Monday, August 10, 2009

Couponing, Week 2

Couponing is NOT for lightweights I’ve decided. But it IS worth it. I have spent about 4-6 hours yesterday organizing, clipping coupons and printing coupons off the internet and another 3-4 hours shopping. And I need to now file clipped coupons and put away and organize buys. I end up with a headache trying to juggle coupons and remembering where to use what. Here are my results:
Walgreens: $40
Sharpie highlighters free with on line coupon
500 ct. computer paper
3 bottles of Listerine
Loreal Revitalift face cream
Loreal eye cream- the creams were worth over $25
2 nice and easy touch up hair colors
Colgate toothpaste
Sonic spin toothbrush
2 24 ct waters
2 large Tresemme shampoos
1 large tresemme conditioner
Staples-$2 after rebates
Label maker
2 pkgs 500 ct computer paper

Rite Aid:
$5 would have been $10 but I had an extra $5 coupon from them. The $5 amt. is after manufacture coupon and single check rebates. They offer single check rebates each month. You register online your receipt each time and request the rebate at the end of the month. These items added with manufacturer coupons end up ridiculously cheap.
4 large boxes Cheerios/Honey Nut Cheerios
2 packages Ziplock bags at $1.50 each
Bic soleil razor for 99 cents after coupon and rebate
2 -3 packs scotch tape free after single check rebate
Pop up tape-free after single check rebate
Loreal vive pro shampoo and conditioner

Paid $12 after extra buck offers
$15 worth hersheys candy
Revlon Mineral mousse makeup (free after extra buck offer)
Nutrashields un block from Coppertone (cost $2 after extra buck offer, coupon)
2 dozen eggs
Gallon milk
5 lb sugar

I like two internet sites the best. and Both give you lists for the best deals and where to find coupons.


Lindsey said...

very impressive...but my only question is it making you actually buy things you wouldn't normally buy, just because it's cheap or on sale?

Kasey said...

Holy cow, mom! You are hardcore. I would love to get into this and start spending less on my groceries, but the time that goes into it is scaring me away (I already have no time to get things done around the house). I was looking at one of the sites you posted though and some girl was talking about how she actually MAKES money from couponing. Like $300 for BUYING glade plug-ins. That is crazy!

Jami said...

awesome! I've always wanted to get into using coupons...Maybe I'll try it soon and thanks for the sites!