Monday, May 26, 2008


I just completed my last trip to Iowa that I'll probably ever make. Kasey and family are moving in a few weeks and I can't imagine any other reason to visit there again. I had a great and productive trip (we did lots of packing for their move). Lee was there half the time, Alex was there a couple of days at the start of my trip. The weather started getting humid yesterday so it was a good time to leave.

Sienna gave me the same act she gave Kelly and Alex. When I got in the van she put her blanket over her face and would just peek out. If I looked at her she'd hide again. We dropped the kids off at their weekly babysitting group and Kasey, Alex and I went to a restaurant for some divine Chicken Marsala. Once we got home, Sienna was all over me from then on. I called her the Poker because if I was busy she'd come up and poke me to remind me she was still there. She was always climbing into my lap if I was sitting down and giving me hugs and kisses. She is such a cuddler and so, so beautiful. I just love looking at her dimple! She always wanted Grandma to brush her teeth every night too. One of the things that was so cute is she sleeps in the computer room next to where I slept. Every morning she'd wake up, get out of bed and open the door a little, check us out, and close the door again. She'd open it up again after a few minutes, come kiss my arm and head upstars to Kelly. So cute.

Crazy Lexy Lu (Alexa) is just that-crazy. She talks so fast, so often and so dramatically that all you can do is just laugh. Her favorite thing to do is for us to go on a walk, get a treat at the gast station and then go to the park where she swings from bar to bar on the jungle gym till her hands are calloused. Someday you'll have to ask her why she loves the monkey bars so much-it is hilarious!
Kaden is so handsome and so smart. He can read like crazy now-sounds out everything. Lee took him to a minor league baseball game and he broke the bank with all the food he ate. He loved hanging out with Grandpa. We got to see him play ice hockey and also baseball. He is so cute and is a good hitter. Alexa also played t-ball (when she wasn't goofing off on the field that is). I took Alexa to see Speedracer and Kaden to see Narnia. Speedracer was boring but I enjoyed Narnia. Lee took them fishing at a nearby pond and they caught a fish!

Kasey looks beautiful and it was fun to hang out with her, shop and eat. We only saw Matt for a little while one day and then we sent them off to a night on their own to celebrate Matt's graduation. Although we did a lot of work, I also had a lot of fun in Iowa. I won't really miss Iowa but I already miss Kasey and company. I can't wait to know for sure where they will be heading.


Lindsey said...

Sounds like a great trip. I love hearing about the kids. Sienna is hilarious. I love her personality and how she is now the poker! SO cute that dad and Kades went to the baseball game. Can't wait to find out where they are moving!

Aubree said...

Those kids are super cute! You lead quite the traveling life!!

Alex said...

Dad told me about the baseball hilarious! I bet Kaden loved it! I'm so glad our trips overlaped!

Kelly said...

Those kids are so cute, fun and hilarious. I'm so glad they will be moving back out west. I just hope we get to see more of them! Y