Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I loved Conference this weekend. I am always amazed at the sincerity of the General Authorities and their amazing Spirit. As I listened to the many messages of hope and inspiration, the thought came to me that I just don't understand how people can be so critical of an organization that teaches it's members so many good things. We all know people who have left the church and then are so critical of its teachings or people of other denominations who spend so much time trying to tear down the Mormon church. It is amazing to me that they spend so much time tearing down a church that encourages good, healthy living, families, and living a Christ-like life - all incredibly good things. Even if a person didn't believe in a Restoration, Joseph Smith or a living prophet, what is there to knock? What is there to tear down? How does it hurt an unbeliever that people want to live virtuous, healthy, Christ-like lives? It just doesn't make sense. I just don't get it. Then again, what would Satan most like to have done to that organization that is so against what he tries to do?? Maybe I do get it.


Heidi said...

Those who live in sin feel a resounding need to deny and mock things that deep down they know to be true. That is at least the case with those I know that have left the church or put it down. It is so sad. How blessed we are to be able to bask in the fullness of the gospel. Someday those people will understand and allow themselves to take part in it.

Sarah said...

Amen Sr. Iorg, Amen Heidi. My greatest hope is for my girls to grow up with a love for the Lord and that they will hold on to this wonderful set of values that makes up the Mormon church. It is everything to us. Great post, I wonder that all the time.

Jen said...

I hope you dont mind I used your words for my spiritual thought this morning in P E C Thanks Bishop Hanekamp (Jens Husband)