Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Okay, I officially believe I have a crazy life lately. I work one week and then am gone a week and it keeps repeating itself. In most ways it is lots of fun but I am getting soooo tired too. I am never just home, catching up on things (like sleep and housekeeping). When I got back from Kasey's, I worked a week and was on call (and worked some) the weekend. I left Sunday afternoon for Kelly's where I picked up Alex and the next morning we drove her back to Provo. Stayed 2 nights and met her friends (adorable girls, cute boy) and flew back to Kelly's. Stayed a night there and we drove back to McKinleyville Thursday night. Friday morning two little cuties (Madison and Kyle) came for the weekend.
We had so much fun with them. Madison and Ammon are the best of buddies. Actually she keeps trying to talk him into being her boyfriend but he's not buying that. Kyle is the biggest love ever, his smile melts me all the time. Cohen is still the craziest nut alive and Rylee is just perfect. Each night all of them but Rylee would lay in my bed with me and we'd watch a movie. Madison, Ammon and Kyle all wanted to lay by me (Cohen could care less) so usually one was watching the movie on top of me. One by one they'd all fall asleep. We'd put them on the floor for bed but by morning 1-3 would be in bed with us. Not the best nights sleep.
I am now on my work week and another on call weekend. I'm hoping Lee will take the trailer up to Trinity on Monday for me. The only problem I have, is no one to go up there with. I may stay a night or two by myself and come home for a couple of days. Then we'll go to Kelly's for Ammon's birthday or back up to the lake. Then it's work for a week and off to London for two weeks and the birth of baby Phillips. Oh, and sometime in between now and then Kasey and kids will come visit (hopefully!) before they move to Alaska. Whew!!! Do I live a busy life or what?????


Cheryl Nicholls said...

Sounds like me. I am finally putting my foot down and staying home ( The Lake ) and told all the kids to come visit me!!! I have to get some rest and clean my cob web house!!! Looks like a house not lived in for a year full of cob webs and dust. Cheryl Nicholls

Cheryl Nicholls said...

p.s. Have fun in London!!!

Aubree said...

Wow! Lots of travels! I can't believe you will now have one in Alaska! That is crazy!
Have a great time in London!

Lindsey said...

You do have a ton going on right now, But just think about the upside - you get to see all your beautiful grandchildren! After my baby it should calm down, right?

Hilarious about Madison wanting Ammon to be her bf. Love it.

Janelle said...

I don't know how you do all of that traveling I would be exhasted and I am only 21. You must have some crazy amount of evergy coming from somewhere:))

Alex said...

busy busy busy. how cute that all the kids would sleep with you and wanted to lay by you. being a grandma sounds so fun. so cohen to care less though.