Wednesday, June 27, 2007


That's what Cohen calls me sometimes. I have the two boys this week in McKinleyville while Kelly adjusts to being a new mom again. I am missing out on sleeping in late and not just running out and doing what I want to do at any given moment but other than that it has been a breeze. These two little boys are angels. Cohen goes down for naps and bed easier than any child I've ever seen. He eats continually all morning and loves frozen mini pancakes. He calls them "eggo cookies". He grabbed one the other morning before I could nuke it and loved it. I was lighting the grill to bbq the other night and when I lit the match he started singing "Happy Birthday!" He is seriously adorable.
Ammon sleeps with Lee and I every night. Well actually I slept one miserable night with them and have since opted for the spare bed in Cohen's room. Ammon was asking me why I didn't sleep with him and Lee the next night and then started saying his mommy and daddy sleep together. Then he asked, "Is that so they can get pregnant?" Where did that come from, Kelly? Pretty early sex education!! He is glued to the hip of Lee whenever he is around. He also loves his dog, Harley, and Aunt Alex. He always wants to plan a fun thing to do each day like: Go to the Dollar Store (his favorite) or go to McDonald's to eat (well really just to get the toy in the Happy Meal). We will probably try and go to the Ingomar and swim tomorrow. I asked him if he missed his mom and dad last night and he pouted and said, "yeah". I asked him if he wanted me to take him home and he said, "I'll see them at the lake." We head to the lake on Saturday with Jody and Kelly. Cohen hasn't asked about mommy either. Sorry, Kelly.


Anonymous said...

What cute boys they are. I love their cute comments on things. Pam you are such a great grandma, and a great example to me. Have fun "mommy-gramma" Julie

Jami said...

glad they're so easy. I love hearing about all the cute things they say...have fun at the lake and the house is looking awesome!

Kasey said...

Glad you are having such a good time with them! I can't wait to see little Cohen. I just can't imagine him talking like he does! He's grown up so fast.
It kills me that Ammon's taken your place in bed.

Kelly said...

I miss my boys! It is so quiet around here. But I am enjoying this relaxing time. I guess it's good that they aren't asking for their parents, right? Doesn't that mean they are well adjusted, confident kids? At least that's what I keep telling myself so I don't cry because they don't need me anymore!

Hilarious that Cohen is calling those pancakes "eggo cookies". I miss that little voice and hearing all the new words he's learning each day.

OH and I have NO idea where he learned that pregnant thing. I guess he's just a smart little boy!

Sarie said...

That is the funniest comment about getting pregnant! At least Kelly's honest with him. That's hilarious.
I hate it when kids spill embarrassing secrets that you didn't even think they would remember.
Your house looks great with the colors and everything!!

Alex said...

the boys are hilarious. the house is so quite now. i miss them entertaing us!! sad we didnt get to go to ingomar.