Thursday, February 26, 2009


1. It is cold. Very, very cold. I didn't go on many walks and when I did I bundled up. The cold felt like it was burning my face one day-it was about 18 outside.
2. It is not as modern as I anticipated. There are not many chain restaurants and no big malls. I would have thought there would be in Anchorage since it is the capital. It has a lot of strip malls. Think the 60's type.
3. The snow covered mountains are gorgeous! I want to go back in the summer and see all the greenery.
4. Kaden and Alexa have really grown up. Kaden doesn't tease her near as much and she ignores it more. Kaden is very sweet and helpful. He can read like a 6th grader-very smart. Alexa is the total performer. She loves to dance, sing, etc. and loves to sleep every night with me.
5. Sienna is extremely cute and precocious. She is terrified of the Hulk and talks a lot about him. When she starts telling me a story, it can go on for a half hour and she hardly takes a breath. She can put me in my place without a qualm. "That's not how you do that, Grandma!" When I asked her if she was going to miss me she said, "not really." Hilarious! She did miss all the goodies in my suitcase. She was always the first person to go get a treat when she was ready every day.
6. Ethan is perfect. Adorable, sleeps a lot.
7. Matt is such a hard worker. He is always thinking of new schemes and plans and this is in the midst of a rigorous residency program for pediatric dentistry. He is one of the most generous people I know. He is always trying to give away something to someone or planning a surprise.
8. Kasey is beautiful. She also handles a new baby with absolute ease. She is completely at ease with Ethan and doesn't act like going back to being sleep deprived is any big thing at all. We went out to eat twice and shopping a couple of times during the week he was born and when I left.
9. I love visiting the Henry's, even if it is cold.


Kasey said...

Awww, thanks Mom! Although anyone who sees the picture of me will beg to differ on your beautiful comment! I look like death.

We miss you. Please, please come back this summer. Can't wait to see you again in a few weeks!

Jami said...

He's so cute! And so is everyone else.

Aubree said...

She has really cute kids! I bet Alaska is an adventure!

Bev and Dad said...

Those were kind words about Matt and it's interesting to have other people's perspective of what I've always known about Matt. Kasey is indeed a wonderful woman, wife and mother....and so is her MOM!

Lindsey said...

Is Kasey pregnant in that walking picture in the black jacket? because she doesn't even look like it, but yet, i'm pretty sure that an effort to get E there!

glad you had such a great time! the kids are ADORABLE.

Janelle said...

He is beautiful, I love all that hair.

Alex said...

i am so jealous! i wish i could go and visit and see the kids! minus the cold!