Sunday, May 16, 2010


Where to begin?? Why am I so behind?
#1-I have been doing CASA training. I have been on the Board of Directors of CASA for 3 years involved in decision making and fund raising but have always wanted to be a child's advocate myself. I finally decided that instead of serving another 3 year term on the board I would take the training and get my own child. So along with almost full time work, I have been going to training on Tues. and Thurs from 6-9 and studying the material in between. It is a 5 week, 30 hour training. Some boring, some interesting. Two more classes to go and it's over. Yea! CASA stands for Court Appointed Special Advocates. A CASA is assigned an abused or neglected child who has been taken out of their home and placed in a foster home. The CASA speaks for the childs best interests in court, spends time with them, writes court reports, assures that their education and health needs are being met, etc.
#2-I went to BYU Women's Conference. It is always a blast because I get to spend tons of time with my favorite pal Toni laughing, eating, and talking. We also get to spend time with Alex and Mitch doing the same and it is just a great time. Plus I get spiritually fed and get to go to the temple.
#3-Moved Kelly and family up here. Cleaned and cleaned and came up here that night with the three oldest. Mother's Day was spent really being a mom again-wow, I forgot how exhausting it is! The first week of them being here I was a little anal about trying to keep the house clean. Crazy lady! I'm feeling much more relaxed now (I'm sure Kelly's glad) and am just enjoying the laughter, hugs and kisses. Love how every time I walk in the door, Rylee comes running up, "Grandma!" like she hasn't seen me in years.
#4-Got really sick with the flu the Monday and part of Tuesday. Just got my appetite back. One good thing I lost the weight I gained in Provo!