Saturday, April 21, 2007


This is how I found Ammon today when I walked in the room with the dress ups. He had put on a few. He was an English policeman, clown doctor I guess. I flew home with the two boys on Thursday. They were quite good actually. It was just tiring for me because I had to be awake and "on" the whole time. I'm used to getting on the plane and reading or napping. They have been great here too. Again I am used to doing my own thing so I get a little tired from no nap and getting up early but all in all it has been fine! Cohen has become my little buddy and that is great by me. He's only asked about his mom in the mornings once. Sorry Kelly. He goes down for his nap and at night without a whimper and is a hilarious mimic of all Ammon does. We all went and got pizza last night and some movies for Ammon to watch because he said "that would be really special". He watched Jungle Book and now has put aside the Ninja Turtle gear and is a panther.


I love visiting Arizona, the state I grew up in. Especially in the spring. I went for 5 days and thoroughly enjoyed the sunshine, eating out at my favorite places and visiting family. I stayed at my sister Julie's and had a great time visiting with her and her family. Lindsey, Alan and Izzy were there staying with Alan's nephews and niece while his sister and brother-in-law were in Sweden. It was great seeing them again and seeing Isobel walking-so cute. I swear she seems more like 15 months old than 11 months. When she first saw me, she came right to me and I felt so special. Unitl I saw her do that to everyone else. Sad to say, I don't think she remembered me, she is just an extremely friendly little girl! I ate at Cafe Rio, Bajio (kind of like Cafe Rio but different and delicious! Went there twice!), and Pei Wei (sister chain to PF Chang's). We went to Nielson's Custards twice and I had the best concoction of frozen custard, raspberries and brownies. Ymmmm! We fixed a turkey dinner on Sunday and Saturday night had a barbeque with all my brothers and their families and dad and Ann. Needless to say, I am sure I gained weight even though Julie and I walked almost every morning. I LOVE the weather in Arizona (except in the middle of summer). We went swimming one day and I got a little color on my white bod and we went shopping several times and I bought some cute tops and capris for this summer. I bought some cute Lucky jeans too. I keep wanting to buy some designer jeans but I have to lose 8 pounds before I will allow myself that pleasure. Anyway it was a great trip. I would have liked to stay a little longer but had to head home with two cute boys to babysit them while Kelly went to meet Jody in Delaware. Ammon got chopsticks at Pei Wei the night before we left and puts them in the back waistband of his shorts and never takes them out. They are his swords. He wore his ninja mask all the way home so everyone on the planes were laughing at him!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Ammon's gone on to other things, namely Ninja Turtles. He's usually Michelangelo or Donatello. He always asks me if I can see his shell. He also packs around 2 swords in the back of his shirt. He is so funny, so into it. He watches Teenage Muntant Ninja Turtles and acts out each scene. Now that the cape is not being used, Cohen has adopted it. He runs around with his arms in back yelling, "Batman!" Two adorable boys.


Here's the latest pictures of the house as of today. Ray kind of took about 2 weeks off so it has slowed down. I hope he's back on task because I can't wait!