Friday, September 08, 2006


Some of my greatest blessings call me grandma.

Kaden is the oldest grandchild at 4 years of age. He is an adorable prankster. I always tell Kasey I can tell the minute he gets up if he has the devil in him and sometimes he does. He and his grandma are great buddies though. We love to get monster popsicles together and go to movies and on walks when I go to Iowa. He loves to go to Trinity Lake and stay in Grandma's "Big Bus" (trailer).

Madison,3, is absolutely beautiful and charming. She gives the best hugs of any of the grandchildren and always runs up and makes everyone feel like they are the most important person in her life. At Trinity she always wanted to swim with GramPam (she also made up that nickname which I love!)

Alexa is our spitfire. I bought her a t-shirt that said "little body, big attitude" and that says it all. She is 3 but acts like a teenager, complete with hormones. She is a tiny, gorgeous creature and an absolute riot. Best of all, she loves being with me!

Ammon, also 3, is the sweetest boy ever. He is very tenderhearted with the biggest imagination ! He continually is playacting at being something: Tarzan, a dog, Bill the chimp from our zoo, Spiderman, Superman, King Kong, etc. He loves me but his true buddy is his grandpa.

Sweet Kyle just turned 1 in August. He has the sweetest smile. He is also the busiest little(?) boy around. Constantly on the move, exploring. His little smile melts his grandma's heart.

Believe it or not, Cohen was born the day after Kyle. There is a huge difference in size but both are adorable. Cohen eats non stop. I swear he could sit and eat all day if we let them. He also knows right where Grandma's cereal is kept and makes a bee line to it constantly. He has the cutest mischievous smile and eyes that twinkle when he smiles.

Beautiful Sienna is 5 months old and is the sweetest, best baby. I always swear the 3rd baby is extra good and she is! I have hardly ever heard her cry, she is always smiling or entertaining herself. I think Matt's Hispanic blood shows in her exotic beauty!

Last, but not least, is our 4 month old British beauty, Isobel. I think she looks like a Porcelain doll with such classic features. She is such a good baby too. She laughs and coos and occassionally "squawks" her displeasure about things but seldom cries. We love her to bits!


Aubree said...

What a great post Pam! You are such a great grandma! Toni needs to start her blog now about her 4 grandkids. Hailee would give her lots to write about!!

Kasey said...

I know I'm a little biased, but you have the cutest grandchildren!! I love them all as well and can't wait for more get-togethers!

Kelly said...

Great Post mom. I love it. You described each one sooo perfectly while leaving out the things that aren't so good about them (i.e. Cohen's habit of whining until he gets what he wants). Your the best grandma!

Lindsey said...

Love the post, Pammy. Ditto what Kelly said, you described each grandchild so well!! They are are each so individual and so much fun!

Kalie said...

Great blog Pam! Trinity was so fun thanks for putting all of that together. Yes card play was so fun but winning was even better... haha! Thanks for my birthday gift cards I have your thank you sitting on my desk. See you next week.