Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Maui outside our condo window
The condo we stayed in on Maui was a little old but the view was great. We were overlooking the largest grassy area and pool area and it was really beautiful. Lee and I played a lot of cribbage, ate at an amazing place, the Nine Palms, and visited many of the beaches. We got a great first visit idea of Maui and would definitely go back!! Lee surfed a couple mornings and we would walk every day. I think Lee would like to take a surfing buddy next time though!


Kelly said...

Yay you finally got your pictures posted! I can't believe that hotel was called Uncle Billy's! Scary. But it has provided us with some entertainment. I am proud of you mom for doind a blog. Just make sure you keep up with it! I am still jealous that you went to Hawaii without us.

Lindsey said...

Ha ha, Uncle Billy's?! That is a great name. Glad you two lovebirds had so much fun!

Kasey said...

Mom- Were you ever planning on letting me know about this blog?? I was just reading Kelly's and saw the name "Empty Nesters" as one of her links. I'd never seen it before so I thought I'd click on it to see who it was. And lo and behold, it's yours!!!
Love the name "Uncle Billy's"... I think I would have just ate the cost as soon as I saw the name and stayed in a real hotel. Oh well. At least it gave you some laughs, right?