Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Windsor and Wicked

Tonight Kelly and I head to San Fransisco to see Wicked. It will be my third time, her first. It is a great musical and I love it. We will meet Lani first for dinner and then on to the theatre.
I came down to Windsor on Sunday evening after church. It has been the longest I think I've ever gone without seeing the Edmondson clan-6 long weeks!! Cohen has been pretty much glued to me. He's always on my lap. He has not felt good, has a horrible cough. I've started taking Airborne. Rylee has really become affectionate! I love it. She comes up and lays her head on my chest an tries to sit on part of my lap that isn't taken by Cohen. Ammon is still into make believe. Today he's been Shawn the Leprechaun. First he's Ammon and he tells me I nee to catch the leprechaun. Then he goes in the house, puts on a top hat, and comes out as Shawn and I try to catch him, put him in a box, he escapes and we start all over again. When I got here on Sunday he was in a Wizard costume and was Harry Potter. Last week I got the funniest phone message. It said, "Hi, this is Dr. Seuss. I just saw your grandson Ammon and he's doing well." What an imagination! It's gone by way to fast. I have to work on Friday so will leave tomorrow. Kasey and Ethan and Sienna come next week though and Kelly and clan will come on Friday. Then on Saturday I leave for London for a week. Good times.


Lindsey said...

have a great time! i can't believe you are here so soon...I can't wait!

Rene said...


I just went to San Fran last weekend and saw Wicked. It was great! Enjoy.


Alex said...

I AM SO JEALOUS!!!!! I want to see ALL the kids too. Alaska, Windsor, London....lucky! Ammon is cracking me up with his phone calling these days! How funny. Love his imagination!! Miss those kids!

Aubree said...

We are going this summer and can't wait!

We are staying at the Fiesta Americana Los Cabos. We really wanted to stay where you stayed but you have to be 30! Maybe next year! :(

Have fun with all your fun things coming up!

Janelle said...

Pam, you are amazing! I can't believe how much traveling you do. You must be exhausted! I guess it's worth it to see all of your beautiful babies:))