Thursday, December 10, 2009


Last weekend Lee and I made a trip to Alaska for Kaden's, our oldest grandchild, baptism. Brrr!! What a cold place to visit this time of year! It may have been cold but we had a great time anyway. I love the Henry kids!! They are full of fun and craziness. I love that the girls and even Kaden sometime want to camp downstairs with us. I love how adorable and smiley (is that a word) Ethan is. I love Sienna's cute kisses on our cheeks. I love that Alexa cried the day after we left because she loves her grandma. I love that Kaden will still hold hands with his grandma for a short while. I love hanging out with Kasey, making things together and just yakking. I love how hospitable Matt is to us-thanks for all the great dinners we had there!!! It was quick but oh, so much fun!!!
And most important of all, I LOVED seeing my first grandchild baptized. What a special experience.