Sunday, December 09, 2007

Holiday Tradition

Friday afternoon, Lee and I drove down to the city, San Francisco. What a beautiful city! The sky was clear and as you head into the city you see the lights of the city and Golden Gate Bridge lit up. It is amazing. We were headed to see Jersey Boys for Lee's birthday. The original plan was to spend the night in the city, hang out during the day and drive up to Kelly's and stay Saturday night there. After we'd bought our tickets we found out that Lee's work party was scheduled for Saturday night and he had to be there. It ended up being a really quick trip but so worth it.
We got to the city and wanted to get a nice dinner. We only had an hour and a half though because the traffic into the city was slow. We checked in to the possibility of eating at a few dinner places only to realize it would never work. Finally, we went to Macy's, ate at Wolfgang Puck's Express place and grabbed some cookies at Tom's cookies for the show. Then we walked around Union Square. It was beautiful and I really felt the holiday hustle and bustle. So fun. I think San Fran is just a gorgeous, fun city, and even more so at Christmas. I decided that a weekend in San Francisco at Christmas time is our new holiday tradition.
The show was amazing. We both grew up on the Four Season songs and loved them so it was really fun to watch. Lee has talked nonstop about it since and got a cd at the show and listened to it all the way home. I woke up this morning to him singing one of the songs in Frankie's falsetto voice. The only questionable thing about the show was it was spiced with quite a few swear words. Of course, they were street thugs from New Jersey so I guess it was accurate. Interesting story, great songs and the guys portraying them were great.
We went to Kelly's after the show to sleep so we could have a few hours Saturday with them. When we got in our room we noticed Ammon sleeping in Rylee's crib. Evidently he wanted to sleep with us so Kelly said if he wanted to sleep in our room he had to sleep in the crib. So he did. We died laughing! About six in the morning I heard rustling around and looked up. His head was over the crib and he was staring down at us. He saw me lift my head up off my pillow and he bolted out of the crib, announced that he was going to snuggle with us and that was the end of sleep for that night. He wiggled in between us, talked our legs off, and grinned the whole time. Priceless. It was great to see all of them if only for a few hours. I head back there on Thursday because Lindsey and Kelly and their cute 18 month old girls will be there. Fun times. The best part of the holiday season is starting!! Family time!


Alex said...

I am so so glad you and especially dad loved the show! I love shows so much. That sounds like an amazing holiday tradition!

Ammon is so cute and sweet! I am jealous of your Ammon snuggle time.

Oh and you said Kelly, Lindsey and their 18 month old girls...I know you meant Kasey :)

Heidi said...

My sister saw Jersey Boys last week in Chicago ad she also loved the music but she said so much use of the F-word was pretty annoying. Anyhow, that is great that is what you guys did for your husband's birthday- the only way I can get my husband to a broadway show is kicking and screaming!

Aubree said...

What a fun weekend for you guys! My parents said the same thing about Jersey Boys, but said the music was great! Have fun with all your family coming into town!

Lani said...

Sounds like fun. I just love this city too!