Sunday, January 09, 2011

Holiday Recap

I was feeling perfectly horrible about not posting about my wonderful holiday time till I went to steal Christmas photos from Kasey, Kelly and Alex and found they had not posted yet either. I actually bought a new, easy camera this year, took pictures and then accidentally deleted them before they made it to the computer. I am a horrible photographer on all accounts. The only ones I had are the ones that were in my internal memory. Not much.

However, the holidays were fabulous. Family, food, and fun-who could ask for more.
Lee and I started by driving to Sacramento on Dec. 21st after work. We stopped at In and Out for burgers (ymmm!) on our way down. Staying at a hotel in Sacramento meant we didn't have to get up at dark thirty to drive down. A nice way to start.

We headed to Kelly's first and spent some time there doing last minute preparations for Christmas and visiting the Air Force Academy. Alex and Mitch came there too and we spent two nights there. Kasey, Matt and family arrived for Christmas Eve and we had a scrumptious feast of Prime Rib, double stuffed potatoes, green beans, yummy salad and bread and delicious dessert. The grandkids did a beautiful job of presenting the Nativity thanks to their fabulous director, Mr. Jody! We had a fun white elephant gift exchange and the grandkids exchanged presents.

The highlight of my night were our gifts from Cohen and Ammon. They had worked for Kelly every morning to earn money to spend at the school store and were soooo excited to give us their gifts. Ammon wanted to give them to us when we got there on the 22nd. He got Lee a trophy that said: Grandpa of the Year. So cute. He handed me a box and told me to unwrap it and then give it back to him. I did and then he opened the ring box to present it to me. It was so adorable!! It is that fancy "diamond" ring. He was so excited-it was too precious.

Cohen had a gift too for me. Of course he had played with it up until he gave it to me. It is the Reindeer pen. So funny, so Cohen! People probably laugh when they see me writing with it still or wearing my ring!!

We then drove to Kasey's and Matt's beautiful, spacious home. To say that our Christmas the next day was generous would be an understatement. Many thanks to all for the wonderful gifts. It was especially fun to be with the Henry's and see them open their gifts! We had a fabulous turkey dinner complete with all the trimmings. Matt is the ultimate host and there were movies to watch and airplanes to fly. We had a fabulous time.

Sunday we went to church, ate leftovers and took naps.

The next day we went after- Christmas shopping (the girls) and then out to another great Mexican restaurant. The boys had gone shooting guns and race car driving (Matt knows how to entertain his male guests!)

I had to leave the next to go to Arizona for my niece Kelsey's wedding but we changed Lee's ticket so he could stay a couple of extra days with the Henry clan.

I then spent 6 days in Arizona helping my sister Julie with wedding preparations. It is always fun to spend time with her and the Woods' hotel is the best! Kelsey married a wonderful young man and she looked so beautiful! I enjoyed seeing and spending time with my dad and Anne, my brother's and their families too. I ate at some of my favorite places like Costa Vida, Joe's BBQ and Rosa's. Lots of Mexican food was eaten by me in both Colorado and Arizona!

I had a blast in both states with all of my family-just wish I could have stayed longer with both. Not enough hugs and kisses from the grandkids, not enough daughter time and not enough sister/family time.