kelly and Jody!)
9. The end of eating what I want for a while. Back to dieting-ugh!
10. The end of seeing blue skies every day, reading all the time and getting up when I want to and having fun vacationing with Mr. Lee.

It's been an ideal vacation. Relaxing, beautiful and fun. Cabo, I'll miss you!!!

Friday, April 25, 2008

It's Official

Lee and I both agree that the Pueblo Bonito Pacifica in Cabo is our favorite hotel/resort . The resort is beautiful, food is great, activities are fun (blackjack, water aerobics, cooking classes-shrimp tacos yesterday, ymmm!, dance classes, spanish classes, ping pong tournaments, walks, etc), amazing spa, incredible staff and wonderful smells all make it fabulous!! Because it is for age 16 and older, it is so quiet and relaxing. The most amazing thing is that it is our favorite place and we paid the least for it. I would absolutely return, even at the normal price.

Lee and Jody are off surfing today. Kelly and I are heading to the pool. The only downside of the trip is my sunburn. Despite putting on sunblock, I burned. The sun is so much more powerful here and I forget to reapply. I even pre-tanned because I wanted to make sure I didn't burn. Today I am staying under the umbrella.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Kelly and I had our $130 massages ($100 paid from timeshare presentation) today. I love massages. I now believe there are massages and there are massages. Massages at a 4-5 star hotel in an amazing spa are a total experience. We were greeted at the door, given robes and sandals and after we dressed, led to a beautiful room with the sounds of nature and wonderful smells to wait our masseuses. There were comfy chairs, ice water and juices and dried fruit to nibble on. They gave us hot neck wraps that were infused with lavender. Then came the massages. Amazing! After the massage, we went to the warm jacuzzi, cold plunge and steam room where cucumbers on ice awaited our eyes. It was beautifully decorated in a minamalistic Zen style with candles lit. For the first time, since Kelly was under two we shared a bath in the buff! We then had warm showers in the dressing/bath area that had everything to meet our every need. I will never look at a massage the same way now. Give me the complete spa experience every time!

p.s. Funny story I forgot to tell about our trip here. When you arrive, you are hit by every timeshare presentation available at the airport. I knew to avoid them but accidentally got grabbed by a girl I thought was trying to explain how to find our driver to the hotel. Once I realized who she really was I cut her off and told her I wasn't interested and needed to get out to our driver. I could tell she was really mad that I wouldn't keep listening but didn't know how mad until Lee came out laughing. He said that she said, "Hey mister! Find a new wife!"

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Total Zen

That's how I would explain this trip, this hotel. From the moment we walked into the hotel we felt like we were in a holistic retreat. Candles, lanterns everywhere. Water coming off walls, fountains everywhere and the wonderful smells of lavender, mint, eucalyptus. Infinity swimming pools with swim up bars and the best fish tacos ever.Everyone remembers your name and service is impeccable. This place is a true oasis of peace.

Yesterday was our first full day. We started it out by attending a time share presentation that took 90 minutes. We agreed to do it because the incentives were amazing. We got $100 spa certificate (Kelly and I are getting full body massages tomorrow morning for an hour) and $200 in certificates to use at the restaurants. There are two here and 3-4 at the sister hotel next door to choose from and the food is good! We then headed poolside and spent a great afternoon intermixed with ping pong, beach volleyball (not me) and blackjack. They have a blackjack tournament every afternoon for free drinks. We've won 4 virgin pina colada's so far. We went into town for dinner and a walk on the marina.

Today we went to breakfast (eggs benedict and banana french toast) and then out to the pool. More blackjack, water aerobics, long walk on the beach and Lee and Jody rented waverunners.

The weather is perfect, in the low 90's. Tonight we are going to play some games, walk on the beach and have a great dinner. Having a great time-wish you were all here!

Pictures of us on the trip will be later as we all forgot to bring camera cords to computers.

Did I mention we got this amazing place for $299 a week when the expedia rate is $237 a night?

Sunday, April 20, 2008


That's the average weather when we are in Cabo this next week. Can't wait. It has been freezing here. It says it is in the 50's but the wind has been blowing crazy and today it is raining. Is it any wonder I can't wait to get out and warm this body up? I've had my pedicure, a base tan courtesy of the tanning booth (which I never go to unless it's for a trip-so I don't burn on the trip) and a new bathing suit. I did the Cabbage Soup Diet last week and lost an extra 5 lbs. so I won't look better (not good, just a little better) in my bathing suit. I am ready for fun in the sun!

P.S. Lee and I saw the movie 21 on Friday night. Go see it-it was really good.

Friday, April 11, 2008


Lee and I came to Seattle yesterday to visit Chris, Kalie, Madison, and Kyle. The drive here isn't bad at all. It is really a pretty drive. We stopped in Portland for the night and divided the drive up. Madison and Kyle are to die for. Seriously, they are so cute. The cutest thing about them, even beyond how adorable they look, is how affectionate they are. They are right by us all the time with hugs, holding our hands and planning fun activities. I've played Candyland 9-10 times (only one twice!), colored, fed some ducks in a park and even played at the playground. Tonight we are going to take them to see the movie Nim's Island. Last night we went to PF Chang's-love that place. Tonight we are going to grill filets. Today Kalie and I went into Seattle to a place called Trophy Cupcakes that was featured on Martha Stewart last week. Ymmmmmm! Great cupcakes. We are having a great time.