Sunday, October 14, 2007


What is his name (husband):Lee, sometimes Leeroy

How long have you been together?We will have been married 33 years on December 19th. Wow it is crazy when you start having been together longer than when you were single!

How long did you date? Interesting question. We met on a blind date at BYU and had a great time. It was a set up for two clubs at schoool. Both were dating other people though and didn't date again for another year. I remember standing in line when some girls were rushing our club and a girl said she was Greg Snow's sister who just happened to be Lee's roommate. I got all silly and jumped around and said I had gone out with him once, was now single, and would love to go out with him again. I must have mentioned this to a few people because soon after this the girl he was dating told him she knew someone who had a crush on him. He asked who and she wouldn't tell him at first because she was afraid he'd ask the girl out. Finally she told him. He asked me out and we got married about 14 months later.

How old is he? He will be 56 in December but looks like he's 10 years younger. It's disgusting.
Who eats more? He does but I eat a lot. He loves to tell the story that when he took girl's to get pizza, they'd eat so little he'd just get a medium. When I came along he had to start getting larges because I could match him piece for piece.

Who said I love you first? Him, I probably felt it first but had way too much pride to say it till he did.

Who is taller?Lee

Who sings better?Church songs, me. Cowboy songs, Lee. And he can mimic any singer amazingly.

Who is smarter? Lee would agree that it is me. I am even the technological wizard (and I'm not good) in our house.

Whose temper is worse?Without a doubt, Lee. EVERYONE in the family knows this. It is is one true vice. He is very inpatient and has threatened to blow up computers, tvs, and remote controls. When he loses his keys, you don't want to be around. To his credit though, he is much better now than years ago.

Who does the laundry?Definitely me. Although Lee thinks if he puts a load in he has done it. He doesn't quite do the changing to the dryer and folding that goes along with it much though.

who does the dishes? I do it 90% of the time.

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Me

Who pays the bills?Me-we probably would have had more money through the years if I hadn't though. I am a much bigger spender than Lee. I really believe money is there to create memories with and I love the memories of travel, lunches out, movies with the girls, shopping trips, etc!

Who mows the lawn?Lee. I think I have once ever.

Who cooks dinner?Definitely me. I love to cook since my kids have grown, love to try new recipes and love to eat. I guess that's why I can't lose my extra 10 pounds! Lee is the pancake maker in the family.

Who drives when you are together?Lee, I sleep.

Who is more stubborn?Both of us. It's the reason that years ago if we got in a real fight we could go 3 days without acknowledging one another. Neither of us would talk unless we had to until Lee would finally say, "Well, do you want to be friends again?" We are both better now and don't fight much at all.

Who is the first to admit when they're wrong?Neither of us has been very good about it per the above. When I know I'm wrong I have no problem admitting it to anyone. I guess I just haven't felt I've been wrong as often with Lee. Ha ha!

Whose parents do you see the most? His for most of our married life because they lived here. Now they live in Tennessee and I miss them so much!

Who kissed who first?Definitely Lee. In those days, girls always waited for invitations to dates, phone calls, kisses, etc.

Who proposed? We have no idea!! There was never an official proposal! Isn't that crazy? He brought be home to meet his family and the next thing we knew they were showing us rings and we were planning a wedding! Years later I felt gypped that I didn't have a romantic proposal story.

Who is more sensitive?When we were first married, me. Now, Lee.

Who has more friends? Lee, he is everyone's best friend.

Who has more siblings?Me, I have 4, he has 3.

Who wears the pants in the family?He lets me get away with wearing them for so long and then he puts the hold on things.

Places I've worked: First job was Dairy Queen, waitressed at several places, salesperson at a few stores, sold Avon(can you believe it?), General Hospital and St. Joseph's Hospital as an RN

Movies I can watch over and over:Win a date with Tad Hamilton (he's gorgeous!), Gone With The Wind, Count of Monte Cristo, Four Feathers and the camping favorites, Clueless and What About Bob

Places I've lived:Arizona, Utah, California, Missisippi, Florida, Virginia (the last three were when Lee was playing baseball.

!Favorite t.v. shows: Lost, 24, American Idol, America's Next Top Model, Prison Break, Project Runway, Top Chef, Design Star

Places I've been:London, Prague, Switzerland, Paris, Venice, Rome, Florence and other cities in Tuscany(love it), Germany (love Heidelberg), Hawaii, Jamaica, several cities in Mexico, Bahamas, Grand Cayman, Austria, New York City and lots of cities in the states I've lived in. Love to travel!

Favorite foods:Chocolate, any dessert, Fish, especially shellfish, and great breads.

Places I'd rather be: Any sunny place or any place where my children and grandchildren are.

Weird things about me: I love to sleep, could take a nap everyday.
I wish I could dance really good.
I like alone time till I get sick of myself.

My all-consuming passion: (I added this) My grandchildren-I can't get enough of them. Love their silly stories, cute smiles and funny actions. My greatest wish is to live near some of them again and see them almost daily. Some of my greatest memories are taking a group of them to a movie, going to a park with them or just listening to them talk to each other. Priceless.

I tag Kalie, Kasey, and Lindsey!


Lani said...

I loved hearing all about you and Lee. I didn't know any of that. And I REALLY wish I had your "places I've been" list. LUCKY YOU!!! Love you.

Jami said...

I agree with luna...I need to go more places! And I forgot to put my cruise on there. And I, too, loved hearing about you and Leeroy. I miss you both and can't wait until Gram and Gramp are here and I will see you more!

Kasey said...

I loved reading your dating story. Cracks me up! Great answers to everything else too. These are fun to read. I have been tagged three times now so I guess I'll have to do it soon.

Lindsey said...

loved the story too. will have to follow through now!