Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to my hubbie, Lee who is the best father/grandfather/husband ever!! Seriously, he is so into his kids and grandkids it is crazy. I knew when I started dating him and watched him interact with little kids that he was a keeper and he is! (Plus he's hot still-at 56!!)

Happy Father's Day to my dad, Patrick Gerald Pomeroy, who has been a great dad and example of integrity and morality to me. Love you tons dad!

Happy Father's Day to Charlie"Beans" Iorg, my father-in-law-another great dad. Thanks for teaching Lee how to be such a loving, great dad. You are a wonderful dad in law!!

Happy Father's Day to Chris, Matt, Jody and Alan-the other fathers in our family-equally great dads. We are blessed to have all of you in our lives.


Kelly said...

I second that! Happy Father's day to all the wonderful men in my life (I mean family of course)!

Lindsey said...

Great post! Ditto!

Kasey said...

Amen! Love all you dads/grandpas!

Jami said...

Happy Father's Day to my uncle Lee because I have to agree he is an awesome Dad/Uncle and always wished I had a dad just like him! And might I add he was a good fill in for Daddy/Daughter dates. Love you both!