Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Obsessive Compulsive

CVS shopping: Total $40 but this includes 2 boxes of my touch up hair color which was $10 of it.
So $30 after extra bucks bought:
2 Glade reed diffusers (ended up free)
15 snack boxes of cookies-chips ahoy, lorna doone, oreos (1/2 size of reg. boxes)
Duracell 8 pack batteries
2 Aquafresh iso toothpaste (new)
2 gallons milk
2 welch's grape jams
2 Colgate toothpastes
2 mens Fusion Razors
Gillete deodorant
Gillete shave gel
2 Dawn dish detergent
Tootsie roll pops
2 six packs apple sauce
4 snack packs candy (10 in pack)

Walgreen's (I did this on 2 trips)
$17 after coupons and register rewards bought:
4 large packs of lifesavers in bags
2 Carefree pantyliners
Hand sanitizer
2 Oral B toothbrushes
2 Rembrandt toothpastes
2 Warming Theraflu
Men's zone Razor
2 pkgs Kleenex with aloe
6 scunci products worth about $3-$4 each
Nasal strips for snorers-think it will help me?

Target deal #2 $21 after coupons, &Target cards (2) for $5 each
3 Dreyers ice cream
2 Dreyers fruit popscicles
4 bags starbursts
Nutrigrain bars
1 gallon milk
4 glade candle tins
2 bags Tostitos
1 jar Tostito salsa
2 pkg Special K crackers
2 pkg special K fruit bars

Target deal #1 Cost $15 but I got a $5 Target card so it was really $10

Johnson's baby bottle-free after 1 Target coupon
Johnson's baby wash-free after 2 coupons, 1 Target, 1 mfg
2 glade candles in tins -cost 1.64 each but had 1.50 coupons in each so I can get 2 more for .14 each
2 big pack starbursts $1 each after target coupons
4 Sobe drinks - had b1g1 coupon so paid $3
Quattro razor-free after target and manf. coupons
2 packs Ziploc containers $3 after manf coupons
2 packs special K crackers, 2 packs special k fruit bars
these were 2.39 each. I had $1 off coupons for each and 50c Target coupons off each
Got $5 gift card for these so they were better than free!
Have you ever noted that obsessive compulsive trait about me? I tend to latch on to one activity and do it to oblivion. First it was tole painting and folk wood crafts (lots of Americana as my kids hated), rubber stamping complete with online card and stamp exchanges (this one cost me a LOT of money-thanks Toni ), then it was scrapbooking (more money and I still have a lot of stuff I need to sell on E-Bay-again thanks Toni) and now it is couponing. At least I am saving money now. I am obsessed with reading the couponing blogs, signing up for anything I can get for free, scanning the ads for local stores (repeatedly) and clipping coupons. The key is to buy a few big city papers each Sunday. They are the ones with the best coupons and there are also many online you can print out. Then it is shopping, shopping and more shopping. My pantry is full and so is a hall closet. I only buy when I can save about 70% and will go get the free things at each store 2-3 times. It's the funnest game in town. I know, I'm pathetic.

Here are pictures of this weeks deals. Mind you, I put 10-15 hours in these deals. I could work more and just buy the stuff but I have better satisfaction this way. If my stores were in my town it would cut down on time. Sorry pictures are on top-I can't figure how to bring them down. How do you do it??? I won't bore you with all my pictures on future trips but just wanted to show that couponing is amazing. You could just go for the almost free products and spend less but I get things I want too.


Kalie said...

haha! I am glad to see you are saving BIG :) It becomes a game...an evil, time consuming game. It also makes you wonder why you didn't start earlier. Maybe you should give me a few tips....I think you are doing better than me :)

Janelle said...

WOw, you are such a great example. I really wish I could get as good as deals as you. It seems like you get soo much.

Jami said...

You forgot making dolls...Haha! Didn't you do that when we were little? I'm so impressed. I think I might have to try it.

Becky said...

Keep promoting CVS as I need my stock to keep moving up!!

Alex said...

are you sure you are saving mom or just buying more stuff you dont need?! ha...jk. you will use it. cracks me up though how you probably have like 10 razors now! i am gonna give you a call cus i dont get this whole coupon thing and maybe you can teach me!

Kelly said...

You are obsessed! Each time you call and tell me what you got it sounds like you are about the hyperventilate! But I'm glad you found an obsession that saves you money. Plus you taught me some of your tricks! The Target deals were amazing this week. Have to admit that I was pretty excited myself and plan on going back for more!

Mike Woods said...

I see you got my Favorite Vitamin Water (Sync). Nice choice with the shopping and deals

Bev said...

I'm so impressed with your thrifyness. I won't share this post with my husband....he might want me to get obessed. It's amazing how much you have perfected the art....go girl!

Lee said...

I now have 33 boxes of dry cereal, a few razors, frozen milk,too many energy bars to count, toothpaste to last at least 2 years,bottles of lotion,shampoo,and enough batteries to light up San Francisco. That is just the stuff I know about! This girl is amazing. I think it is the only hobby she has ever had that maybe doesn't cost too much. Love that woman!