Sunday, November 29, 2009

Family Time

The last 2 1/2 weeks has been amazing, fun filled, joyful, exhilarating, hysterical -and exhausting. (as most good things are!)

It started on November 13th when I headed down to Windsor because I couldn't wait for Linds and family to get up here on the 16th. I also wanted to hang out with Rona, Lani, Jami and Keal on the 17th. It was so great to see Lindsey, Alan, gorgeous Isobel with the cutest British accent and sayings and adorable Oliver. Isobel has the cutest sayings (when she wants to do something you are doing, she'll say (in her accent), "can I have a go?"). She cracks me up all the time with her cuteness. Oliver is so, so handsome and unfortunately not a fan of anyone but mom and dad. I got an occassional smile and he'd sit with me if I had sweets but that's it. I kept reminding myself that Izzy was the same way at that age.

On the 14th we met the girls in Sonoma at a mall and then had lunch. We then took the kids to Train Town which they loved. It was so much fun to be with Rona and her girls-we have such a ball when we are all together. Unfortunately, we let too much time pass between visits. Hopefully we'll be better in the future!

I left after church on the 15th to come back up here and Lindsey and Alan came up the next day. We had a great week alone with them. We went out to eat, to the zoo, they went to the beach, we went to see the Redwoods and up to the Trees of Mystery and just hung out. It was so fun to have the kids to ourselves. Izzy is a remarkably easy child to have around, so well behaved and pleasant. I don't think she cried or complained the whole week!
Alex came on the 22nd and Kelly and family came on the 23rd. That started a week of more eating, game playing, movie going, soccer playing, fishing, etc. all culminating with a great Thanksgiving Day. We also met Kalie for lunch at Renata's Creperie (ymmmm!) and loved seeing her and catching up.

The day after Thanksgiving I headed to Kelly's till today so I could watch Izzy and Oliver while Alan and Linds went to Calistoga. Kelly and I did some Christmas shopping yesterday, got yummy salads and soup at Whole Foods and watched BYU beat Utah in a close game. (go Cougars!) I got up this morning at 0545 so I could go to church here and be at nursery so I'm pretty tired today! Lee was such a great help these last few weeks and cleaned the house and did washing for me. I guess you CAN teach an old dog new tricks. Thanks Lee!!

Anyway it was a great time. Cohen gave family prayer before we all left on Friday and made me start crying because our family time was over. I love my family soooo much and loved having them around. If only Chris and Kasey were here, it would have been PERFECT. On the 3rd we head to Alaska for Kaden's baptism. Yea, more family time!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Weekly Coupon Deals

I spent a total of $36.68 at Target, Walgreen's, CVS and Safeway andd got everything here.
5 boxes cereal
6 tomato sauce
20 lbs potatoes
4 chex mix
2 boxes crackers.
6 Glade candles, 4 refills
2 Gillette deodorate
1 Gillette body wash
4 Mennen deodorant
2 Almay mascara
1 Steamer vegetable
2 cream cheese
1 lb butter
Frutopia conditioner and shampoo
Viologie conditioner
Colgate toothpaste
Softsoap pump and refill
2 bags caremels
Yoplait deluxe yogurts
1 bunch asparagus
I need a bigger pantry!!

Sweet Tate

We went to Kelly's this weekend for the blessing of Tate. What a cute little guy he is. He is starting to smile and is such a good sleeper and such a cute boy. The big news is - I think Rylee is strting to mellow out!! She was a crackup for Halloween, a cute witch, and very independent and very into the whole trick or treating. She'd follow the boys up the stairs to homes, get her candy, put it into her bag and come back and hold my hand to go to the next house. She really got attached to Lee and would push Ammon out of the way if he was sitting near Lee.
Cohen was Harry Potter (perfect for him). He was like the energizer bunny on speed after eating tons of candy. This boy is way into treats (wonder where he gets that?) and can eat tons and tons of candy. I had some starbursts in my purse and knew he'd fine them. Sure enough, within 2 minutes of my getting there, he had them out!
Ammon was Wolverine and had a blast trick or treating and at his school carnival earlier that day.
Jody's parents, Larry and Cindy, came into town for the blessing and it was great to see them again. They are really wonderful inlaws to Kelly!
As usual, I ate too much down there so went and worked out today for the first time in a long time at the gym. Usually I just walk or do my elliptical. I went about 3:00 and the gym was almost empty so I think I'll try and to at that time 3 times a week-I kind of like it when it is slow. My back is a little sore now though. Well this is a really boring post, I'll end the misery now!

Monday, November 02, 2009

Happy B-day Alex!! (in 1.5 hours more)

Happy #23 Alex!! Hope you have a great day-love you so, so much! Good luck on your classroom teaching today too! So glad we got to see you in San Diego and can't wait till Thanksgiving time to see you again. Love every little thing about you! Wish we could go to lunch today. And a movie.