Wednesday, December 19, 2007


That 's how long I've been married. It's wierd when you've been married longer than when you were single. By 12 years now. On December 19, 1974 I married one of the most eligible guys on the BYU campus. He was so hot (and still is)! Here we are 33 years later. Great times, good times and some not so good times (as with all marriages), He's mellowed out, I've become more difficult and he still doesn't help much in the house. Would I do it again??? In a second. It's been a great life, wonderful memories, wonderful children and good times. Love you tons, Lee! Happy Anniversary!

(Pathetic picture but it is the only one I have on this computer!)


Lindsey said...

Happy Anniversary!! Love my parents and am so glad you found each other.

Kasey said...

Awww...Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad! Wait, you aren't together today, are you? What the heck?!
Love your new background, by the way!

Alex said...

what a couple...woot woot!!!

hey i took that pic....looking good pamey cakes!

Kelly said...

Love the most eligible guy part. So funny! Happy Anniversary, glad we could celebrate it together!