Sunday, August 23, 2009


My first trip to Alaska was last February when Kasey had Ethan. Although I was happy to be here with Kasey and family, Alaska was freezing, 20 below, and covered with snow and I was unimpressed. I have also NEVER wanted to go on an Alaska cruise.
After my second trip, I would definitely like to go on a cruise here someday and have seen some remarkable sights and am definitely impressed with the majesty of Alaska. I have also thoroughly enjoyed my time with the Henry family. We have been up close and personal with the face of a magnificent glacier, the Portage glacier, seen numerous wildlife close up in a wildlife conservatory, watched a bear pulling fish out of a creek, seen tons of salmon (some spawning), eaten great seafood, visited a gold mine, picked wild blueberries, and viewed beautiful mountains and rivers. It is truly a majestic state.

Ethan is a bundle of cuteness and the happiest baby ever. If he happens to catch your eye he grins and wiggles all over. I am entranced with him.

Sienna is such a love bug. I have recieved hundreds of kisses from her, usually on the cheek. She loves to sit on my lap and sleep in our room. She also has a mind of her own and cracks me up all the time!
Alexa is a crack up. She is my drama momma. We were picking blueberries and had to walk up a mountain. She was seriously dying all the way up there but had a great time. She loves to sleep in our room every night too.

Kaden is growing up to be such a good, smart boy. I can't believe how he can read and he will help out so willingly with anything I ask of him. Such a cute boy.

It has been so much fun hanging out with Kasey. She has made us great food, wonderful cobbler and been a great tour guide. Matt had to work a lot but was so great about showing us a good time too. They took us to the Haute Quarter for a great meal. It's been a great trip and I hate leaving tomorrow but we'll be back in December for Kaden's baptism and then Lee and I are driving from Northern California to here next summer before they leave. Can't wait to plan what other sites besides Denali that we want to visit.


Lindsey said...

sounds like a great time, pammy lou. what a cute, cute family. i love/miss the henry clan.

Kelly said...

Fun! I hope I get a chance to go see it before they leave. I miss that family!

Cute pics mom! You guys look great.

Kasey said...

We miss you already! So glad you were able to come and give me an excuse to get out and see Alaska. Love you!

Bev and Roger said...

Pam, it looks like you had a great time. I loved the pic of Lee and Ethan. He really does smile with his eyes. I noticed you had hoodies on. Was a cold? I'll be there in 2 weeks and I'm hoping for mild fall weather.

I am so impressed with your coupons! I've heard about it, but have never known anyone with so much success. You are my inspiration girl!

Jami said...

wow, that'll be a LONG drive! Fun, your pictures! I want to kiss that baby!