Sunday, November 16, 2008


I have been here in Windwor the last 4 days helping watch Kelly's kids while she and Kasey are enjoying the good life in Hawaii. I'd feel sorrier for myself missing out on such a great vacation except the weather here has been amazing-high 70's, low 80's. I wasn't expecting and brought all the wrong clothes but it has been great. The kids are adorable and so much fun! Rylee has been my shopping buddy and entertained me with her high climbing antics. I found her one day on Kelly's vanity with the water turned on and Kelly's make up out. Cohen is always at my side and says the funniest things. He is a real chatter box and says the randomest stuff. Today we were coming back from the park and he says, "I was playing with my friends at the park. They are really nice to me. That is a sweet park. I wuv you grandma. You're going to Disneyland with me in a couple of days (actually we are going to Utah)" Ammon is his usual sweet self. On Friday when he went in to shower, he suddenly returned to my room and I asked him why and he said, "Because I wanted to give you a hug and a kiss." Adorable. It's been fun hanging with Jody and the kids. I even made Jody his birthday dinner and cake yesterday. Hanging with him is easy-how many mother-in-laws/son-inlaws can feel that comnfortable to spend that much time together? I feel very fortunate with my family relationships.

I leave tomorrow when Jody gets home from work and drive home and then fly out the next day to Utah. Alex and I will do wedding stuff and then on Thursday, Kelly and Rylee come. On Saturday, Lee, Jody, Ammon and Cohen arrive for for a fun week at Snowbird. Chris is coming on Wednesday before Thanksgiving. I wish the rest of the family could come but am looking forward to partial -family fun. And all fo us getting to know Mitch, Alex's fiancee. Fun times.


Old picture of Kasey with her cousin Alex.
I don't have to hope Kasey has a happy 30th birthday. I know she is-who couldn't?? She's in Hawaii with Kell Bell , no kids, and sunshine. What a great recipe for fun. I love you tons Kasey and am so happy for that you got to have such a great vacation. You deserve it and I am thrilled you are enjoying it so much. Love you!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

It's the thought that counts, right?

Today when Lee came home he had a box from UPS with a Cabela's label. I asked him what he had ordered for himself and he told me it was from me. Right. Something for me from Cabela's. Just where I would love to get something. I laughed and told him he was real funny. He opened up the box and pulled out some silk pajamas. Camouflage silk pajamas. I was laughing so hard I started crying. He told me he thought I needed something sexy for bed at night. Now what girl would not want camouflage silk pajamas in a size bigger than she wears. Needless to say, they did not look sexy on me. I told him it was all for the best because since they were camouflage he'd never find me in bed!

Silk lingerie I could understand but these???? Hilarious! He spent $70 on them and anyone who knows Lee knows that in and of itself is amazing. I guess I can't complain that he never brings me home anything on a whim but what's wrong with flowers?

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

My Hero

This beautiful, busy mother of three has been my hero this last month. She has worked relentlessly for Yes on Proposition 8. She has posted on her blog numerous times, called tons of unknown people, walked in neighborhoods, stood in the pouring rain and held signs while people either honked in support or ridiculed her, and made the campaign a priority in her life. You might think that this just comes easy to her but it doesn't. She said that she and another mom walked in some neighborhoods and were scared to death to do it. But they did. She and Jody took their three children and knocked on doors. Today she was in line to get gas at Costco and was calling people while she was waiting. I can't tell you how proud I am of you Kelly for really getting out and supporting what you believe in. It is a great cause and hopefully, because of heroes like you, it will pass. The mother has learned from the child. Thank you for your great lesson. (I just heard that today she called 150 people and stood on a street corner with a sign for 3 hours amidst people yelling and even throwing eggs at her. Amazing.)
P.S. I did another post today, it's below with big news from Alex.

The Last One Leaving the Nest

Models for Gap's work/fashion show.

Alex got engaged last night. I am so excited for her and Mitch but a tiny part of me is so sad too. It means that the very last one will be gone for sure. Never to live with us again, just coming to visit. It is so hard to believe that what seems like just a few years ago I was a young mom with 5 young children running around and sometimes driving me crazy. At times I couldn't wait for this time in my life. Now I wish I could go back and have just a month, even a day with all 5 young and at home and really, really savor it. I'd take way more pictures and keep a journal too. It goes by so, so fast. (I am in tears now as I type). Enjoy those crazy days, young families-it will be over before you know it. I miss it. I feel very blessed to have had the five fun, talented and confident kids that I have. I also think they each made excellent choices in their spouses-Alex included!

Now I look forward to getting to know Mitch better, going to their wedding and seeing them start their own little family. And I get to continue to enjoy the 10 (almost 11) grandchildren we have and look forward to more. Now I'm smiling. Really big. Love, love, love those grandchildren. (If only I could find a way to be with one every day!) There is a goodness and fun in every season. We just have to find it and enjoy it. Congrats Alex!!

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Alex is 21!!!

Yikes, my baby turns 21 today, November 3rd! Now that is just wrong. It seems that you should be able to keep at least one child your baby forever! Before I know it she'll be married and gone for good. Boo-hoo! That is me crying. Seriously.

Hope you have a great day Alex-we love you so, so much and are so proud of the great girl you are!! You have always been a bright part of our lives and are so grateful to Heavenly Father for entrusting you in our care.