Tuesday, December 19, 2006

AE may have some cute clothes and my girls love the store but I am done with them. Their online site could be the worst ever. I placed an order at Thanksgiving time with them for the things I needed for Christmas which included 2 pair of boots for Lindsey and Alex. They supposedly had trouble verifying my address to my credit card. I don't know why because it has been the same for a while. I waited for my order. No order. I was way too patient and finally called on Dec 9th and was told it had been cancelled. The new sales person was really nice, reordered for me and promised 2 day shipping. At this point two shirts were no longer available but the boots were still on. Whew! I waited 6 days and then called again. Lo and behold they needed to verify my address again but this time had never even notified me there was a problem. The very nice sales person had written my name as Pam Lorg instead of Pam Iorg. I recieved notice today that my order is coming. 2 out of 8 things. No boots. Talk about feeling frustrated. Word to the wise: don't ever order online from AE unless you have plenty of time and don't really want something. (Sorry Lindsey and Alex).


Lindsey said...

How annoying! I'll have to look for some similar ones while I'm in Utah. Thanks anyway!

Kasey said...

I'm so sad! I really wanted that sweater. Oh well. I hate it when stuff like this happens!

seanandkadi said...

I have had problems with them too! Same thing- they couldn't verify my address and I never did get the items I ordered. I feel your pain!