Thursday, June 19, 2008

Alone at Trinity Lake

I knew this time would come eventually. The summer when all my kids would be moved away and there would be noone to go to the lake with me. It's happened, and I survived. I spent Mon-Thursday up at Trinity Lake. By myself. Yikes! Actually it was still enjoyable, just not as much fun as when I have company. Here was my routine:

9:00-wake up (yes I slept in that long!)
9:00-10:00-morning walk
10-12 Read scriptures, books, eat breakfast, lounge
12-3 Head to the pool since we haven't brought the boat up. I would meet random people here and get a small dose of adult conversation.
3-7 Shower, read some more, play scrabble, eat dinner. One day I went into Weaverville for supplies and to call Alex and catch up on her love life (living vicariously!)
7-11 Watch videos, read
11 or so-bedtime. And yes I slept great and felt safe. I just lock myself in good

There was hardly anyone up there this week-only about 7 groups. I love, love, love Trinity Lake though. I love waking up to sunshine everyday, wearing shorts and flip flops, hearing the birds sing and seeing chipmunks and deer all over. I will continue to go up by myself because I love it so much but, please, visitors are welcome-ANYTIME!!


Lindsey said...

I wish I could come up with you! I think a little alone time up there would be nice, but I don't think I could do it for long! I need conversation after awhile. It does sound so nice and relaxing though! I can just imagine you there...

Kelly said...

Sounds relaxing. I think Trinity is good for you mom because you have a hard time relaxing at home. I think I'm too much like you. Always things to get done! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Wish I could have joined you, sans kids. Someday, right?

Jami said...

Sounds like pure heaven...I remember when I used to go to the cabin in Tahoe by myself. I always felt so much better at the end of that trip and appreciative of other people. Different phase-now I'd go crazy without Keal, but it still sounds like heaven to me.

Alex said...

Sounds sooo nice mom! Love your little routine...quite the nice life you have! but I agree some company would be great!! I hate being by myself for too long.

My finals are on august 8th so I can come home anytime after that....lets figure it out when you get home from Kelly's. Then you can have a friend at the lake!!!

Kasey said...

That sounds like a dream to me! How nice and relaxing. Maybe one day us girls can go up with you and just hang out - without our kids.