Saturday, February 14, 2009

Still Waiting

We are still waiting for little boy Henry to arrive. In the meantime:

1.The kids and I made Valentine cookies. I got the recipe off of allrecipes and it was a great one. Here is is. I think we need to make them again. There is only one left!!

2, Last night all three of the kids decided to come down and sleep with me. Kaden said we were having a slumber party. It was clear after about an hour there would be no slumbering with all three of them down there. Kaden decided he wasn't tired and went upstairs, Sienna followed and Alexa and I finally got to sleep.

3.I had an amazing massage today. Thanks Matt and Kasey!

4, Kasey and I had pedicures today.

5.We went and had pizza tonight.

6. The kids have been sooo good and so much fun. I stole an idea from their Grandma Bev and brought a small suitcase filled with small toys, trinkets, makeup and candy and they get to pick out of it after they are ready for the day or ready for bed. It has been fun to see them hurry to pick up things and get dressed and see what they pick.

We may be waiting, but I'm having fun in the mean time.


Julie said...

Pam are you cold there? Can't wait to hear the news on baby Henry. I go on the blog to check everyday. My favorite sugar cookie recipe is in Betty Crocker. It is with powder sugar, almond extract and cream tartar. Hope you had a nice Valentine. Did Lee give you some cute pajamas?

Cheryl Nicholls said...

Pam sounds like you are having soo much fun even though it is cold. Just hanging out with the grandkids is the BEST!!! Love the suitcase Idea, I may have to try it!! Have fun and congrats on the new grandchile!!