Saturday, December 27, 2008


That's me, finally taking a big breath after the hoopla that is Christmas. It was great having a houseful of family that I love around. It was great having Mitch here with Alex and getting to know him better, seeing what a great fit he is with our family. To view more pics of them: I loved having 5 of 10 grandkids around and seeing a movie with four of them. I especially loved hearing and seeing them interact with one another. Way too funny.

I didn't enjoy working full time up until Christmas, getting called in on Christmas Eve day for 4 hours, getting called in on Christmas Day just as we were starting to open presents, getting called in on the day after Christmas for 7 hours and missing the hugs goodbye as everyone left and getting called in twice today. This will teach me to pick up so much call over the holidays.

Another lesson I learned is to k.i.s.s. next holiday season. Keep It Simple (where does the other s go? I plan to not cook as much, play more, shop sooner and enjoy it more. It is unbelievable how much food we wasted just because I think I need to cook and cook and cook. I also learned that we need to get grandkids to bed earlier so the adults can play together more. I actually am looking forward to trying out my new plans next holiday season. Right now I just want a relaxing Sunday tomorrow (hopefully I won't get called in) and a fun week in Utah (no cooking by me-yeah!) for Alex's wedding. I can't wait to get a nap tomorrow!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

No Time

That is something I have tons of lately. No time to blog about the great trip to Snowbird over Thanksgiving. No time to blog about how much we all liked Mitch, Alex's fiancee. No time to post pictures of our vacation or amuse everyone with cute grandchildren stories. No time to blog about how Kelly and crew came up the next weekend and we had fun again. No time to look at other people's blogs, let alone comment on them. No time to call and chat, not time to bake, not time at all. Blame it on the season, Alex getting married, but mainly blame it on me agreeing to work full time for 4-6 weeks at this busy, busy time. I have new respect for women who work full time all the time and still manage life. I am barely hanging on. The good news is that it's all temporary. My tree is up, some presents are wrapped and I am heading to take a nap before I start another work week tomorrow. Blogging will wait till after the holidays.