Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Pictures from our trip!

On the beach at Sunset on the Big Island

Hunky surfer dude from Maui and the Big Island

The Big Island
We spent 7 days on the Big Island, staying in the Waikoloa area at a nice condo, Paniolo Greens. We had a great time with my brothers, sister, dad and wives going to the beaches, playing "hand and foot" (a card game) tournaments and eating together. The highlight for me was kayaking to the Captain Cook monument with about 20 dolphins all around us spinning and jumping on the way over and back. At the monument we snorkeled in the clearest water and saw amazing fish. I would go back there to that again in an instant. The Kona side of the island is a little more deserty and the Hilo side is very tropical but has little in the way of hotels. Note our dive of a hotel (very 50's) we stayed in our last night. The Kona side is the side to stay on. Hapuna Beach was our favorite and was good for boogey boarding. Sad for Lee, we saw no surfable waves.

The dive hotel - purchased on Priceline. I should have been worried when I saw that Priceline only had 2 star hotels and the one we got was called Uncle Billy's Hotel!! I was wishing Alan was with us since he is a hotel snob too! I almost slept in the car!!

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Lindsey said...

Hawaii looks beautiful! Great pics, Pammy!