Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Life is extra good these days. My sister Julie is visiting from Arizona. (If I knew where my camera was I'd post a picture of us together.) Julie is probably the nicest, loving person I know. She takes after my mother. She is always doing things for others and has a million friends. I love her to death. It is so much fun to have someone here to go walking with, out to lunch and the movies. (I do all these things with Kelly too but we have to worry about babysitters somethimes!) We are having so much fun! I love that we can talk about anything, reminisce about our mom, and just giggle together. Sisters are the best. That's why I am so glad I had so many girls so they could have each other and I could share in the fun too! I just wish Julie and I could live close to each other. Maybe someday when we retire, Lee and I can spend part of each year in Arizona. Right now I'm just grateful for this week. Love you Julie!

One of the most annoying things about getting older is that you misplace things all the time. When I was younger, Lee used to askwhere something was and I'd always send him in the right direction. Last week I took a picture of the site of our house which has started and planned to post it. I also took a picture of the entry of a house I wanted to show to our contractor. Now I can't find our camera. It's driving me absolutely crazy!! We are in a rental and I don't have a place for everything but a lot of it is age related. It is the pits. So I will eventually show progress of our house, maybe with a new camera. I also "lost" the closing statement on the sale of our house this summer and needed that for tax purposes. After looking all over I finally went and got another copy from the title company. I'm pathetic.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I hate the extra 15 pounds on me. I hate the wrinkles and the thinning hair. Getting older is the pits! I have started Weight Watchers after 5 miserable days on the Cabbage Soup Diet(lost 4 lbs.) Now I am ready to think about attacking the wrinkles. Botox or Resylane? Does anyone know someone who has had success with wrinkle remedies? I also am thinking of an eyebrow lift. I'd love a tummy tuck and liposuction but figure I need to be reasonable. I'd love it if insurance would cover major overhauls at a certain age. I can live with tiny boobs but I'm now ready for procedures/surgeries on the other parts of me. First I have to build a house, then I'm going to rebuild me.

My beloved mother was born on January 18, 1932 in San Francisco. She was born years after her only sister and was doted on from the day she was born. She was beautiful! Many of her teenage pictures looked like a young Elizabeth Taylor. My mother passed awayvery unexpectedly in her sleep on August 8, 2005 while vacationing at Snowbird, Utah with my father. This was an agonizing time for my father, brothers and sister and I that was made bearable only by our faith that families are eternal and that we will be reunited in the future. Time is the great healer. Although I think of her almost every day and miss her numerous phone calls to me and our visits together, I am no longer tearful whenever I think of her. Instead I grin as I think of her beautiful smile, her childlike joy at life and people and her love of her family. My mother was a great example of giving service. She was always making food for people, always giving someone a hug and always trying to lift up someone who was down. She knew no stranger. A family met in an airport, was soon invited to Thanksgiving dinner. She would strike up a conversation with anyone, anywhere. Her favorite line on vacations was, "And where are you from?" She loved people and people loved her back. Her list for valentines day numbered about 50. Who sends that many cards to people at the age of 70??
I miss her. I love her and I am grateful that she is, and always will be, my mother.

Sunday, January 14, 2007


I think I have not blogged for forever simply because there was too much to blog about over the holidays and I couldn't send pictures since my computer is down. So I am going to just do a general, quick recap so I can get on with my blogging life.

Everyone but Alan came home (California home) for Christmas. Mind you, we are in a small 1500 square foot rental waiting to start build a new house. One room is just storage for the new house pretty much so that leaves about 1200 sq ft. of living space. It was crazy!!! Lots of fun but CRAZY!!! People everywhere, clothes everywhere and toys everywhere. The best part is just watching the grandchildren interact together. So fun. I agree with Kasey though that whole family reunions are best done during the summer when everyone can get outside and do more. But the great part is: Under less than perfect circumstances, we enjoyed each other's company and had plenty of fun and lots of good food.
Kelly and I took Linds to the airport last week and got to spend time with Rona and her girls. Such fun. We love all of them so much and it was great to reconnect. We then went to Packard Children's Hospital to see Tasha and Makynna. Makynna is doing well and it was fun to spend some time with Tasha. Kelly found out she is going to have a girl. Hallelujah!!! It was so fun to be there when she found out.
Some things to look forward to:
Lee and I are going to London in March!
My sister is coming January 26th to spend a week with me!
They are going to start moving some ground around on our land this week and construction should start on the house within a month! Can't wait!!!
Hope you are all having a wonderful new year!!