Thursday, August 17, 2006


While it doesn't seem possible, Alex is leaving for college this week. On Friday, Kelly and I will drive her to Provo where she will start UVSC August 23rd. Where have the years gone? It seems like such a short while ago that I was in Fortuna giving birth to her. I remember Lee desperately wanting another boy and offering to trade her to the people in the next room who had just had a baby boy. Now he is driving her crazy with all his sentimental whining about her leaving. Who would have thought she would be the one he'd play Barbies with or he'd whine for years about her not sitting next to him in a pickup (she quit around the age of 8 and he's still whining about it)? He still remembers her hanging outside the bathroom door waiting for him to get out and the daily phone calls his secretary would get wanting to talk to him so they could plan what they were going to do when he got home from work.
Alex has been a joy. I don't think she even started being irritated with us until this year. She has been so mellow and easy to be around. She has made such good choices and never made us worry about what she was doing. I have loved our movies out, shopping trips, Trinity Lake times, and lunches together. I am so excited for her to move on and have so many different, new experiences but will miss her so much.
I know that as parents we raise and love our children so they feel confident and excited to move out and start their own lives. It is just so hard to be left behind.


Kelly said...

I love this post mom. You said it perfectly. It almost made me cry. I can't imagine how I will feel when my last child leaves our house. Yuck! I hate to even think about it. But at least you've got us!

Kasey said...

I totally remember all that stuff about Dad and Alex. They used to go on bike rides together, too. I'm so sad for you guys to have your last kid leave. But, I'm SO excited for Alex. She's going to have FUN! And she's moving just a little closer to me!

Kalie said...

I am excited that you have a blog! It's a fun way to keep up with everyone. Can't wait to see you guys.

Heidi said...

Pam, hey it's Lindesy friend Heidi, remember when we hung out in London while Linds went off and fell in lovw with Alan?

Anyhow, just want to say, you have such beautiful daughters! Your youngest leaving will be hard, but it happened to my parents last summer and they looooove being empty nesters. They are having so much fun just being in love, traveling, going on dates all the time, and being grandparents. You guys will have fun!

Pam said...

I'm hoping for the same thing for Lee and I but the one thing is everyone lives so far away!!!! Remember how I thought right away that Alan was the one for Linds? Wierd, huh? Linds had so much fun when you were there-I'm so glad you met each other at Study Abroad!

Lindsey said...

Have fun in Provo Alicat! Wish I could go for a quick visit with you and Kelly, Mom. Anyway, I'm sad for you and dad, but it's anmther exciting chapter you are as empty nesters!

Sarah said...

Those are great memories you have with Alex. Jake is already so sentimental about his girls growing up and marrying other men.
p.s. It was good to see you in Provo, "Sr. Iorg".