Monday, December 17, 2007


We took Kasey to the airport today. We had such a good time with her and Sienna. Sienna is the biggest kiss giver ever. She was constantly giving me kisses-on the lips, on the back of my knees when I was doing my hair, on my shoulders when I was sitting down. It was soooo cute. It was so fun to be around Kasey, way to short of a time, but fun. I got a horrible cold on Saturday and Sunday so that put me down a little but I feel good now.
Lindsey and Isobel are here at Kelly's too. Izzy continually says"hello" in what we think is a British accent-it is adorable. I swear she even speaks jibberish with an accent! Izzy and Sienna are about a month apart with Sienna being the older one. Izzy, however, is a head taller. We thought Izzy and Sienna would have so much fun together but actually it has been Izzy and Cohen, the wild ones, who are the crazy duo. Cohen is continually trying to get Izzy to join him in his adventures. Rylee hangs out looking cute and Ammon is loving having so many cousins around.
Lee's parents are at his sister's, Rona, house so we all went over there on Saturday. It was great to see all of them. We love that side of the family so much. Lani, Jami, Donnell and Ryan are such cuties and little Keal is to die for! I loved seeing Ronzy again and catching up. Saturday was my major sick day and I should have stayed home instead of passing bugs around but I just couldn't miss out on the fun. Bad nurse, I should know better. I love Lee's family so much and we look forward to Ma and Charlie coming to our place. We hope they stay a long, long time.
Tomorrow Alan comes in from London and on Wednesday, Alex comes in. Then we head up to McKinleyville on Thursday. Holidays are so much fun because of all the family time!


Kelly said...

I totally agree. I love spending time with our family. We are soooo luck!

Kasey said...

Awww..I'm so sad I couldn't stay longer! I miss you guys already.
Thanks for the trip, mom!