Sunday, August 02, 2009


I've been a member to the LDS church my entire life and have never had a calling in nursery. Until now. I actually don't mind being in there at all, the kids are so cute and I've always thought it should be someone my age, not someone with little ones at home every day. I am not the leader, just a worker. There are 4 of us but 2 are not too dependable. Today we had 16 little ones and it was a little chaotic. One of the workers has an 8 week old baby so she was busy with him a lot. One child has to be held the ENTIRE time and 3-4 others had meltdowns today so they had to be one on one. I heard it was crazier than usual though so maybe it will get better. Any ideas out there for fun group activities, songs, etc. for little ones 18 mo.-3 years? Any suggestions for how you've seen nurseries run? I thought the leader would be more organized but she isn't. I don't want to step on her toes but I'm sure it would run better with better organization. Hopefully, she'll be on top of the game better next week. I'm getting on the internet next for ideas!


Lindsey said...

Wow! I wish you could be our nursery leader/worker! You'll be great at this and I agree, nursery workers should not be moms with little ones.

Our nursery is pretty well organised. They have a "lesson time" where they sing a song, do a mini lesson and then the craft associated with it. Then they all sit at a table and eat snacks/drink. Then they have some free play, but sometimes they have all the kids sit at the table (some of them obviously wander around) and they do playdough or some other activity that keeps them contained.

But, all the toys when they have free play are in stations kinda. so it's more than just toys everywhere. Anyway, it seems like it works pretty well.

Aubree said...

I agree with you on the young mom in nursery comment! Sometimes that church could be their only break!

Our nursery is pretty good as well. They have pictures of all the kids and when they come in they find their picture and put it on the wall. And then they sing about who is there that day. Not sure of the song..

They have free play, lesson, snacks, and songs. They have animals the kids get to pick and it correlates to a song they sing. Plus they have fishing they do sometimes to get a song. They they read books and do bubbles till the parents come. I am sure they have other things they do but I am not in there so I am not totally sure. But Cohen loves going.

Good luck! It sounds like they just need another reliable leader without a new baby!

The Hathaways said...

Hi Pam! I just got released from nursery and put in as primary secretary. Our nursery was pretty well organized. Here's our schedule:
2:10-2:55 playtime
2:55-3:00 cleanup
3:00-3:15 lesson/storytime
3:15-3:25 music time with primary chorister
3:25-3:45 Snack
3:45-4:00 coloring or playtime.
It worked really well for us but then again we only had about 8 kids. Hope this helps!

Marjean said...

Wow, the first time in nursery! I have been in nursery probably four different times, once with Roger and that was so fun. My kids would never go to nursery without me in there so I was always in the nursery anyway. Try bubbles, they were always a hit with kids who didn't want to come into the classroom. A real fun attraction.