Sunday, December 17, 2006


Chris with Sienna, Kasey's little girl

Happy Birthday Chris!

Okay, now I really feel old. My baby boy turned 30 today. Yikes! My first born was born 30 years ago. If feels like he was born maybel 10 years ago, but 30???? I really wanted a boy first. Probably because Lee did. I had always loved the name Christopher so Christopher it was. I remember we were living above his parents garage when I went in labor. I nervously prepared to go to the hospital, filled with excitement. I had a long, long labor of about 12 hours and early on the contractions came one on top of another every couple minutes. I lived in the "go natural" area of Humboldt County and so that is how Chris was born. No epidural. I had some brief respites of pain via Demerol shots but it was still a very, very long day. Chris was finally born-with a cone head! I remember thinking, "He isn't very cute but I'll love him anyway!" And I have loved him so much and he got MUCH cuter!!! I remember one time Chris was about 5 and he ran in really fast and said we needed to close the curtains. Soon after that I heard a fire engine go by. He and an older friend had started a small fire in a vacant field. He was so terrified! I also remember him playing with his friends with dynamite-only it was my tampons! Talk about embarrassing-he'd been all over the neighborhood with them. Chris was very tenderhearted as a child (what happened Chris?). I remember if you stepped on a bug, he'd start crying and say, "You killed my friend." Once when Lee was deer hunting he asked his grandma if there were good deer and bad deer. Unknowingly, grandma Leona said, "No, they are all the same." Chris started bawling in her car. "My dad said he just killed the bad deer!" Somehow he got over that and shot a few deer himself in later years!
Chris was a gifted high school from grade school through high school and we enjoyed watching him play so much. One of his smartest moves was marrying his wife Kalie. She is an amazing girl and they have two beautiful children. Chris has really applied himself in the computer world and done well as a computer geek. I am proud of his many talents and love him so much. Happy Birthday son!


Lindsey said...

Happy Birthday Chris! Love you and can't wait to see you and you fam at Christmas time...well after, since I won't be there for Christmas.

Kasey said...

Great post, mom! Happy Birthday, Chris! I love you too. I totally remember that fire. Hilarious!

Pam said...

Kalie, when you read this post, show it to Chris!

Heidi said...

That is really funny about the tampon story! I don't know why but I really want a boy as my oldest too.

Kalie said...

I told him about it...he will read it when he gets home. So nice. Yesterday was interesting considering we had no power - he got b-day candles in hostess white doughnuts :)